Sissss!!! I'M Shook!!! Magic Lace Hd Body Wave Wig || Journey Wig Update

Hey ladies & gents!!! I’m back with another wig review!! I brought this wig from my local beauty supply store but I’ll leave the link down below if you want to purchase this unit! I hope you guys enjoy this video & don’t forget to Like, Comment & Subscribe!!! I’ll see y’all on my next video!!

Video for Journey Wig::

Magic Lace Body Wave Wig::

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Yeah shutting out this is why I don't do videos when my kids is home because they don't want to be quiet like I was watching on. Camera journey has been good to me throughout this journey. Okay, let's just say that still looks good she's still holding me down. You know, I'm saying still doing numbers so yes, this journey is definitely a must have for your weight collections. Ladies, go ahead and grab just find a grabber. I did have to go in and clip some of the hair is that it not a little bit, but I do know is that whenever I wear a lot of jackets with synthetic wigs and curly hair, they not very bad. So, like I say, there's Georgia weather has been unpredictable, so I've been, you know, wearing jackets or whatnot. Let'S go ahead and get started in this video. The brand is a magic lace and it's the HD 360 lace wig the biggest skin melts invisible, HD lace. I'Ve. Never heard of this brand, but I got hurt in my color dy exit / brown. She doesn't really have a name, but it's the HD 360 lace, wig body wave. So, depending on how she look, I might go ahead and give her the name or whatever she looks real pretty on the mannequin head and I was high. She felt soft give her a try, so yeah go ahead and see what nameless HD lace. Wig is all about, so this is her right out of the packaging. She does have baby hair and the party looks really good. I feel like. I won't even have to tweeze this like okay, I might be sure okay, so, let's might even play with it. Let'S go ahead: yeah she's open the party. I did nothing to it but harder. I didn't like it. Nothing like. That'S just how it came. She is right here. I'Ve only experienced a little bit of in, but that's basically because when I cut the lace I always experience in, but after that nothing else and yeah super soft. I love the color. Thank you. I just don't know what it's a name: huh, hey. What should? I name booty girl, city girl, all right city girl. It is so I guess, well, city girl, in this way you trying to get him some lady out sleep. So this is the wig. I actually really like it. Um super soft super super south she's. Definitely a date night way like get cute type of wig. I add my slick stick so that way this could lay down. You know: okay, magic lace, HD invisible skin melt. I hope you guys enjoyed this video, don't forget to Like comment and subscribe and I'll see. Y'All on my next video

Sephardi Shalom: Very pretty. Jesus loves you and your soul is priceless!

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