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The same wig in the video : https://bit.ly/33OYclc

Frontal Lace Wig :http://bit.ly/2N1Js9t

Upart Wig :https://bit.ly/3f0dd8e

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Headband Wig :https://www.dolahair.com/headband-wig....

Hair Length :22 inch

Hair Density: 150%

official web site :https://www.dolahair.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dolahairmall...

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Hi guys welcome back to my channel, it's very dark. You know how we do so today and there you can see me in a drag like it's, not even my own drag box. It'S because i was kindly saying a headband wig, which looks like this looks like this i'll see i'll wet it a bit just so that you see the curls and stuff. So i got this headband wig from dola hair, it's 22 inches and when you get the pack of her it also came with. Oh guys, it says shake up your style when you open the box, it says hello gorgeous and if you can see that says hello gorgeous and in the pack you basically get. It looks like a pencil case, but it's not a pencil case. I guess you can put your stuff in it, but you have this this cube. You have two big caps in here as well, which is cute as well, very nice of them, and they also give you three headbands. So i'm going to show you how you can wear all three of these with the headband wig. So i really like this one, this one's really cute. I like this one so we'll see how they all look, and it also comes with a comb for you to do your edges and also comes with a little cute. Little rainbow mirror brush thing and i'm in love guys look and then it has a little rainbow. Sorry, it's so freaking cute so and they also have a thank you card as well. That comes inside the box, and it also has like your order. It'S let's say if you want to exchange it. Oh it says: 10 dollar cash back. So, look if you, when you get it, but if you want to return it, i found this so cute by the way super super cute, so annie, read by the title. Valentine'S is around the corner and it's a situation where we are not trying to do on. Like put on this whole frontal business, yes long and all very long to wear right now, if you have this headband here, you know how easy that will be like guys. You need to actually keep it deep because we're in quarantine, not your man's gon na. Take you out for dinner you're to be at home. If you have this headband make i'll show you how you can actually stand it. Hair is very nice by the way, like the texture, everything's super cute and i love curly hair. You look been seeing me curly, hair right now, so i'm going to show you exactly how i will style this hair, i'm about to meet my mans and stuff. So i got one of the big caps on that they gave to me. I'M just going to push it a little back a little back. Well, i'm going to push it a little bit back. Just because i want to do my edges and baby. My hairline be look i'm saying my hairline. My edges are looking crazy, so i just got one of my makeup mirrors and i'm just going to do. Oh, i'm just going to do my edges, so i'm going to use gummy professional as control the hard finish extra stock. I feel like for my hair, switching my own hair type. I feel like this is perfect for me, because if anything else, i don't understand why it wants to be moving stubborn. So i just get literally like i don't know if you saw how much that was, but it was a lot, but it wasn't too much so basically get that and i place it onto my hairline so guys so valentine's day. What are you guys actually doing like for my own valentine, i'm literally just chilling, because there's literally not much else to do, might do a cheeky spa day. You bloody nose at this point, but when i say spider i didn't mean going out to do spa by the way because we're not allowed it's literally. Do you actually, please that i don't know what you have at home, so i'm gon na use the comb slash brush. I think um kindly scent and i'm gon na use the comb side first, because i prefer using comb anyways. So i normally brush out my edges. I brush out my edges to the gel: can actually penetrate it first, so you can see my natural thingy i'll zoom in so you guys can see, but i brush out lurking once it's brushed out. Then i start doing what i want to do. So i'm going to do a few swoops like so oh, but guys are you guys anxious about valentine's day? I know some people are upset because that, obviously for some people that they actually know with their partners right now is gon na, be a lot harder. I'M gon na use the brush sides yeah it's gon na, be a lot harder for them to like see them or even like plan to do anything because oc covered, but for you, americans, you guys are so lucky right now, because i'm deep in that kobe ain't Really covered in daniel, you lot said you can still go out and you guys can still do something. But with us people in uk, it's a lot harder for us, because boris and all this stuff, but doesn't mean you still can't celebrate valentine's day and have fun and this hair that i'm about to show you guys is going to be the idol hairstyle slash, yeah Hairstyle thingy, even for when you want to go out like let's exclude valentine's day that if you want to keep on to the shops, this is literally perfect because you don't even have to wear it with edges. I'M just doing the veggies because that's just like how i like it i'll just brush the middle part back, because i don't really like that sweet going down. But yes, as you can see, i have all my extra hair flying over the cap. I'M using the brush side to just brush it down, but yeah. As you can see my edges, then i'm going to take the cap and put it on top of all my hair. That'S hanging out tuck it back and then pull. Let'S see how it looks perfect, guys, you're telling me this ain't, the perfect, oh deep, how quick that was for two seconds, then i'm gon na grab. My wig has like a little strap thing for you to tie around your head. It had a few clips on the inside, but i removed the clips. I haven't kept the one at the back only because when i attach it onto my hair, i don't really like it poking in between. So let me show you how i put it on so i literally just get where the clip is, and i know sorry look i get where i get where the band is holding on to the hair and i just tied it around my head. First, like a headband, basically and then i'll just clip it - i don't know if you guys can see this, but i'll just clip it at the back. Then i grab where the clip is here then, if you guys can see and then i flip it all the way back and tuck it under and then i flick it back. So i know right now it looks crazy but trust the process. I want to look this way just so i can think so. I pull where you can see the band. I literally pulled that forward and tuck it behind my ear same on the other side, pull it forward, tuck it behind my ear and push it back. So it lays a bit flat, so if you wanted to, you can leave it with this black band and that you can do different hairstyles with it. So, for example, right now like i really like how this looks so one hairstyle that i'll do if i was going out and i wanted to keep the black band, you can pull your finger back i'll do mine into a side part i, like. Usually i like both sides, so i can do one like this apart or you can do the other side. I think i'm moving this side side part i'm not too sure or you can have it just going all the way back whoops. So you can have it into the back or you can also. You can also have it up. Oh guys, look at this and you got ta see how that lightweight. It is like which you don't feel like you're you're wearing anything like you can obviously feel it, but now what i'm gon na do is show you how it looks with the headband i'm gon na need my one, the one i said, my one, the one i Like to last, let's see so, we've got a normal pink headband, the cross. I don't know, i'm just gon na put it like this, and then you just pull it up. I folded man, i don't know if you guys saw me just hold it there, like that. This is so cute guys, i feel like i'm supposed to be in a movie right now like in there, so you literally push it all the way back. Do it like that? Oh this is cute. Oh, my days so to make the clothes hold you, you can literally just get some mousse whoops. This is also something that i'm going to be releasing myself mousse and then you can literally to make it a little bit more flat. I mean just slap some mousse on it and when you do department, you can't really tell as well that you can't see like it's not a distinctly like. Oh my gosh. This is where the lace is, it's literally just the partner and look at this guys. You can even make it shorter if you want it shorter, pull the hair more. Like guys, nah. I really found my where is it niche? I love this. It feels too tight, but like tie it up, it has the band that i have pips. I haven't crimped. My hair but yeah this headband it actually covers everything. So imagine look you can even do half up half down wow. This is nice guys. So that's if you want to switch it up, for you know your mr and then let's get the next one, but my cat just wants to be making appearance. So we have this one. All my days guys, i even saw some top on plt that has this print guys all my days. Imagine us sorry. I almost messed up my eyebrow and then you have this one. Oh, this one's a lot tighter, more secure, but you can literally oh oh my gosh guys. You can even do so like this yeah. If you twist this side, you just hold it like that and then get another side twist that twist it i'm literally gon na use this pink thing as a hair very quickly, and then you grab both sides, and then you tie it back like this guys. Come on, let me make sure it's gone properly. Yeah see look. This is so cute, like that's half up basically but low version, and obviously you can do like i get again side parts: oh hey, yeah and see how secure it is so freaking cute. Let me try the last one, definitely going to tie this one up. This is right on my alley: you're not made it's all right. I used to always wear these headband things when i was younger, because i never. I never had like proper long hair until now created my own products, and my hair is a lot longer guys. Let'S get this now, for you guys, i'm going to force myself to tie up, because i can't tell clearly look at this wait wait now. That is that this year can put it halfway. Oh my days, this is cute. This is bloody cute, guys, look at this and again look at the back. You can't see like no trace, no bloody chase like look and you can even leave out. I kind of like it like this in the bun. I really love this, but yeah guys. If you would like to purchase this exact unit that i have on my hair 22 inches, i will put the link in the description bar below and i'm pretty sure it's gon na come with these as well. So you can even get nice goodies like guys the they are spoiling. You like this hair is nice. Like i said, all i needed to put on this. Hair was mousse and water and i sprayed it simple and the packaging everything was so beautiful, but yeah, like i said, if you like to get this unit, don't forget to like comment subscribe. It will be all in my description bar below this. Is the perfect lockdown quarantine hairstyle valentine's day that you could be doing and chilling and still looking cute at home? Like remember that girls look cute but yeah, you can look cute on a budget, it's nice, cheap and very affordable, but yeah guys. Thank you. So much watch this video don't forget to like comment subscribe. You know how beauty is for reader over and out bye, guys ready, set better yet got this

_ok_ema_: I love that Fareeda can suit so many different hairstyles ✨

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