Under $40 Summer Hair - New Born Free Magic Lace U Shape Lace Wig Mlu04 - Dxy4/Gold

This is a gorgeous wig full of volume and long flowing curls! MLUO4 DXY4/GOLD Color is The Perfect Summer Dark Rooted Blond Glam Hair! :) It is a lace front with XL 4x4 parting and heat safe to 360 degrees. Even when this unit gets old it will look gorgeous straightened too! It is actually a little darker than what is shown. I have inserted a picture in my review to show the actual color of the DXY4/GOLD!

I purchased the unit on Samsbeauty.com

Here is the link to purchase. http://www.samsbeauty.com/service/New-...

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Hello, I'm coming to you today with a quick review on the magic lacy, u-shaped, lace, wig, and it has a hand-tied lace, closure extra-large, four by four lace, part which I will insert the video for it is iron, safe or heat, safe up to 360 Fahrenheit, and This is the mlu, Oh formidable, magic, u-shaped, lace, wig of four and it's in the color DUI x4 gold. Alright. Now, when I saw this on the line that didn't catch my attention, the way it looks on her head, it looks sort of like damn like looks just like this okay, but when I went into a beauty, supply actually saw it on the mannequin and what drew Me to it was because it was long, it was full look. You know very glamorous, look, that's my kind of hair and the ones I saw in the store it was in a violent and a purple, and since I had the LV, which is curled very similar to this in purple, I didn't want to get another coupling unit. So I was like don't try to go, it was a. It was like a blonde and then there was a gold and it was my okay. I don't want the platinum blonde, let's try to go and even though it's lights actually a little darker than what it's appearing on camera and I was excited about the X, my open the package to be. But this is a gorgeous unit and it is about 24 inches long and in the back she does come to my waist. So it's it's a lot of hair now I did not brush me, shoot it out, because I did. I can take one on this video. I was just trying to act up, but you know I am rolling on the one and two and three and four we just won't keep going, but it is a gorgeous unit. I probably will just wear her like clip like this, although you do have all this party space for that natural heat part up here. I will probably just wear her flip because she she just has these nice song malicious nice summer, glam, hair so yeah. She doesn't have a soul sure eat up bunnies in the front, leave just some layers about right here like right here. These do shortest layers in the front correct that there's one that's a little bit shorter right there, but they're pretty long so, and I like her. Just like this, I'm not a big, you know full bangs person. I take this to the side. Yeah she's just she's gorgeous just like this, and this is my first four and gold and I might go around the edge a little bit more, the black sharpie, but I might just leave it like that because it doesn't look too bad. I just did a little bit of finger coming like this. I didn't brush or anything. This unit is full like this straight off the map pack and I wanted to rush and get this one up is because I didn't see another one on YouTube for this unit. I didn't see another review on this color because you know they make the MLC 174 and the y59 everything and I was looking color and I couldn't find this color. So I was like okay I'll take a chance, so y'all know about me. I love to explore different colors, so yeah she's a gorgeous gorgeous unit, and this is probably I mean I'll, probably just flip her over all right. Thank you for watching stay tuned for some more week. Reviews I'm really excited. Now. We already shown you my box right after this of my Sam's beauty, haul that included this unit. All right. Thank you for watching, don't forget to subscribe! Okay, Here I am showing you the 4x4 parting space, and it does continue from the lace on the front of the of the wig, and here is a view from the top. It is a very, very natural looking and you can basically part it anywhere in that area, left or right, side or middle part, see it's a great part. You don't have to tweeze it or anything. You just can part it, and it looks very, very natural. There'S another view of it and see: it is a very big area that allows you to move your part to either side of the wig. Here is one comb in the back of the wig and you have your your adjustable straps on each side to adjust the wig as well and around front here. You have two combs on this side each side of the 4x4 parting space, so it is well constructed. Thank you for watching, don't forget to hit subscribe.

Mahogany Kiara: I love that color on you

Aya_All_Day: omg you look so good in blonde Carolyn, I'm definitely going to pick this unit up

Kelceé McCloud: I love this unit on you!! I know you said it's more of a summer wig, but I want her for my birthday this month

Stephanie Kirsh: Beautiful wig & it looks good on U. I will be purchasing it.

the recessionista: omg! this is beautiful!

Allthingsbeauty101: this color and style is gorgeous on you!

FitFierce Fab: love it.....gonna pick this up

MissSupreme Reviews: Ooh she looks great on you love! Magic lace has awesome colors on the low> Lol

PrincessCaress Sophisticated Styles: Just lovely! Blondes have more fun!

BodiedBykeira: Ohhhhhh myyyy gwadddddddd I love ittttttttttttttt ❤️❤️❤️

Nikki Laniece: Pretty!

Ms Slayton: I've been trying to find this wig in Gold for the longest. Do you know where I could find the Gold color?

Simply Windy:

Thick2013: Cute!

Tan Mack: You betta werk!!!☺

WigLifeWorld: You look hotttttt in blondes!

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