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Invisible and undetectable

Blend in all skin tones.

Breathable and comfortable Protective Style Thinner, Softer, Lightweight yet Durable Lace Reduces Friction to Natural Hair

Natural Looking Pre Plucked Hairline

Four Combs (Front*1& Sides*2&Back*1)

Hair length: 18"

Hair density: 150%

Cap construction: 13x4 Lace Front Wig

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Hey everybody welcome to my channel. My name is alicia. If you're new to my channel, if you're not new to my channel. Thank you for coming back. So today i am doing another wig review from ronnie hair. They sent me this gorgeous diamond fake, scalp, frontal curly wig. It is so freaking cute if you guys want to see how this wig comes and watch me, install it and hear all the details on if i like this wig or if i don't like this wig, if it's trash or if it's hot, please continue to watch. Also, don't forget to like comment and subscribe to my channel and follow me on instagram. Follow me on instagram i'll leave my instagram right here, so you can follow me there and let's get into this video bye. This is what the box will look like when you get it. It says ronnie, hair on the front here and then on the sides you have all of their social media handles so inside your box, you'll get a hair tie, it has a little star on it. Super cute, wig caps, of course, and two what it looks like adjustable straps. I don't know how to use these, but this is their diamond, fake, scalp, wig, so right in here, you'll see where it has this extra layer right here which will protect your natural hair. Also, look at the pre-plucked lining here, which looks really really good, very, very good, and i have not tried this fake scalp, but it looks very nice very, very nice. Also inside you do have your standard four combs in the middle left right one at the bottom. Here you also have your adjustable straps and then the elastic band also has these adjustable straps as well. Just like your bra and then you have the extra lace back here that i just usually cut right off, but i guess it's um. Just in case you want to wear your hair up. You can use that, but i'm really excited about this diamond fake scalp. In here it does go from ear to ear; it feels really soft, so i'm not worried about it. I'M rubbing against my natural hair, also with the um diamond natural scalp. You don't have to wear a wig cap if you don't want to because, as you can see look it looks like a real scalp um. So you don't need to wear that and you don't have to braid your hair down. Mine is already braided down because i've had my hair braided down for a while now um. But yes, so i'm really excited about this diamond fake scalp. You guys it looks really good, and this is a deep wave 18 inch, curly wig, okay. So i'm going to - and this lace feels really soft i feel like it feels a lot softer than like laces that i've been dealing with lately. But, yes, let's just get a close-up on this pre-put hairline again it looks really good. I'M really excited to install this. It looks so good, but yes, so i'm just going to fast forward me installing this and then i'll come back at the end and we'll do the last little styling together. While this hair is the hairline is setting i'm going to go in. Why do i love big hair so much? I love it so much okay, so i'm just going to let this sit for about 10 or 15 minutes and then i'll be right back all right. So this is what the scalp and the edges are. Looking like. Pretty good, oh, i like this install okay. This is a looking really good, so this is what the hair is. Looking like. This is what she's looking like right now. What i'm going to do is i'm going to put some mousse on it, and this fake scalp looks this diamond fake, scalp looks so good, so that is good and i'm gon na have a middle part today. So i'm just gon na keep it like this. I'M gon na go ahead and section this off, and i'm gon na put some water and mousse on this. Her and this is my water bottle, i'm just gon na spray, it down all right, and this is the mousse i'm gon na use. I got this mousse from the dollar store and i'm just going to rake it through these curls. Look at this. These curls girl hold on. Let me get a close-up, so you guys can see. That'S so pretty. So this side is no moose. This side is a water and mousse. Before and after it's still giving a lot of volume, it is very, very full. I love that and just imagine when it dries it's going to be big and it already looks full right now. So yes, ronnie hair, yes, fake scalp! Yes, all right! I'M gon na go ahead and do this slide real, quick all right. So this is what the hair is. Looking like. I love this hair feels so good and soft. I just finished my baby hair. Hey guys. I am sweating bullets. It is hot okay, so this is the hair you guys it looks so pretty. These curls are very soft. The wig is very, very full. This diamond fake lace is giving it giving okay. I really like the way i installed this today, i'm getting better at my installs, oh my gosh. This looks so cute all right again. This is 18 inches. 108 density, let me show you guys the back real quick. So again, this hair is from ronnie hair. It is 18 inches curly with the diamond, fake, scalp, okay, and i love these curls are everything i love. How thick and full this hair looks. It is very soft: did we get a close-up on the ends? The ends. Look really good. I really love this curl pattern. Yes, yes, yes, yes, i kind of want to throw some layers in here kinda, but i'm not i'm not going to okay, you guys. So this is the end of the video. I will have a discount code for you guys in the description box. But yes, this wig is beautiful. I love it so much. Thank you again ronnie here for sending me this gorgeous diamond fake, scalp, frontal wig. I love it so much if you guys, like this video, please like comment and subscribe to my channel, and i will see you guys in the next one. Bye

Nyasha Laners: Okay RONNIE HAIR understood the assignment honey!! The part, the curls, JUST YESSS!!!


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