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Hey guys watch me install this BOMB unit I received from Wiggins Hair. I hope you guys enjoy! Also don't forget to like, comment, and SUBSCRIBE to my channel for more content!

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Hair details: #loosedeepwave lace frontal wig 250% density 28 inches

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Ten, so 10., so uh, so so so do it is hair, baby bomb dot, all right y'all. So this is the final look. I say this, probably after every install but like okay. This is up here with the other ones, because i really like this hair. I love how it just looks very scalp, like very natural, so this is not the initial install the video or the clips that you guys saw previously is actually from like a week, probably over a week old. So i just didn't like how the baby hairs and stuff were laying like. I didn't like how i did it because that's like i rushed me doing the install because i had somewhere to go. I just did not like how it looked. It was super full was not pre-plucked at all, wasn't like it didn't give any type of scalp looking nothing like. It was super full, just reinstalled it today um. I took some time to really go through and pluck it part it and do like everything that i wanted so yeah, that's the only thing. So this is not the initial install. This is a second time installing um, i will say i love love, how it looks now because it looks so natural definitely giving scalp on both sides. Love love, love that let me go ahead and get into the details of the hair all right. So, as i mentioned in the beginning of the video, this video is sponsored by wiggins hair. I have been wanting to work with wiggins hair for a minute like i just love their units. I'M like super excited super grateful for them to even be sending me this unit, and it literally is giving everything that i expected it to give so shout out to them once again. Thank you so so much so they sent me over a 28 inch loose deep wave, frontal wig and it is the hair density is 250, which i definitely feel like. It is 250 because this hair is like super thick and full, which i love. I don't think they specify whether it was a 4x4 lace frontal or if it was a 6x6 lace frontal. When you see on the inside, it doesn't have a lot of parting space on the sides which, with this hair, i really want to do a side part. But i couldn't do that because of how the lace was on the sides, but it is giving 6x6 here just not here. So that's probably like one complaint. This frontal was super full, like it literally like when you first as soon as you see, hair you're gon na it's so full like it's not giving scalp at all like it was not giving that at all. But as far as how the lace actually looks, i feel like it's pretty it's pretty transparent. Let me get close up, so you guys can see. I think it's pretty transparent. I feel like that. Part of the frontal was a 10 out of 10 for me, but yeah so other than that i love the hair love. The frontal is giving like beach vibes like summertime springtime type of hair, like i just love this texture, but yeah y'all. So that is all that i have for you today. I hope that you guys enjoyed this install video um. I hope that you guys plan on picking you up one of these bomb wiggins hair units, because i'm telling y'all it's getting what it needs to give like this unit is so bomb like y'all need it y'all need any life like period point blank, and if you Don'T plan on picking up this unit, i'm gon na have the actual website linked in the description box, and i also have this unit linked in the description box as well. So you guys can pick it up if you decide to but yeah. So that's all that i have for you today. Please make sure that you guys like comment and subscribe to my channel. We just recently hit 4k subscribers, so your girl is your girl is hype. Okay, so yes thank you guys so much for everyone that has already subscribed, but if you haven't, go ahead, click it down below and subscribe so yeah. That is all that. I have thank you guys so much for tuning in and i will see you in my next video you

Noel Spiva: Loveeee this look Jeri!!!

Samuola: Love the install

TandA Show: Hey girl! Beautiful hair ! I was wondering how tall you were? I’m thinking about ordering the same length but not sure if it’ll be too long for me height

Kadiatu Dumbuya: I just purchased mine and I just can’t wait . I purchased 30inch 250% density

Wiggins Hair: Vibes! This wig on you is so so bomb!

Kadiatu Dumbuya: Can you please do a review on there long body wave wig please

Asmat Ali Tv: Very good

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