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Careful planning puts you ahead in the long run. Hurry and scurry puts you further behind proverbs 21 verse. 5.. Hey guys! Welcome back to my channel, i'm back with another hair review, installation video and this is featuring wiggins hair. So they sent me their 26 inch beautiful, deuce, wave frontal wig. This is a 13 by 6 frontal wig, transparent lace. As you can see here, i'm just putting my foundation on the lace just so it blends seamlessly into my skin and yeah guys um, i'm super. I was super excited to try this hair, it's so long. It'S so soft, it's so pretty um i've been wearing curly hair a lot recently and yeah man. I just feel like i haven't tried loose waves like i've, tried water wave, i've tried deep waves, but i've never tried this with hair. So i'm super excited to try this. So in the bag we have a wig cap, there's satin wraps, and then we have eyelashes and um what else we got in there. We got adjustable straps and an elastic band, and i love the fact that these companies are adding elastic bands in their bags. It just makes the whole process easier when i'm laying the list, because i don't have to like buy so many elastic bands, because it comes with the wig so yeah. I got this wig in the large cap size. It fits me really really well, because i have a large head. I always get a large cap size because the rest, it just doesn't fit average. No, it's not fit in my head. I have like a 23 inch head and i would definitely need a large cap size and this fit so well even had excess space. So, as you can see, i'm just cutting around the ear tabs just so it fits my ears very nicely and then i'm going to do the same. On the other side, i have a little trick, so i part the hair. That'S around my ear, a part out of the way, and then i just cut in that part. So as you can see that little part that i made, i just used my eyebrows as the cut in that part. I use eyebrow scissors because they, i feel, like they're, more precise and it's easier to create that jagged motion with them. I'M super scared to try using um. I'M super scared to try and use you know the razors. I just feel like i'll just cut the entire lace in half, so i'm gon na attempt, so i'm gon na wax the hair away so that when i cut it, i didn't cut any strands or anything. And now i'm just gon na cut in a jagged motion. When i lifted the lid, i was so shocked at how well the lace melted into my skin without me, even gluing it down like i was so stunned. I just knew that this in store was going to be a great one. So yeah guys watch me as i glue down the lace and i'm using hd glue. It'S actually an adhesive, don't get out of the way me don't get out of the way. Okay. So now i'm just going over everything with my got to be free spray, and this is just like an extra layer of security for me and you know all those tiny places that may have not catched onto the glue they've got to be will hold it down And then i'm going to take um the edges that i'm going to be creating the baby hairs, the edges, whatever you want to call it and yeah i'm going to. I usually take like three sections, because i only do that standard baby, hairstyle so yeah, i'm gon na part out the baby hairs and then i'm gon na put my foundation on top so that the lace melts even better. And then i'm gon na apply my elastic band just to melt that lace even further get out of here dog. No! So now i'm going to take my wax stick and my hot comb and i'm just going to hot comb, my hair, i now hot comb the front in sections before i used to like with my straight hair, i would section out the top portion, but now i'm Secting out the sides, because why not i want it to lay extra flat, so i want to section it out and apply my wax that then go over with my hot comb. Excuse that little mark there, i kind of overbleached in that area. That'S why it looks like that, but yeah i'm just going to take my hot comb. This is by papa chichi on instagram, and this is their pink cocktail and i'm just gon na hop home through me. No need don't get out of the way to style the edges, i'm going to be using fuji mousse. The reason why i use this mousse is because it is alcohol free and the hold is absolutely insane guys. So i would highly recommend this mousse people ask me where i get fuji moves from. I get from my local hair shop, so any hair shop around you should sell a fuji mousse and i believe another alternative could be the cream of nature one. But i'm i rely on that for use so yeah, i'm just gon na customize, the frontal, the edges and all that good stuff, all right so to define the curls on this, i'm using a mixture of the soft and free curl, activator lotion or whatever you want. It'S just a quick curl activator, i will i'll say it's a lotion because it feels like a lotion, and i just mix that with water. I feel like alone. The car activator is very, very thick and it can weigh their head where they weigh the hair down. So i mix it with water and yeah just ignore the packaging, that's not the actual packaging of whatever i'm using i'm just mixing it, and i use the two different styles of packaging. I feel like this applies better because it's more of a mist and that's the tresemme heat protectant spray bottle and yeah, i'm just gon na drench, the hair with that, and this really defined the curls without weighing it down, and you know making it look like it Has tons of product inside and now i'm just going to use the fine toothed comb part of the edge brush to just brush out the edges, so that they're not as harsh and as crispy and then i'm going to define my part with my mac. Nc 45. Concealer and yeah guys i this is pretty much the end of the tutorial, i'm just going to show you guys the hair. I highly highly highly highly highly recommend this hair. It'S so soft, like i said in my last video all the hair that i you know create a installation video with. I have done my research and yeah. It is some good hair, especially this lace like this lace is absolutely unreal on camera. It looks rather light, but in person it's it's absolutely fine. This hair is super duper long, it's 26 inches and i'm five foot nine and it goes pretty much to my hips. If i stretch it it'll go past my hips, but i ain't trying to do that. So yeah guys, i hope you enjoyed this video, make sure you check out wigan's, hair that all all the information will be in the description box down below make sure you check out the hair. The direct link will also be in the description box and yeah guys. Um, i will see you guys in my next video stay. Blessed, stay safe and stay prayed up.

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