Im Fall Ready The Color & Hair Is Everything! Burnt Orange Body Wave Lace Wig Ft Wiggins Hair

IM FALL READY BOO! Y’all know I love me a throw and go wig!!! It’s the density, the minimal shedding, the easy install, the curl pattern, but mostly the color for me!!!! Meet the newest addition to the collection, sent to me from WIGGINS HAIR .... soo it was a must I give you all my honest review!

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Hair details:# BurntOrange body wave lace frontal wig 24 inches 250% density

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What'S up y'all, it's your girl, candice denise and i'm back again with another video, another video. So i hope that everybody's doing well, safe, sanitized and good health and good spirits and just living and experiencing life. I don't know why i'm whispering, but i felt like i had to say that in this tone, okay, but as you can tell from the title we do have a week review today, y'all and i'm so hyped, i'm so lit. I mean you can already. If you clicked on it, then that means you saw the thumbnail, so you can see why i'm lit and i'm excited about it. So this is coming from wiggins here: 20 years, manufacturers experience 100 human hair, no chemical process, fabric price, sufficient stock and quick delivery. They say do not play with them. Okay, so let's open her up. Oh they got a whole bunch of stuff. In here we got a squad. Oh, we got some lashes. Some nice slash and said that okay, okay, wiggins, say huh. Oh some more lashes. They weren't playing with this one. We got a edge brush because a wig cap, it's an elastic band and i got a silk bag for storage or whatever. So, let's get it so we have a burnt orange body, wave frontal wheat, 24 inches 250. It has swiss lace, it's very bright now, oh and it's real soft. This pattern is everything i'm definitely keeping this one is nice and heavy and dense okay. We got the cones in the front on the side and in the back got the little strappy straps back there, and this is a this - is 13 by 4 lace and there's no lace in the back. So i'm about to cut this lace off and tweeze. This part and we're gon na get this girl together stay tuned. Do so carry care whack stick! Oh i did that and i didn't know what i did. But that is what i did so i like the original curl, but this siding ain't curling. The way this one is hmm going here, fruity slick and shine thanksgiving. You know ginger flintstone vibes, but i like it. I really like it okay, so you can clearly see that i am feeling myself right now, i'm just over it right now. What do y'all think y'all like it? I love it i'll, be spinning and doing circles all day, y'all like i'm just it's something about when you have done makeup right, outfit cute that just it changes your mood. This unit is 250 density baby and when i say 250, it's super super thick, it's 24 inches, it's a burnt, orange kind of color human hair lace, front wig, and it has the 13x4 closure in the front. So what i'll do is make sure to put a direct link in the description box so that you can, you know, go cop, this unit or another unit, i'm just over it, but okay, wiggins y'all came through with the came through. Okay, i'm in love. I have to drop this off and get somebody to curl this up real good, but i want to thank you all for watching. Thank you for your love. Thank you for your support and if no one else has told you that they love, you just know that candidacy needs to love you. I know you've liked this video already. I know you commented already, and i know that you are already subscribed to my channel and have those notifications turned on so when i post a video, you will know, and you won't miss it it's this side for me. I will see you guys in the next video love you guys bye,

Mz. Goddess womb healer: You look so pretty that color is everything on your skin I love the style and the loose curls Definitely giving fall vibes ❤️

Emma Mullins: The color looks radiant for your personality. ❤

Chenese Henderson: That color is fiyah I brought that color wig and got plenty of compliments it looks nice on you rock it sis

NaeNaeGoblin69: Hey girl hey, the hair is bomb and the color is awesome, it’s keeper

Felicia O'Bryant: You are Always looking Awesome. I love that color on YOU !!!

Misz Shay: Ohhhh I love the sheen on it! Sooooo pretty

nurvahnah30: your makeup looks so good. I wish I had it in me lol

Thomasina Garrett: I woke up (moving around getting ready for work) to Sunshine! That color IS everythang! I love it Best Friend your skin with that color.....speechless.

Born A Winner: Best friend best friend!!! you are so stinkin cute now I love the hell out of this this is a heck of a changevery beautiful as you are and I miss you hope you're staying safe and remain blessed

charna charna: This color is Gorgeous on you Candy,but then again they all look great on you, you're such a pretty young lady. ✌

Tonya Morris: Hey boo Looking beautiful❤

taetae51: Super cute on you!

Whitney J: That hair is bomb!!!

Smoochie Mays: Hey sis looking Fine over dere luv this color on you tfs b blessed

Fashionably Yours: Candace it's a vibe girl!

Kamie Naughton: Isn’t she lovely ❤️


kdmsbossirunthis: Loveeee it friend

Larita Tinoko: She's Cute cute

Queen Esther 757: That color is Nice Sis, Who Are You


Casandra Blount:

Abdurrahman Mose: ❣❣

Corinne Johnson: Candy crew checking in hey gworl hey

alishavirgo: Yes mam!!!!!!!

Gorilla Entertainment: So I see you banned da dramatic lashes

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