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Hey Foxnation !!

On Todays video , I will be reviewing hair from a company called Wiggins,

I was sent a 24inch wig in a medium cap size , in body wave style pattern.

If you'd love hair from this company please se below :

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Hi guys welcome to my channel. My name is at the Fox, and this is another Fox Express train. Today I am going to be viewing a company called it's an expensive player. Let me get the information I lose, but before I get into it, let's do a hair and stay here is the hey. It'S day here went to the left. Hey fish is back here with sting here. Wednesday, here is the hey Winston here is day Wiggins, hey sent me a hundred. Eighty density wig hundred eighty density means the thickness of the head. You get 130. 150 180. This is 180 density. To be honest, it felt like more like 150, but it's an 80 hair density and it's a 13 by 6 lace frontal week so 30 metrics just means that the Wiggly, the lace wig, is a bit longer. It stops about. Where do you start yeah? The lace week starts about tops about here, which is actually quite far. It'S a deep. You could do a deep side. Part. Let me bring you guys up a little bit. You could do like a deep side, part with it the inches. I got in the hey, I got it in 24 inches and it is unprocessed virgin him. Ok, guys. I got this hair from a company called Wiggins Wiggins sent me a 24 inch body wave, hair 180 percent density in a medium cap. This is the weight. This is the wig right, so when the wig came, the wig came in a bag. I showed you guys a bag of kidding luggage bags like this, and it came with an elastic that I can add to the back. However, I do not. I did not use this because it already has the elastics inside the wig cap with it actually makes a wig set quite secure. They is a clip, the combs in to sit on the head and they also give you a bag. So they give you this bag to keep your hair in right. So, as you can tell, I have gone in and I have curly hair and I put them in pin curls. I put them in pin curls, because I wanted to show you guys to hear what it's fresh. I mean. I think you guys have seen styling videos. I think you guys have seen how to put you in a ponytail, but I just wanted to show you guys. Good, what good quality head looks like so let's and do this, because so we can go through the steps. Let me undo this taking this off right and I'm gon na undo these pins okay, so I've taken the curls out, so I'm gon na zoom in so you guys can see what I'm gon na do. Okay, you guys are getting a good look at my makeup today. Okay, so take some other got to be glued and I spray some into my edge brush. It'S it's lifting here. It doesn't matter because I'm going to brush these Hays away away from my head, do you see that so I'll show you again sprayed here rust these down into the hairline hold it for a second, then I brush them away from the hairline like that when I, When I do a mine lace, frontal like that it looks more natural, then when I don't do anything at all to manage frontal the swooping, the sweeping action of the head going in and out is what make sure he look natural. You don't want to do your lace frontal, just too you don't want to do baby hair, so just sit like flat on your scalp. That looks crazy, so I'll show you again with the front here. I sprayed this put my finger and pull my finger in where I think I want the hair to start turning back then I brush the wrist back with a little bit of this spring. Then, when I let go, that's a kind of swivel that I'm going to get so I'm gon na keep doing that over the whole of this hairline. I'M going to tie it up one more time, not too tight. A very gentle tie. Okay, we're taking this out now then I'm going to open a line over here and I'm going to start coming out these curls I have to. I have to keep telling you girls about curls. You cannot curl your hair and leave it like that when you curl here you've got to brush them out, there's no way what I have not got layers into this hey. I just thought I would just leave it like that and if you look when I did because of how I laid the baby hairs, when I do this with the hey, it looks pretty natural, it looks really natural and it looks like I've got baby hairs, but They'Re, not all these baby hairs, they look neat, they look nice, they look friendly. They look like nice baby hairs, the hey, let's get into the hair. So when I am boxed in a bleach, the knots the hay came really plucked a came plot on tone. I had very little work to do in terms of plucking the hair, if I'm really did honest with you guys, so that was a bonus um. They hate him out very soft okay, like silky silky soft. I have worn no hair for a week. I even slept in their hair and the hair is still soft. I went, I drained the other day and I walked through the rain. The only negative is when it got wet it stunk right. It smells like wet dog, but I've been told that human he also smells like wet dog when it's quit. I don't know about black people, but I was told somebody who's not like. I was what is that smell god? This me is this lady. Here she doesn't smell nice pinche, its wait, so I did come home and I just washed conditioned her and all that jazz, but I mean even through everything it's been through. If you look at the hair now this hey I've added no silicone. I'Ve added, no sprays. No nothing, the hair still looks soft. Also. Another thing is: the lace was a good quality, lace, wig and lace. The lay sometimes comes too thick. This lace was actually quite thin. I have to be honest guys as head actually really nice here. It probably will. Last me longer because it is a one being natural here, I haven't changed the state in which the hair is it like contain anything. It'S soft, hey, it's it's not as full as 180, as I expected it to be. So that's another negative and I've got ta. Be honest, but the quality is amazing. It'S pretty, since I slept in it like for three full three days straight in a row. I set it for three days straight neuro and it still woke up easy to come easy to brush out and another thing that I wanted to tell you guys how to know if your heads good quality, hey when you dong it, because I domed it and let Me show you my tone: I bought this dome off of Amazon. It actually got them on it when you don your hey, hey that doesn't take too long to dong like that, doesn't take too long to curl it's good quality here I thought like as soon as I have done rap when I was done wrapping the hair. I literally caught up to two seconds and I need to enter it because it starts to smoke and that's what that's: what natural hair dance anyway you're! Only when you are curling it, if you leave it for too long, it starts to smoke and burn, and this here was doing. It was so quick to curl and the curls last the whole day. So I actually can't wait to straighten it and see what it does when it's straight. It is a buddy wave naturally, so obviously the curls will stay because it's a body wave what I was gon na talk about the Hang. If you guys want to order the hair, please make sure to follow the link in the description box. The lady who I was dealing with was a very nice lady. The supplier seems really nice. The hair is of Li the buck. This is what the packaging looks like and you guys saw how I get my lace frontal to sit as naturally as humanly possible. Their lace front can sit yeah. That'S it guys. Thank you so much for watching you got the bomb done. Car

Nommy Nkonyane: I am so going to try this on my bob wig..... love the natural hairline look!

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Lira: Hair Wednesdays. Hair Wednesday, hair Wednesday. Hello Thato Fox. Love you lots.

Lilita Hellen: Looking beautiful as always just checked them out that shipping fee is the pits

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sbahle khay: Hair love you Mrs Fox

Nwabisa Shiya: How come they have such a hefty shipping price on Aliexpress??? I like the hair.

Flo: Yay...Hair Wednesday:)

T GWAI: Love love love Hair Wednesday!!! Thato ke kopa thuso. I try to support local businesses and friends and I buy their hair. A few months in it tangles, it frizzes, ke disaster! How do I inspect hair? What do I look for? Again love love love you!!

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Marcia Mgidi: she's back hair Wednesday Lot of love Thato

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Gomo M.: I feel like rocking this hair for my matric dance, it's just that I am not good with hair I mean.. I don't even own one.. What do yall think?

Michelle M: Thato you are beautiful ma'am. And I need to get a white eyeliner cos I just dig it..

Phindile Hadebe: Hair Wednesday. Welcome back Mrs

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