All Scalp Baby! || Flawless Braids In Minutes || New! 4 X 5 Hd 28 Inch Feed In Braids

Hmmm is she worth the coins????? I had my doubts... $100 well spent?? No doubt this gave me FLAWLESS scalp in MINUTES but is it a slay? These 28 Inch Feed In Braids had me feeling Summer Time Fine and Poppin.

Welcome back as we take a look at this NEW unit by Sensationnel! This an 4 x 5 HD Lace Frontal Feed In 28' Braided wig and is part of their Cloud 9 What Lace.

This Feed In 28 inch braided unit has two combs in the front with an elastic band sewn in to the cap construction. The 4 x 5 synthetic frontal is available for purchase at wig outlets online.





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00:00 || Intro

01:00 || Unit Specs

01:36 || Braids CloseUp

01:50 || Cap Construction

02:13 || Mannequin Time

02:24 || 4x5 Frontal

02:36 || Cutting The Lace

02:52 || AHT AHT Watch Time Matters

03:15 || Cap Fit

03:46 || SpongeBob SquareHead

05:08 || Before The Glam

05:22 || Plop n Go

06:07 || Biggest Con

07:42 || Hot Water Set?

08:11 || Texture, No ITCH!

09:54 || My Extra Corny Self

10:00 || Thank Yous IN YO FACE!


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Lord, i look crazy as hell with this smile, but here we are welcome back to the channel. Ladies, it's wigs the waist length of me glenn before we get started, make sure you do smash that subscribe button and, of course, let's chat in the comments down below today. We are reviewing the new braided unit by sensational baby, so buckle up and, as always, if you are interested in purchasing direct link, will be in the description box down below a hundred of them. Thanks girl, a hundred of them coins out your pocket. Welcome back to the channel, it's your girl, weekly and let's get right in to this review. Sis cause baby this unit right here, yeah. We don't have to get real detailed on this review. This is part of their cloud line, swiss lace, wig collection. This is a 100 hand, braided lace, wig and a 100 premium high heat fiber, there's no real name for this unit, but i do have it in the style center part feed in 28 inch in the color one people and she does have a 4x4 lace parting And, of course, she comes with baby hair. Oh okay sensational. We about to see what you can do, woo, okay sensational. I see what you did there with the braids boo. They do look like they are the same size and, of course they taper off. These are not braided down all the way, as i did mention they do have a hot water set and, of course, baby scalp scalp baby. Yes, we are already serving, and it's not even on my head. I do have two comes in the front one in the back with adjustable straps and then, as i did mention, this is a four by five lace: frontal unit bam, baby straight out the pack, no bells and whistles nothing fancy done to this unit. You can see that the top does have a little bit of a square action going on sensational. Now you will see that the top of this unit - you basically have the 4x5 section parted off, and that is the only part that is braided on to the lace. Frontal, the rest is braided onto the cap, avoid planet of the apes action at all costs. If you can definitely invest in a mannequin head, baby, hairs or edges, as i like to call them - are very subtle on this unit that that watch time matter says pay attention. So, with the unit on my head um, i tried two different wig caps and i ended up going with the darker skinned one. It just made the brace pop just just thread them out. You know you don't want a spotlight on your scalp um, so i'm going in with the got to be gel out of the black bottle and of course i will be following up with the freeze spray. Now the cap fit on here was actually very snug. There is an elastic band in the back, so it definitely gives you a secure fit now. This part is definitely optional. If you do decide, go ahead, cut off all the baby hairs. However, for me i will be keeping them. Nice, subtle and wispy baby now see. This is where a lot of y'all mess up. You click off the video you're gon na, buy this wig and then you're gon na be walking around looking like spongebob square head and then you're gon na wonder why sis so keep watching. So for whatever reason, i could not find my mousse. So i'm going in with some hot water and the freeze spray i'm going to spray the top of the unit and also underneath just so. I can control tell me now if you've got a regular little scarf, laying around definitely dust it off and use it. For this part, because you will possibly melt your scarf, so i did have my blow dryer set on high heat and apply the directly to the scarf with these braids molded down. Now i do have one major con that i'll talk about at the end of this video but the best part baby. Once you have gone through all that styling, you are set, nobody, we want square head. You know that is exactly what you get with this unit. When you take it straight out of the pack, so i think that is like my biggest con with this unit. Although we have 4x5 parting space, you really need like a 13 by 6 and the braids actually have to be braided down on the sides. As you ladies saw, they do have one layer of feed in braids and then the rest are braided onto a cap, and that is what gives this unit a lot of bulk baby. You will have to definitely put in some work put in some heat to get this to lay flat. I couldn't find my moose for whatever reason, so i did what had to be done and i think it came out. Okay, boo, your girl's got a big noggin um, i'm conehead city over here no lie. I seriously have a cone-shaped head: it was birth, 1981 long story, another story so yeah. So you know you really have to tread lightly and you have to take your time style. This right or it will throw the whole look off but baby. I think i did pretty damn good, if i do say so, myself, yeah so um other than that. I think it came out really good cat fits nice, very comfortable, uh braids, look pretty much. Even in my opinion, they there's not too much of a difference between the braids uh. It'S not so much kind of look a little raggedy there sensational now. I know they do say that this is a hot water set. However, mine did come like a little on the frizzy side, especially with the braids i'm looking at them. Now you can't see it, but i can see it so you can definitely go through with your hot oils, your hot water, whatever you want to do, spruce it up. If you need to - and i must say i wasn't even gon na mention this - because i forgot - but these braids don't itch at all like - i have maybe like a little irritation right here, but these are probably like the softest coarsest braids that i have had. If that makes sense, i've done quite a few braided units on this channel and they tend to always give me irritation at the neck, and this one is actually resting. Comfortably like this is a very comfortably lightweight braided units. So i'm gon na give you a little bougie clap sensational. You did that boo. So if you are interested in checking out the information for mrsa chanel feed in 28 inch braided wig, i will have a direct link in the description box down below. Thank you. So much, ladies for tuning, in to this review, let's chat it up summer's coming. I know some of us want the shorty doo-wops. Some of us want to slang the braids baby, so you let me know what you think of this unit. We are on the road to a 100k bull. I don't know how many times imma say this, but i would love to hit that by june 1st 2022. So, let's get it. How do we do that drop a comment? Give this video a thumbs up and, of course, subscribe to the channel share the video with your family and friends, and your friend of me down a straight bow. Take care of yourself, ladies stay tuned for the youtube shout outs and, as always, keep waiting with confidence and i'll talk to you all in the next one. That was good, that's good! That was good. That was good. That was good that that that that that that was good bam in your face. So here i am, i'm doing it after this review boom. So, thank you so much to all of you for tuning in commenting liking, subscribing i'm looking at the last video as i am talking so big. Thank you diane november songbird. I really love that youtube name. That'S so pretty uh love, seeing your fur baby always near his mommy. Yes, my baby, her rosie. Next to my kid, she is definitely my heart, magical blackness. Of course, big. Thank you, big hugs, kisses bougie, kisses to you. If you aren't familiar with her, she does have a youtube channel, so definitely check her out elena roseanne. I believe you might be new-ish kind of to the channel, but i have seen you comment a lot, so i definitely appreciate it very very much. Why would small always a pleasure? She is definitely like a day one. She has been rocking with my crazy corny self for a minute, akisha merritt. Thank you so much tan mac, yo, keisha merritt. Again michelle alexander pytg, patrice moore. I mean the list just goes on and on and on so thank you so much, ladies for tuning in and rocking with me. It definitely does not go unnoticed. So with that being said, this is already in four minutes. I will talk to you all in the next one. Take care you

Meekah Lynne: Welcome back ladies! Hmmmm $100 Well Spent?? That was my thought adding this one to the cart. Sooooo let me know down below, is she a co or flop? I enjoy reading all your comments and appreciate all the support. :-) Take care of yourselves ladies and keep putting yourself first. Dont forget to Share and Subscribe. We are inching closer and closer to #RoadToAHunnitK!

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