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Hair details: 18 inches kinky straight U part wig 180%density

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Hey guys welcome back to my channel, i'm back again with another video. Today'S get ready with me sponsored by wigan's hair. They sent me one of the units and i'm going to be easily installing it with you guys. So they sent me the 18 inch u-pot wig, and this is a u-pot because it does not have a lace. It does not require glue for installation. It just has clips inside just to clip it to your hair, okay. So this is how the u-pot wig looks in the inside. It'S got clips on the sides clips at the top and another clip at the bottom, and it also has adjustable straps so that you can secure a wig and start on your head. So i'm going to be starting to basically um prepping, my hair for the clipping wig, so that i can clip on my u-pot wig. So i start off by centering my potting, because i want a middle pot. You can do it on the side, but it can't be too further away because it's a you pot wig. However, i am starting by prepping my hair and taking out a bit of hair because we are living out here. There is no lace on this baby. There'S! No glue required i'll be using my natural hair as the lace and yeah just okay. So right now i'm taking out the hair that i'm going to leave out when i do tip on my you pot wig. I am going to leave out a bit of the front so that, if i want to tear my hair up, i am able to tie it and i'm going to leave a bit of hair in the center so that i can do my middle part. If i want to leave my hair down loose, so you, however, you have to kind of take out hair in the front as well, because you need to hide the tracks on the wig. So that's what i'm doing right now, um it okay! So once you are done, i'm going to tie the rest of the hair back because i need to clip in my wig. I cannot leave it hanging and also i needed to keep it secure at the back. So i can't leave it hanging okay. So i'm going to tie my hair at the back and i am going to clip in my wig. So as you guys can see, i'm starting at the top of my head and i'm clipping it and securing it into my hair. And then, after i'm going on the side - and i am pushing it inside and securing it as well and doing the other side as well - make sure that your wake is securely clipped in because you don't want it falling off in public trial. That is the absolute kettle. You need to make sure it's clipped in properly and secured before. You can continue prepping the rest of your hair, okay. So right now i'm gon na start prepping, my hair, and i am going to straighten my natural hair because i needed to blend in with my wig, because then it's just going to look a bit tacky and a bit unnatural. We want a natural look. We want it to look like this. Is my hair baby. You are listening, it it it it it it work it it it it. It lord have mercy. Um y'all can see as i'm coming to hunger. Here. You all can see that my hair is actually really blending well with this wig. Obviously, the colors are not the same. However, um the hair is soft enough and silky enough to kind of blend in with the hair, and that's why it's important to straighten it, because you don't want it to look tacky. I'M also going to go in with my hot comb, because i really needed to look flat in the front so and also i was extra careful because the hot comb was hot and that's not a lace. That is my actual head. What i genuinely really love about this hair and um yeah? What i generally really love about this hair is that there is no need for me to be putting product on my hair in terms of using glue. On my, i mean: there's no need for me to be putting um glue on my hairline or sticking anything on it's literally just my hair and that's good for my hair as well. So this is, i would call it a protective hairstyle because you really are not doing a lot to your hair to your hairline. I absolutely love this wig. This has been my go-to ever since ever since i put this on my head um right now, i'm just going to work on my baby hairs, because i also want to still look cute. You know you can obviously comb your hairs back, so it looks pretty natural. However, i really want baby hairs because i'll be liking. Baby hairs like that. So yes, this is the installation. It took nothing more than 10 minutes. This was so quick. It looks like my hair. My hair has really really blended well, the wig is secure, as you guys can see as i was pulling it down, and i am obsessed, do you guys see the blend of my hair in there? You can't really tell - and i really really like that - thank you. So so much to wiggins here for sponsoring today's get ready with me. I am honored. I absolutely love your you pot wigs and i recommend you guys get you pot wigs, because girl. Sometimes you really just want to keep your hair out a little bit, but also sometimes you just want to wear awake, but it's such a drag to always go through the process of putting on glue and sticking down a lace. So this is amazing. It'S convenient. I love it for myself and i want it for you guys too. Thank you so much once again to vegans, hey see you guys in my next video

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