2 Month Update | Wiggins Loose Deep Wave Hair

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2-month update on Wiggins loose deep wave hair. I am doing a hair review on this hair I bought from Wiggins. Here are the hair details:


Loose deep wave 13*6 lace frontal wig 24 inches

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Hi guys welcome back to my channel and if you are new here, welcome, i'm glad you found me please make sure that you hit that subscribe button, and i really appreciate that. Also, you guys be sure to follow me on my instagram today. I'M going to be doing this hair review on this hair that i got from wigan. I am rushing to do this video right now, i'm kind of pressed for time. So if i speak a little fast, you know why yeah i got this hair from wiggins and i've had this hair for a little over two months now, so i'm gon na go ahead and do a review on this hair. Before we get started with the review, i do want to let you guys know that i do have a video on my channel with this hair me doing different styles with the hair. If you're interested make sure you guys watch that video, so you can see how this hair does with styling and stuff, like that, i will leave all the information on this hair down in the description box, so be sure to check that out. If you are interested in this hair, um shipping for this hair took about it was like a week and a half before it came um, so it wasn't too bad. Also, i do wear this hair like consistently, basically every single day, so some things that i do like about this hair. You have a lot of parting space like it's so much room like you can do basically any type of style on the tear braids anything. I definitely do like that. The parting space, like kind of stuffs like way back here so like if you want to do a middle part, side, parts, half up half down, you know any type of styles you want to do. You can definitely do with this hair. Um, even though this hair is like really long and this curly hair is not heavy at all, like it's really really light, i don't really get hot in it either. So i definitely like that too. I'M going to show you guys what came inside the box when i first got the hair and what the hair looked like when i first received the hair - and this is when i like first put in the hair, how the hair looked. This hair is straight out of the box. I did not bleach this hair. I did not do any type of plucking to this hair. I am not that advanced. Yet this was my first wig install so like i just kept the hair, how it is right out of the box. The only thing that i did do was add foundation to the lace to make it darker other than that. I did not do anything else. This is like one of my favorite. This might be like the best curly hair that i had it's definitely one of my favorites and also with the hair. It is true to length um. This hair is 24 inches. That was another thing that i liked about this hair and when it comes to detangling the hair, this hair is really easy to detangle, like you, do need water um like once, you wet the hair and you start brushing it it like glides right through. I don't have any trouble with detangling it, and you know it's curly hair, so curly hair usually well. For me, curly hair, trying to detangle curly hair, has always been a hassle, but this hair really doesn't give me too many problems with tangling and it doesn't really shed a whole whole lot um. It does shed, but it's like nowhere like it's, not crazy, shedding um. It'S like the regular, also the hair, like is really soft um to me, i would say this hair like knowing that i've been wearing it consistently every single day, basically um for over two months. This hair has really held up good honestly and also when it comes to cleaning like the waist off. It was pretty easy to do that now. One thing i will say about this hair that i do not like is when it comes to washing it when it comes to watching it. It'S like. I don't know it's like kind of difficult to watch like, yes, you go in there, you watch it, but then it's like when the hair is like drenched wet it like kind of, is in a condition where it seems like if you like, where to comb through It you want to like just like rip the hair out, basically like it's just like it seems like it's like really really natty like the curls is just like they. I don't know how to explain it like when you wet curly hair. You know how, like the water adds to it, whatever like it gets like, and it's so weird because like when i'm detangling the hair and i spray with my spray bottle, and i detangle it it's like so much easier. But when it's like drenched wet after washing it wet, you cannot detangle this hair. You cannot, you probably can't finger detangle, but if you try to comb through it, it's going to be a huge mess. So what i do is i just let the hair air? I just let the hair air dry and once they get done air drying, they might be like a little bit damp i'll go ahead, and then i will detangle the hair and i will add, more water from the spray bottle to the hair. If i need to and that way it comes out really easily, i tried to do it when i had washed her hair and the hair was drenched and it was just like really challenging and i didn't want to like mess up the lace front. So i just stopped what i was doing and let it dry some and that definitely helped um so yeah with washing this hair. I don't really like the process of it. It'S kind of like i don't know, but i mean it turned out. It turned out good afterwards. Another thing is when the hair came, it did have a smell, it was like. I don't know how to explain the smell, but it did have a smell to it that i did not like and after the first time, washing it. It went away, but it was still kind of there and when i would like wet the hair like to do like a wet look or something like that, the smell became stronger and it was just like yeah. You can smell this like when it was wet. It became like really strong, so i ended up washing it again and it took the smell out. Then it's found enough. I just didn't wash it good enough, the first time or it needed another wash. I don't know, but that was another kind that i did not like about the hair. I have not tried dyeing this hair or straightening this hair um, so i'm not sure how this hair does with those type of things i have like used mousse with this hair. I don't know if this would be a kind or not, because i mean i feel like with curly hair. You have to do this anyways, but this hair is not just like a throw on and go or like get up and go type hair. You do need to add water into this hair in order for the curls to be defined. If you do try to just get up and go, the hair will be like curly, but like frizzy curly, so really really wouldn't be like a defined curly. So you do need to do that um. You can also try putting in like a leave-in conditioner to keep the hair like moisturized, because this hair does get dry. This hair can get pretty dry, i'm probably going to start trying to like put like a leave-in conditioner in and see how it works with that, but with me just using the water for me. Yes, this hair does get dry. I don't know if you can kind of tell like how it looks when it starts to get dry like right here. I need to like go moisturize that but yeah, but then again like i said i only use water in this hair. So, that's probably why i mean i was using the mousse um in the beginning, but then i had stopped doing that so this hair to me it does get a little dry. I will say that, even though you do need to like add water or conditioner water in like leave-in, conditioner or just water into this hair, i will say that, even though you do have to do that, you don't have to have the wet look um. All the time like the water will dry and once the water dries, the curl pattern is there like it's not like? Oh, i have to always walk around with the wet look like wet hair um. I don't really like wet hair like like when i first do it. It'S like really wet, and i just don't really like that. Look but once it starts to dry a little and it starts to like get into the form, that's going to be, and it kind of gets a little bit bigger than what it is when it's wet. I do like that. Look and that look works for me. So that's another thing to keep in mind. Would i buy this hair again? Yes, i would. This is the longest curly hair that i have ever had and i will say that actually, having like longer curly hair makes me actually prefer longer curly other than like the shorter curly hair um. That'S just my preference though, but yeah i just wanted to come on here and give you guys a quick review on this hair. If you are interested in this hair, like i said, i will leave the information down in the description box and also don't forget to subscribe to my channel and follow me on my instagram and also don't forget to like this video. If you enjoyed this video and leave a comment about what you think about the hair or if you ever had ordered any hair from this company before - and i will see you guys in my next video

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