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This week on Hair Me Out, we follow Bre who has never gotten I-Tip extensions before and is curious to try them for the first time. Most of all, she is curious how hair extensions like this will impact the health of her hair and scalp. We explore all this and more with hair extension expert Keke (@kekevirgohair.)

Bre Is Wearing: 20 inch Kinky Straight I-tip

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-I chose to do I-Tip extensions because I've just never gotten them before.. I feel like I've, pretty much gotten every type of hairstyle, so I just want to add eye tip to my resume. -Hi. My name is Keke Virgo and I am a hair extension specialist in North Hollywood. California. I-Tip extensions are the latest craze. Why they call it I-Tip, because it's like an I in the tip and they also have U-Tips and they also have K-Tips.. This particular extension is not actually a protective style, it's more of a natural looking hairstyle., So it pretty much five, you the flexibility, where you're able to wear your hair in a ponytail you're able to do buns.. Today, I will be installing I-Tips on my client Bre. -Hey Keke. -Hey Bre. What brings you in today -Okay? So you know I am usually getting a bundle sew in or something like that, but I am really excited to try Microlink I-Tips. -Alright. -Yeah. So I got this hair from SL Raw and it's amazing. Quality. -She provided 18 inch extensions. She will have up to 200 I-Tips that we're going to be installing, along with the microbeads and you'll, be able to see how it goes. ♪♪ The first step. We'Re going to do is, go ahead and straighten her natural hair.. Once we do that, we're going to section off the areas that she's going to need to have in order to put her hair up in a ponytail or if she wants to do a middle part or a side. Part. -I am completely natural.. I'Ve been natural for over 10 years now.. I have really fine 4B hair. So when I do do my hair, I don't use a lot of oils. I also try to deep condition, as often as I can, because it's colored as well so breakage is very heavy. Unfortunately, right now., -So I-Tips are very safe.. There'S no hair pulling you're able to wear them for up to three months., It's very good, with washing you're able to get between the beads and be able to secure your scalp. If needed., The ears are inserted with a spool that you kind of line the beads up on and then you use a tool similar to a plier to close the beads.. The beads most of the time will have silicone. That'S the most protective for your hair.. We'Re going to make sure that the nape of her hair is at least two inches as well on the sides. In the front, we're going to also have about two inches. So that way, she have enough hair to pull back away from her face and put into a ponytail and you're not able to see any of the beads.. Once we're done, I'm going to go ahead and blend her hair into the hair extensions by we're going to add some layers.. We'Re also going to do some layering around her face. So then, that way she have a very natural look., So you're able to wear the hair extensions up to three months.. The hair pretty much grows down to new growth.. So if you overwear them you're going to achieve tangles and that's not going to be good for your hair., So it's best to go ahead and do the maintenance. The longest you could go is maybe a month and a half before you have to go ahead and Push the beads up. We're going to go ahead and style her hair and that pretty much sums it up. ♪♪. So tell me what you think: how do you like it -I am like in love with this.? I don't think I'll ever get a normal sew in ever again.. I feel like this is it. I was like. Where did Beyoncé come from? I also don't feel anything which I was not expecting. I thought that it was going to be a little tight, at least, but I really don't feel any extra weight on my head. Compared to other hair extensions that I've tried. These feel, like I said, a lot lighter.. I want to go out: tonight. ♪♪ -Yes. You don't see any beads at all., ♪♪ -Oh, that's gorgeous. -Yeah.! I look like a cheerleader. [ Chuckles ]

AriesGirl VirgoMoon: She’s super cute. The added temporary hair looks good and she seems happy with the results.

Bassy A: Cute but i think the stylist could’ve done a better job blending

kary ann Fontaine: Remarkable and her hair looks beautiful.

Stylist Lee: Beautiful install!! You all used hair from SL Raw Virgin Hair! Love it❤

sad dad: what’s the purpose of making the top/part so flat? genuinely asking, not trying to be rude - have no experience with extensions.

Sierra LaFaye: It looks so good!!!

O O: Cute but the blending could’ve been better

Monie: This really looks good on her but does lots of damage to hair after several months to two years. ‍♀️ So enjoy temporary cool ️

Izzy Delori: Really cute. She’s beautiful. Would have loved to see a Big Bang or some bangs.

Idareyoutolive.: Shouldn’t you wash and condition your hair first.

P: Can we have some diversity on this channel please???

Here&Now: Ummmm..no. Lol

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