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Pre-Made Fake Scalp Glueless Short Bob Straight Lace Front Wig 10inch

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Top Selling and New Arrival Wig:


This Wig is pre-made All things so u just need to bring out from Box and wear and then go outside.

1. No Bleaching Knot Needed

2.Not Glue/Gel Needed

3. No Stocking Cap /Wig cap Needed

4. A lace free from tear and this lace can be washing

Pre-Made Scalp Wig fits for any skin tones, Constructed with 13*6”lace front wig cap can be parted in the middle and on the sides for a deep parting. Pre-plucked hairline and bleached knots are added for this amazing Wig.

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Come through best hair by come through best hair by I was so so height for this video still stuck on the intro super excited that they do offer. Pre fake was a premade, fake scallops and y'all. It'S just mind-blowing, okay, it definitely cuts down on installation time and definitely cuts down on the bleach and the knots that is not necessary or not eat it at all. At all and I'll tell you at all at all, so I do have the pre-made fake, scalp, bluelist short bob straight lace, front wig! I do have her in the inches of 10. She didn't have any smell or anything so throw out a box. She was just all ready to go. I'M gon na show you guys the construction of the unit. Of course it comes with the two combs on the sides. It comes with the section for the elastic band. It comes with a comb at the nape and to draw strings at the back for extra security as well. So like the best feature of this so far, is the of course. The fake scalp area, which I'm gon na show you guys it has an extra delicate lace overlay which is breathable no, where no tears. So you ain't got to worry about cutting through the lace and it just falls apart, because it has extra layers on there and says it is just Bob, so lace is transparent, so any skin tones can you know pick up this unit. It melts right into your scalp and it's just definitely bomb also the lace like I said. Oh, I'm sorry, the unit is pre plug, so you don't have to worry about doing that either and I'm just going in and show you guys what the part looks like before it's applied over my head. So now I'm taking out the adjustable straps. I really really love this idea. The concept reminds me of bra straps, so it's just easy. You take the hooks and hook it on on each side and then you can place it on your head. This is what makes the unit ghoulish you do not need any hairspray. You don't need any glue chill now that says, you're able to put this on and what I'm telling you when you put this on sis plus the drawstring in the back, your wig is not going nowhere at all. Okay, no we're so super super excited. Also with this unit, you don't even need to wear a wig cap. As you guys say, it came with the wig cap, but I didn't worry. I just used my black hair net thankee and you can't even see it because, of course, the way the unit is constructed. It'S not necessary. It'S not eat it. Okay, so, like I said it's pre-made, so you don't have to do any plucking. You don't have to do any bleach in it and y'all know how much time that saves it seems you're good to Alice's. Okay, it really does so now. I'M just gon na go ahead and cut the lace off the unit. They show you guys that this lace is very, very durable. It'S still lightweight and it's breathable, and it's still, you know, melt single sleeve right into your scalp off the bat okay. I have them pretty on my last event on yet, but I'm about to and after I cut the unit, I'm gon na go ahead and put the elastic bang on, like I said before, I don't use me a hairspray on using gel, don't use anything. This is what the wig is. Looking like and you're able to wear it outside. You can wear it's the beach, just don't get in the pool of course, but you know you can wear it to the beach. You can wear it when it's a windy day, because you got all that security and you have drawstrings in the back and I last a been around. You know Nate and I normally stick the elastic bands right along my with I mean right along the nape area. I feel like it just makes the lace lay more flatter and it helps also to have everything. Just looking. You know nice and neat and like I don't need any, you know Gore gel so right now, it's not any glue or gel on it whatsoever. This is just how it's looking and I'm just showing you guys what it looks like part it in different areas being a little extra whatever whatever but yeah. You'Re always super excited with this part, because this is like dang. You know how much time it saves you period. I love a look that you can just throw on and go straight out the door. Now I do put a little heat to this because they said you don't have to if you like, the the curl pattern. The way everything is sitting you can just leave it like this and go on about your business. This is the type of unit that this is where you can just throw it on, and you know be out. You know out the door and minutes literally, but you know I didn't like the way the curls were was sitting particularly so I just took a flat iron and you know just reshape them towards my face, because some of them were going backwards and it was just Not working so I do you take a flat iron just to do that all right. So this is what it looks like once I started like I said I didn't use any gel or anything on this part. I just wanted to give you guys options to see how you can style it this week. It'S very, very versatile! So if you do want to add some baby hair, as you can do that as well, but look let's get into this look at that. That is so freaking seamlessly and I didn't even do any customization ever this wig came like this. It'S the only thing I put on it was foam wrap lotion, so my part can stay over the website. Is it? Why aren't it? Okay? That'S it now. This section here I am putting in some baby hairs now with this, you know, like I said it's still not glued down, I'm using foam, wrap and mousse to mold my baby hair so be mindful that your baby hairs are gon na come up because it's not Gel down, it's just loose, they'll stay in place if you're inside, but if you're going outside swings and stuff those are gon na live so be mindful of that. But, like I said, this method is so easy. You can use foam, wrap and mousse and you've used to have that baby hair. Look without you know having that gelled down, because you don't need to jelly down. So super super impressed with this right now. I'M just gon na you know throw a little bit of curls in there. Just to you know bumper, I'm just giving you guys options on how you can wear this wig and, like I said it literally, takes under 20 minutes to style and go out the door. Now, if you're running it as I did in the beginning, it takes only 10 minutes. You know put it on your head and you really. You really can go out the door just that quick, so hope you guys enjoyed this video. Let me know what you guys. Think in the conversation below also have the coupon code check the description below for my coupon code and other information and regards to this hair again hope you guys enjoyed, and I will see you guys in the next video bye guys.

Monique Lassiter: This is gorgeous love!! Looks so natural.

Jo Prendes: I wish I had your skills! I'm a 60 yr old just trying to learn about wigs so yes thanks hon so helpful

Lori Davis: Your amazing

Joanne Monique: The wigs look great but once you buy they drop contact. I bought a wig didn’t fit as the cap made no allowance for my ears. And although I have emailed them they will not contact me. They do this with everyone .

Ms K Sample: It appears longer than 10 inches on everyone that I've seen on YT with this unit, but you all have it listed as 10. Do you agree that it appears longer or is it in fact 12?

Adaozo Muo: you're sooo prettyyyy

Mizzroyalty: You’re gorgeous

Adaozo Muo: can this be worn almost everyday or nah?

kid_ducky_ 1234: Hey do you have any advice for new freshmen

Zarhanjo Barkie: Your wig can never be a 10 inch. Have seen many videos and yours is longer. Way longer. This looks more like a 12 inch

SARYN VYO: Talk about game changer

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