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Welcome back to my channel loves ! My name is Adama and if you want to see how I installed this SUPER NATURAL kinky straight V-Part unit from Wiggins hair stay tuned !!!

———•Wiggins Hair Review•———

I’m wearing the Kinky Straight V-Part Unit in this video (direct link):


Hair Details: 24 inches 180% Density Vpart


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I tell y'all the hair is given, I mean just look at it, it is giving you can't tell me this is not my hair if you're ready to see how I style this V part unit, stay tuned, foreign and I've been gone for a minute, but I'm Back with a new video today, I am reviewing this lovely hair, this V part unit from Wiggins hair, and I mean I'm just in love with it. I mean this is my hair y'all like who will tell me: that's not my hair, nobody um, so it is 24 inches and I put some curls in it, and so I'm going to show you the process of how I got this look. I didn't record all of the curl like me curling it, but I did get footage of me: straightening the hair, so without further Ado and no more rambling, let's get into the video. So I'm starting off this look on freshly clean, washed hair. So I did blow dry, my hair off camera and it's very much just like the Kiki strength unit. So this is a V part unit, and these are the clips on the inside. It is five Clips at the top two on each side and one in the middle. You do have two Combs on the side, and one comb in the back here is a close-up of the hair. It really is a pretty kinky straight texture, very much like my hair, so I'm excited so now, I'm just going to go in with my scissors and cut the band off um. This is what makes it a V part unit. It is so soft um there's no shedding and the texture is kinky straight and it looks just like my hair. The only thing I'm worried about is the color. If it's going to blend with my hair, but we'll see because it's going to be minimal, leave out. So right now I'm just going to put this on, because I want to see like how much hair I need to leave out just to kind of get an idea, Ooh Child. This is a lot of hair, but right now I'm just checking to see trying to get a measurement of how much hair. I need to leave out, see this disrespectful gray hair. So after getting the idea of how much hair I needed to leave out at the top, I am just taking my Straight comb and measuring out how much I leave out. I want to have for this unit, so with this look I definitely want minimal hair left out. So this is the braid pattern. Y'All my cornrows are not the best. I do not know how to cornrow that good, but this is the braid pattern. Two cornrows on the side ponytail in the back, we're just gon na go ahead and Bun that and I'm gon na break that in the back and just kind of secure that and tie it off with a rubber band at the end um but yeah. This is the braid pattern, very simple. Nothing complicated like I said: I'm not the best braider, so my braids are kind of loose in the front, which is fine. I just need quickly like in anger, so I'm going to tie this off with a rubber band. I didn't braid all the way to the end, because I don't like rubber bands on the ends of my hair, so I'm just going to take some bobby pins and start to pin this down after putting on this unit. I actually realized that I should have pinned it lower and I actually kind of changed how I pinned it down, but you just want to make it as flat as possible. Whatever you decide to do, I just didn't like it as bulky. So now I'm just tucking away my anchor braids and now we're going to get into the part that everybody's been waiting on we're gon na put this V part unit on and start to secure it I'm going to start with securing it in the middle and then Just kind of placing each clip inside of the two anchor braids foreign, this side of my leave out out, see how well it's blending y'all. This looks so good and I haven't even taken out I'm gon na leave out at the top. I did take down the sides and look how well that blends with my hair. You can't tell me this is not on my hair. I'Ve never had hair this long. This is 24 inches. It is true to length so now I'm going in with some argan oil. You can choose whatever oil of your choice and I'm just going to begin to apply this to each section, just so that my hair won't be dry. Just give it a little bit of shine, I'm going to section off my leave out and just kind of Tuck that behind my ear, because we don't need to straighten that just yet and then you're going to take the heat protectant. This one is by TRESemme and we're going to begin to flat iron. I am going to chase um the flat iron with the small tooth comb, just to get a better straight in foreign. This hair was so long. I had to stand up just so you guys could see, look at how straight that got, so I'm just going to continue to straighten in small sections um. This is a lot of hair, so do prepare yourself to kind of be straightened in for a little while straightening this hair on 450 degrees um. You can choose to straighten on whatever temperature you like, but I wanted to get it as straight as possible. Y'All, my arms were starting to hurt like already. This is a lot of hair a lot, but it's so pretty. So, as you can see, it is getting pretty straight, very pretty it's. How well does well doesn't straightened in blends okay, so this side is flat. Ironed. Y'All this looks so natural like it looks so natural, so this side is flat iron and this side needs to be flat ironed. I'M gon na go back over it um. I was just trying to get the bulk of it. You know pretty Sleek so we'll see how Sleek I can get it, but it looks so good all right, so I'm gon na flat iron, this side off camera and then we're going to maybe style it maybe curl it. I don't know we'll see. Yes, I had to change the position of my camera because it was very hard to flat iron, this hair sitting down, because it's so long. I noticed on this left section of my hair. I definitely was doing bigger sections because it says like this is a lot of hair and I can't be doing all these small sections, but I just kind of went over a few times right now, I'm about to start flat ironing my leave out. I did at this point unplug my flat iron, because I didn't want my flat iron to be super hot. I don't like to put like excessive heat on my leave out and, Ladies, If you're, looking for a good heat protectant, I currently use it have been using for years the mazani Therma strength, heat protectant. I love that stuff. It does wonders it protects my hair. You can use that, along with the Tresemme heat Tamer spray that I used earlier on the unit. This hair looks like my hair at this point y'all. I was completely shook by a how well this unit was blending with my natural hair, like it really is blending really well, like you can't even tell make sure you cover Your Tracks. Try exclamationally! This is my hair. You can't even really tell where my hair starts and begins. I mean, starts and ends. You can't even take that behind the ear y'all. Can nobody tell me this is not my hair like I know I keep saying that, but it's the truth like look how natural this looks. How well it blends Wiggins here y'all. Did that like look at that natural just natural, so this is the final look. I did go ahead and put some um some curls in this hair. They were tighter earlier, but I just um kind of brushed them out, and so it's just like a loose a loose body. Curl this hair is super thick. It is a hundred and eighty percent density, it's 24 inches. This is where it stops on me. It'S super soft, no shedding um, I mean maybe like one or two strands, but no shedding so far, and I just love this hair. I am going to go um in and dye this hair at some point just to dye it closer to my um hair color, which is more it's darker than this um. I believe this is like a natural, a natural 1B color and my hair is a little bit closer to Black, so I am going to go ahead and just dye this hair at some point, but for the most part I mean it Blends seamlessly. I love the luster on this hair. It'S it's exactly what they say. It'S kinky straight, but the luster is really nice if y'all are interested in more videos like this leave some comments in the comment section down below and let me know what kind of hair videos you guys want to see. I personally like um this: U part or B part um unit. So if you want to see more V, part units or u-part units leaves a comment in the comment section below and yeah I'll see. If I can get more content like this, for you guys um, I think this look would be so cute in One curls, so I definitely want to try that and um just styling it differently or just leaving it in its blown out state but yeah. This is the look so that is the end of this video, if you haven't done so already go ahead and hit that, like button subscribe to my channel and hit that notification Bell to be notified of my next video. Thank you. Thank you. Foreign

Kemly Bracero: This is the review I've been waiting on. I literally ordered one yesterday. Can not wait to install it.

Nicole Cutri: Yes I would like to see more V part wigs❤

Raliat86: This hair is BOMB!!! Your video editing is !!! Love the music and voice over.

OHoneyPot: Absolutely Beautiful

Tub: Girl what u fooled me ..thought u were already wearing the wig with all that gorgeous hair of yours....nice job, looks gorgeous

Sarah Robinson: It's a good look on you!!!

Patricia Alex: It definitely looks like is your hair, beautiful.

Wiggins Hair: Thank you for your sharing

Keron Shand: Really good!

antwon gleaton:

Darin Corkery: ρяσмσѕм

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