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♡ Hey Lovies, I found the perfect loose deep wave wig for summer.

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Hey guys welcome welcome back, it's your girl, sierra love and i'm here with another video guys. So today, we're gon na be installing this gorgeous unit by wiggins, hair guys it is so pretty it's 24 inches um. This is a loose deep wave. I believe it is so gorgeous. I really really love it. I can style it and put it in so many different styles. So if i wanted to do a side part really quickly, i could, if i wanted to lift all of it up and just have it all back like there's scalp enough for me to do that. You understand what i'm saying this unit is, so pretty don't mind. The ambulance, you guys, but this unit is so pretty - i really do like it. I feel like i'm going to be wearing this. I'M going to get some cute pictures. Oh my god summer time is here. Are you guys on a summer baby, my birthday is june. 17Th, we are about to be lit. Okay, let me stop. No, we bout to be lit. We about to take so many pictures and bathing suits. Just like summer, we've been waiting. Okay, this is the summer. I know everybody about to be out because girl, kobe, then locked a lot of us up. I might just head to my yummy. No i'm kidding i'm gon na go to jamaica from everything. Oh my gosh girl girl. Let me just stop. I'M just giving out the rundown, but anyway guys you guys know that i love big hair, so the hair is a little damp just to get all the hairs you know in place, but once it dries baby once it dries, i'm gon na be unstoppable. Okay, 24. Inches, i'm 5'8. Let me show you guys how far it goes. Okay, so i'm 24 inches. My literally my back is here and it goes there. It'S so pretty. Look at it boob length under boob length and if you stretch it out, it goes even longer we're winning. Definitely this little piece of eyelashes hanging out okay, but i really really do love this hair guys they sent so many different gifts, guys. First of all, they sent me in total. I was six eyelashes, so this one right here on top of five different ones that come separately, guys they're amazing, they send you the wig cap. They send you an edge brush, they send you a comb, they even send you, the band that you use to tie down your edges with you guys are gon na see everything that i use that they sent, and i really appreciate it guys again. They sent a whole booklet and girl already yes on how to take care of the hair. This is so great everything that they suggest that you should use. This is amazing. I really this is great. This is so good. Thank you wiggins again for sending me this unit guys so today we're basically going to be installing it. If you guys have any questions or comments, leave them down below. But let's get to this video questions, okay, guys so, basically um it's not much to do! Well. It'S not hard even to accomplish, because this wig is already. It came already good for you. So trust me, there's basically nothing you have to do except install it. That'S probably why you guys are like sir you're not talking, there's not really much to say, because this wig already came as good as it you know, can get i'm just gon na cut the lace. I cut it in three portions. I cut it one here and then i cut one here also guys a little reminder. You have to make sure that you leave a little lace. That'S the key to having it look like you know, scalp also cuz. Is that zigzag? Okay, you see when you do like a little shape. It just looks more natural and cut as close as the part that you lift up cut as close as possible to that part. Okay, so next thing that i do guys is um. I do the edges, and this is how you make them stay like laid down. Okay, so next thing that we're going to do next thing that we're going to go ahead and do is lay down our edges, because you guys know. I want this to look as flat as possible, but i am going to cut, i mean, bring some out and just press it forward to help me with you know, laying the hair down. As i keep burning myself, i just did it twice? Okay guys. So i still have a little residue of the glue. I'M gon na take a little alcohol and wipe it off because i don't like it sitting there on my scalp. Okay now i use my nyx matte bronzer. You guys know this, and this is gon na help. Me with um attempting to make the lace look more lace-like or, like my skin guys. This is just basically um me, i'm just laying down my edges because i want them to well, not really the edges, but just like the lace, i wanted to look so melted. Like even in person not just on camera, i want it to look so good, even in person, so that you're, like oh my gosh, her hair, looks amazing. That'S basically what i'm going for. I'M just going to hold it here really quickly, because i want to tie it back down again anyway, when it's time to do um my baby hairs. I don't do much with the baby hairs, but another thing i see so many people when they when they get ready to take this off. I don't say they: do it the wrong way. They just lift it backwards. I this is what i would suggest you guys lift it when you take it off, lift it down once okay, you see how it's up here, lift it like this down, so that you don't lift up your lace while you're trying to take it off. Okay. Now it looks a lot more like skin, see it girl. Yes, yes, okay, so um next thing we're gon na go ahead and do is these baby hairs that we have, i don't know which kind of baby hairs i'm going for. I want something simple, but still cute so make sure you cut slanted, take the same gel and we're going to put it on our edges. I really been filling the edges. Where is this like two swoops and basically that's all i've been feeling that, for some reason i don't know if it's like more grown-ish, but that's that's the edges. I'Ve been leaning towards for some reason. Sorry guys, i have like a portable mirror. I mean yeah ring light kind of mirror small right here below you guys. So when i bend down that's kind of what i'm looking at, not kind of girl, that is what i'm looking at. I want the most natural realistic edges as possible. We'Re gon na use this again guys: okay, guys i'm trying to decide now. If i should do a side or a middle part, i am indecisive. I do not know what we're gon na do. Let me um. This lace is so good. I can honestly do both. You know, look at look at all this girl. This seems like it's a 360. look at all this lace. You see that i'm gon na style this wig up another way, another time, but look at all this y'all so guys. This is another thing that i do like if i over pluck this unit, like i plugged it, i did over, pluck it it just like a big spot right there i go ahead and take my my brow pen and i'm gon na fill it in what and It just it kind of helps with the illusion that there's no bald spot there anymore, you know, and then i kind of just brush it with the edge brush and then guys um once we make sure that the part is so straight. I take this got to be spray and i spray it over. The part take my comb and then i take the blow dryer after i do the blow dry i'll go back in with the pressing comb. Okay, guys, let's draw our line on now. We'Re going to use our concealer and then just go over it again to like smear it. Okay, so let's go ahead and take off this stretch, band or actually not yet not yet, let's bring all the hair to the front and the water just puts our curls right back how they were when we first, you know, got the hair. You guys know me. I don't like, like that type of damp hair. I just want it wet enough so that you guys can see the curl pattern. You know not too damp. Please keep the dampness away from me. Let'S go ahead and take off our um stretch band. Sometimes i hate this kind because it's so hard to take off. Remember guys, take it off down and we looking like scalp already scalpiana. Okay. Basically we're done. I'M just gon na take some more of that nyx and just rub it across my forehead so that it blends okay guys. So this is how it looks. While i'm up you guys can see the pattern is so pretty i'm stopping, and this is how the scalp look. It looks so amazing, okay guys, so. Another thing that i wanted to say was that this unit actually comes with um, so much stuff guys and this band right here. I haven't had one of these like at all, not one of these like this. That really stretches they sent me this so so. Thank you wiggins again. Thank you so much okay, guys! So that's about it girl! They sent another eyelash. Look at this! What girl? Okay, wiggins! Okay! I see you girl, okay, so i'm gon na. Thank you guys so very much for sticking around throughout the entire video guys. I really hope you guys enjoy. I really love this hair, guys um, if you guys have any questions, comments or concerns, do not forget to go ahead and leave them down below. I love this unit guys this unit is so good. I love the lace. The lace is cute, okay, guys. I love you guys so much um i'll see you guys in my next video okay. Thank you wiggins again for sending me this uni bye, guys, love! You guys you

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