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Length:20 in


13x6 *New* Clear Lace & Clean Hairline

New *Clear Lace* & *Clean Hairline*

*Clear Lace* is Melting with Your Skin.

Clear & Transparent for Real!

*Clean Hairline* is Same as Our Own Hairline

Natural Hairline Transition


*New* CLEAR LACE is real clear lace, it’s undetectable on your head.

*New* CLEAN HAIRLINE is much more natural than regular pre-plucked hairline, we customized this natural hairline to make it melt skin much perfectly.


More Texture Clear Lace & Clean Hairline Lace Wig:







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Thank You Xrsbeauty for sending me this wig to review.

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Hey guys welcome to my channel so today i have a of course new unit for you guys from xrs beauty. This is one of their clear lace units that i think i've raved about the last half of 2021, the last half of the year. I have been so in love with these units if you have not gotten one, if you haven't heard about them. Stay here watch this video, but the lace on these units impeccable. So the unit that i'm wearing, i will put all the information down below in the description box, but it's their clear lace, unit, straight 200 density in 20 or 22 inches. I can't remember, but of course it is linked below. I also want to give you a quick visualization, just a quick demo, with clear lace, brown, lace and transparent lace. That'S coming up soon, but this is actually my second time recording this video, because my wig cap was showing in my first video, so i'm gon na start. This video probably not looking like this, but i tried to do it as close as possible um, because i already cut the lace off and all that good stuff, but i just could not put that video up, because this lace, when i tell you this lace, is So clear, it's the reason why it's called clear lace. I was like what the heck i couldn't see it like at my angle, but on camera. When i finally finished, i don't really check my. I don't check my videos until i'm finished with them. I was like dang yeah. No, you can see right through that wig because the lace is impeccable, so anyways just wanted to put that out there. You guys this clear lace, i am almost 100 sure, should go with every skin tone. The hair has also been washed. So i've already worn this wig three times you guys in less than a week, i've washed it um deep conditioned all that stuff. It feels good. The hair feels amazing. This is why they were one of my top units and top companies for 20 21. So if you have not watched that video that i mentioned them in my top hairstyles, i did everything from wigs to brace or whatever. I think i'm going to insert the video right here. I'Ll also put it down in the description box, but it just goes over. My favorite protective styles other than that you guys it is obvious. I am in love with this unit. So let me stop talking. Let me stop blobbing, let's go ahead and get right into the tutorial, all right, you guys so before we get into this unit, quick demo on all three laces, so the first one i'm going to lay down using my normal um hairspray is the clear lace from Xrs, this is going to be your transparent lace and then the last is going to be brown lace and honestly, you can already see the clear winner when it comes to just being undetectable on the skin is going to be the top on the clear lace. So i just wanted you guys to see them all side by side. The clear you don't have to do anything with the transparent is not bad at all. You just have to add a little bit foundation and then the brown is regular old brown lace. Getting into this unit, you guys so this unit is actually 20 inches, um straight texture, but this is where xrs shines, their clear lace and their clean hairline is so natural. You don't have to do anything with it. They'Ve already done the hard work with plucking the hairline, for you bleaching the knots. That'S really like the most time-consuming thing when it comes to um wigs and that's why i have really been i've really been liking, partnering with them um and showing you guys. These new units that i have discovered in this new company that i've discovered this year as well. So this is a part of the older um video that i told you guys that i just could not put out, but i wanted you to see the hairline. I want you to just see the wig before i ended up cutting the lace off. I do what i normally do here, but you can clearly see the wig cap straight through because i was using a different wig cap. This color, the brown color, is the one i typically use actually not. Typically, i always use whenever i'm doing um this particular company, because that lace, just it just, is impeccable. I keep saying impeccable. Oh my gosh, it's just really good. You guys - and it shows straight through so another thing that i am doing - is doing a side part you guys. I have not done a side part in like seven or eight months. I just did not think they were looking good on me. So i haven't done one in so long, but i was like you know what i'm about to end the year with a side, part video and that's what i'm doing, and i don't know why i have not been doing it because i love the turnout with this Unit so just using my normal bed head of tg hairspray and getting this unit all nice and melted all right, you guys. So at this point i was feeling so much better. I was like okay. This is gon na turn out really good um. I'M cutting a little bit more of my hairline, like my baby hairs, even though i've already cut them just kind of adding a little like a few more pieces to them like i normally do and then using my little eyebrow razor and my design essentials, um foam That i always use, and just gon na kind of do a few sweep swoops here and there to get these edges nice and laid another thing with this unit like with having this kind of unit. That'S already pre-plugged gives you a really natural, hairline, um and pre-bleached. Already is that doing this is optional. If you don't like a lot of baby hairs, if you don't like all those swoops and stuff, you really don't have to do it. I kind of wish i had the other video to show you guys. This unit looks super natural as well, without adding anything additional. So if you're just not into the swoops and the baby hair, you will still be good and it will still look super natural also. One other thing is, if you are into like doing bald caps, i've. Never done a bald cap on my channel, you guys, you guys know i like to wear my natural hair out and mini twists or just wear it out, like i like to go from wigs to my natural hair, to whatever i don't even sleep in my unit. So i take them off every single night, so i just have like to have the option of wearing different hairstyles, but if you do the bobcat method, this wig is absolutely perfect for that it kind of just makes me want to try it. To be honest with you guys, i can't even believe i'm saying that, but this is a great unit to do um the ball cap method with so after i got my edges late. This is how we are looking you guys, i'm just gon na use my good old brush. I found this cantu brush at target um, it's really nice. It'S probably one of my most favorite paddle brushes. I don't know you guys it's something about it. The bristles on there it's just it's a really good brush. So if you see this cantu at target, i highly advise you pick it up, anyways, just putting that out there. So next, i'm just gon na grab my um croc flat iron and just gon na flat iron, this hair, because it is freshly washed and i really wanted it to be sleek. So i took kind of not super tiny sections, because i don't have the patience for that. I never do but kind of like sections like you see that i'm doing it just doing the chase method and getting this hair kind of as straight as possible. I didn't really want to use too much heat. I don't like to use a whole bunch of heat in my units because i feel like just beating them down with a lot of heat is just unnecessary and you just you know you want to do whatever you can possibly do to increase the longevity of your Wig, so i try not to use too much heat um with them, but just flat ironing it as best as i can, and then i'm going to take my wax stick and really get to the roots, especially around the part um, because i wanted. I didn't really want a big swoop right here, but i really wanted this back part to be as flat as possible and then the side part to be nice and flat as well. So just taking my tg wax stick going in between um close to the scalp. As possible, then gon na take my hot comb that y'all realize i've had this hot comb for almost four years now, and it's still going strong this one, the best 20 i've ever spent but anyways just taking my hot comb and running that through making sure i Get as close to the scalp as possible without burning myself, all right, you guys so that's pretty much. It just gon na add a little bit of hairspray to the top just to tame those flyaways and then a little bit of shine spray on this unit and define my part a little bit more and add some powder to the hairline. And that is it. For this look, so i hope you enjoyed it. I hope you have enjoyed all my wig videos of 2021. Don'T forget to check out the description box for all details. Thank you guys so much for watching happy holidays to you, and i will talk to you guys in my next video bye.

CAN YOU GUESS MY NEW USERNAME?: OMG - it seerms like so much work being a female. Yall are some true artists

Deva19xx Dee Jones: This unit is so pretty. I seen reviews on the clear lace units I would love to try one for myself

TherealBlackSwan: I ordered this wig and it’s the worst wig I own.The lace will not stay down for nothing .I own 8 other wigs from other wig companies and custom design wigs and NEVER had this problem.

Dori B.: Hi love this wig looks so nice on you. You have beautiful skin. I see no glue is needed only spray to melt it nice because I don't like glue at all!!!

MSETGL: I love this wig!

Lady Rose: Beautiful! It looks nice on you!

Asha KC4Life: Hi Jai Marii, that hair plus how you styled it on you is really pretty!

Pyt G: This is so gorgeous!! Tfs

Maxine Jones: Love it!!

Tyfanny Turner: Its beautiful ❤

Marissa Robillard: I want to try one of the clear lace wigs but I just hear so much about the wigs that are ordered don’t have the same quality

Melisia Bowman: Gorgeous! Did I hear you say side parts don't look good on you???? I strongly are slaying that unit with the side part!!!

Kaz: I love this one

JustBeingChon: Love this!!!!!!!

Tamarra CS: I can use this one for sure! That hairline is chefs kiss

Shari Ferguson: Will this wig fit decent on a small head? 21 inch in circumference

BrownBeatss: Hi Hun, another winner. I love this

SIMPLY MARVELOUS 4: Beautiful sis

Fabiola Mayor: Wow! You did that

Shá Johnson: Looks good

d b:

Ronda S: Guurrll you betta teach! Btw you look beautiful

Esther Sowell: I was going to order a clear lace unit the lady's comment the lace will not lay down not now deleting app

R. Boyd: How do you say your name?? I clicked on several videos to hear you say your name and it’s a no name video.

GGirll22: The music is nice

dboythagr8: We out here. Let’s goooo.

Anshu Jai Singh: Ujli

Cherie Smith: I have long hair. But sadly...many people ask if my hair is real because of great wigs.

Destiny Williams: How do you avoid the cap showing through the lace? A black wig cap?

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