Easy Super Natural Middle Part Wig Install For Beginners | Elastic Band/Fake Scalp Method

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Hey guys, it's me I'm back again with another video. You already know. Ok, so in this video, I'm gon na be giving you guys all the secrets that you need to slay a closer middle part wig. So this is just some hair head around the house. I forgot something: raggedy we're gon na be using a dome cap. This is not the best one. This is the fabric, one, some elastic bands, a closure. My client actually um gave me so I wanted to use this just to show you guys you can slay a me front, so this is gon na work with even the cheapest of the cheapest some sharpies to do your guylines and then you're gon na need, like A mannequin head or awake, I will block or whatever you want to do. Okay, you guys. So, let's just get started. This is not really gon na, be a tutorial. I'M just gon na show you guys what I'm doing at this point only because I feel like sewing machine wigs, it's really in-depth and if you got one of those - and I will definitely make videos about that but anywhere so I brought you guys. So what we're doing right here is we're mapping out our closure, where our clothes are gon na lay cuz we're gon na. Do our awake mapping on the cab and again, if you guys, want more in-depth videos about how I'm making my wigs with the sewing machine comment below look at that mapping. I love it. Okay, you guys. So with my hair, I had a lot of, like short tracks, doubles all over the place, so we're gon na rectify that and we're gon na throw these trunks together, we're gon na double them, so they can be flat. When I can and again I use a sewing machine, look at that construction, jockey, Megan's hat, you know why jockeys have it. That'S not me! Look at that. Oh I just love it. Alright, let's get back to making the wig. So, as you guys know, I make all my own wings now exclusively through a sewing machine. I also sell wigs. If you guys want to send me your hair, I will construct it for a hundred dollars again, if you're interested in that little deal. I'M doing that for the full month of June then definitely I'll leave my email down below. So I can ship you guys your wigs, so you got some slate right with me and just right here, I'm showing a construction. You guys look at that stitching. Just look! Look at that, you know what just look at it. I just love it so much. I do not do the UM zigzag stitching, that's not my technique. I do an invisible single stitch and I'll double it. Look how flat that is you guys? I cannot tell me that wick is not slave anywhere, so, let's move on to the middle part, I'm actually gon na use some foam, some wrap lotion or whatever you want to use. You basically want to put that on your clothes just to section and get yeah middle part straight as straight as possible. If you want and as you guys can see, none of these knots, of least on this closure, like I just wanted to. I wanted this to be really simple for you guys all my beginners out there, if you just practice and if you just start in you, can use the guy from the wig block. So just get your part in the middle straight. If you want, if you need to so once we're done partner, we're gon na plot a game, it's not plucking, for you guys, I'm just showing y'all the secrets that you need to do to slay. This is fun. So, look how good that looks so we're gon na take our pack home and we're gon na get that frontal. I'M at that closure as far as possible. I'M sorry guys. Y'All know I suck at voiceovers yeah, yes hair, and this just goes to show you you guys, even if you have hair laying around don't just throw it out, you can actually reuse it and revamp it and revive it. Look how good that looks. You cannot get on me and you guys look how flat this wig. It look look how flat that is. No bumps! No lumps perfect construction, a wig! That'S gon na last, you three four years max even longer than that. Look at that shine, huh! Alright! So now you want to add your combs or your adjustable straps. So now this is essential to get your weight secured and make it glueless, for it sit for it's a late as flat as possible. So right here, I'm just sewing in my elastic band and adding my clips and I'll show that in the next coming up, also you guys, if you're not gon na bleach or not like me, then you definitely want to take foundation. This is just my skin tone and just draw a straight line on top, and you can also do this underneath and also over the white cap, underneath your blade just to create like a scalp illusion, and also this foundation is gon na. Have those knobs at the fact that we didn't bleach it's gon na, really camouflage, that's like how straight that is, so this is the way this is a few days later. You guys, I actually watch the week again, and this is just me showing it. So you guys can see I added my combs on the side, my elastic band and also we have a comb in the back. That'S all you guys need for a flawless middle parts. Lay closure - and this also works on a frontal as well and as you guys can see. I marked my way cap where I'm gon na tap the front at domani brake spritzes, so raggedy y'all over to no wig braids are still messy but whatever - and you guys you just want to take your adjustable - strap place that on the bottom of your braids, then You wanna take your wig home and place it at the bottom of that band. Just so, you know secure, and it's not going anywhere now we're gon na move up to the top and you're just gon na adjust accordingly. So me, I'm just gon na line up this part with the part that we already made in my wig cap, as you guys can see with my foundation line everything I'll make sure everything is seamless and nice and neat, and then you just want to put your Combs and on the side, you guys that is a this wig is so secure. It'S not going anywhere, it's not gon na move, and I will show you guys that and see. Second, when us, let's get high one time gon na make nobody fresher. You can do you can do whatever. Yes, you guys. So, as you guys can see, if the wind blows, I don't have to worry about any tracks showing anything and you guys this wig is so secure on my head. I'M gon na do a little hair flip. They are and look at that fire. I'M sorry, you can't tell me nothing. Look at this she's not going nowhere. Sis know where you guys. No glue no got to be. You know, tape, no anything and look how secure this wig is crazy. Again, you guys, if you're interested in getting away constructed by me, then definitely hit my chin. My love I'll put that down below for you guys. So that knows, you guys are gon na be acting me and yeah. I gotcha I gotcha Covered so yeah, I'm just gon na um. Stop this wig just straighten it again like it wasn't a previous clip, and yet you guys that's pretty much it look. How flat look at look look at the flatness and that leftover hair? Oh, I just love it anywhere. All this helps some of you guys, a real, simple, install, no glue real, simple and after the next video I'll see you guys later peace.

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MAshunti Imani: That’s amazing ! I know how to make wigs I just cant master threading my sewing machine

vava vogue: That looks really natural

Torii H.: Definitely would love a sewing machine tutorial ❤ also i was looking to purchase that same sewing machine.... How do like it??

ItzChelsyBre: Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful ❤️

Ms A: Hey, what shade foundation did you use?

Monique Slatton: You still making wigs for subscribers if we send hair ?

Kersha Beaver: Sewing machine tutoria. What's the song playing??

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