Lwigs Wig Review & Install

Hey loves! I know a couple people asked for me to do an install video and I thought I’d share me going to the shop to get it done! I will do an at home version later this month so stay tuned and I hope you all enjoy

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What'S up y'all so today, I'm gon na be doing a wig review and this wig is from Elle wigs. It came in the mail, maybe like two days ago, not two days ago, scratch that it came in the mail. I think Saturday and I didn't have a chance to like try it on or anything then, but I did open it up and it came in this box and it came with like this mask. I guess because I got it on following time right to comb to wig caps and an elastic band to put on the back. The wig is a pre colored wig and it is an 18 inch. I believe so. I'M gon na just go ahead and put it on so this is the wig straight out of the box. It'S a blonde wig and it has the black roots. It'S three plugs and it looks a little brassy to me. So you know, of course, I'm going to tone it. I'M not myself going to do any plucking or anything to it, because I'm gon na actually get it installed in my head. I am gon na tone it with Tamila t27 and p15. Usually I told him what T well at T 18, but I don't want it as ashy as my other blonde wig that I have just because I don't want to have them looking too similar, even though it is a bob wig but yeah so um, I'm going To show you guys how I tell my wigs, so I'm just giving those to toners and when you do toner you're gon na do one part toner two part developer and typically I use 20 volume developer or 30 volume developer and you just mix them in and You'Re just going to put it on, I cover the whole head and let it sit for about 20 to 30 minutes until you get this like purpley darkish color on the hair, with the tea Welland developer on it, you'll see how the video right here, I'm just Washing out the developer and I'm gon na use my shimmer light shampoo. It is like a toning purplish shampoo. It gets rid of the brassiness as well, and I'm gon na use my purple conditioner as well. You

Lele Alobam: Slightly off topic but where did you get glasses from? They are so cute!

audrey gara: trash wig company

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