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Hair details: 24 inches loose deep wave13*4 frontal wig 200%density

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So, what's up guys and welcome back to my channel, it's your girl, janae and in today's video i am giving you guys a honest review on this loose wave, 24 inch lace, front wig by wiggins, hair, and, to be honest guys, this is nice. This is nice. This is labeled as 24 inches and because it's a loose wave texture, the curls, are like long and luxurious. This hair is super super. Pretty honestly, i've never worked with this company before until now, and i will def, i can definitely see myself purchasing more wigs from this company. This is their 24 inch loose wave. I did put some water, but it's right up here now. This hair is really really really pretty. I love it so so much so in this video i'll be doing a install. That includes the bleaching process, and all of that i did not pluck the hairline on this wig. This is the hairline that the wig came with. So yeah, i really like this wig everything you need to know will be in my description box down below. Thank you, wiggins, hair, for sending me this unit. I definitely will be purchasing more from this company, and this is actually like one of their most reviewed. Wigs and i can contest that this is definitely um, a wig that you guys should be looking into if you're looking for a nice loose wave wig go check out, wigan's hair. This is a 24 inch. This is how it looks in the back. This hair is wonderful, i'm actually obsessed like no joke, but if you want to see how i installed this wig, please continue to keep watching this video and yeah okay. So this is what i'm going to be using to bleach the wig. Usually i use the um i'll put a picture of of what i usually use. This is what i have, which is what i got at the store, and i also usually use a 50 or a 40, but i use 30 um. I feel like this would be a okay mix because b12 is super super strong, so i think this will probably balance out pretty well. This is the packaging that i got for the wig. It says wiggins hair meet once never again wait once meat. Never forget official store um. This is labeled as 100 human hair. It came with these beautiful lashes, an elastic band that you could sew to the back or you know you can use it to secure it. That'S what you want to do: a edge brush two wig caps and a bag for the wig to go in once the install is complete. I'M happy that this is a lace front and not just a lace frontal. So your parting space for a side part would be really good. This is before the bleach i sprayed it with some spritz and yeah, i'm going to place the knots and come back with a knot to raw bleach. Oh so, okay y'all! So after you brushed it all back with the edge the wax stick and the hot comb to get all of the hair out the way, because you don't want to end up gluing the hair down, i'm going through one more time. Oh this thing is smoking. I'M nervous, it's probably cut off. I'M gon na go through and cut off my ear tabs yeah, but this wig is really pretty like it's really long and i'm really excited because, like of course, i've had like long hair. This is 24 inches, but the fact that it's like a curly long is like very intriguing to me very intriguing to me, but yeah. This is like their most popular, it's not their most like talked about wig, so i'm really excited to see if that, if it's worth the hype or if it has any, if it needs any hype at all, you know you need to put makeup on the way To cover up the wig yeah, i'm literally out of this like it's empty, but we're gon na try to get nothing trying to get something out of it. It'S literally empty okay, so i have this by the wig dealer. It'S really good, let's see if it will help me today, okay, why are you doing that right, hey baby foreign? I don't even know if i was recording but y'all when i sprayed this wig doing the lace literally melted away and that's what we love to see. I would love to see that i don't even i don't know if i was recording okay, so i wasn't recording but y'all just have to take my word for it. You guys will see when i take this band off and now i'm just going to cut off these edges, like literally i hate doing wiggle styles, because it's literally so messy like hair literally gets everywhere, but i'm gon na do them too short or too long, because I still want to be able to work with the hair, and so i'm just doing these two pieces, and if i don't like how i look then i'll add the middle section. I know how it goes. My forehead, it's kind of big, my head's, like really round so i don't be feeling the um. I do not be feeling like having this section out, because i think it just looks so weird, but um, i'm just going to melt this down and i'm going to spray it and that's the best part about the loose wave hair. Deep, wave hair. Is that literally, all you have to do is wet it and you are ready to go. I want to do like a curved part or like a yeah, so yeah, this wig bleached really well the wig bleached really well, and i like it, here's super soft. I did um shampoo and condition this hair after i braised the knots. It looks really nice. I want to do more, like a not so visible part. I know i just did that, but i think i want to just do like a like a comb over type uh style, but yeah. This is really cute. Also, my uh hot comb was only on 280., like it wasn't on the max in case anyone was wondering so yeah, i'm going to go and wet my hair and i'll be back when i'm sweeping my edges. Okay, y'all. This hair is really really long, really. Really pretty this spray bottle just has water in it for right now: first wow, okay, so yeah i'm going to do the edges right here, because i just cannot deal with my forehead but yeah. Let me go ahead and do my energy now i'm going to peel this out. Okay, so yeah that looks 10 times better. I'M going to um get some like visuals outside for you, but this is the hair she's really cute do so. I did go out and go shopping and stuff, while the lace was still kind of wet. That'S why it's white, because the glue did not um dry properly and i went out in public so the glue didn't dry properly but other than that it's fine! I can. I will just put some makeup on top of it to cover it up but yeah. That is today's look. Thank you guys, all so so much for watching, thanks for all the love and support we're on the road to 40k. If you like this video, you know what to do, leave a like comment and subscribe and follow me on snapchat, instagram, twitter and tick tock i'll european pillow. I will see you guys in my next video. You already know the deal. Everything in this note will be in my description box down below

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