Another Wig Review! | Divatress - Mluh103

hey dreamers! I hope this review helps you make a good decision on whether or not this could be the next unit for you :) what do you guys think!?

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Okay, you guys so this is the new born free magic lace, human hair blend, u-shaped lace, wig M L, u H 103, and I don't think I really got a chance at the end to tell you guys my exact thoughts on it. But this was not my favorite wig only because the wig cap was super super small and by looking at the options here online, they have a lot of colors, but you cannot choose the wig cap size. You can see here, I'm literally struggling to get it on. My head, and even when I did glue it down, it was just super uncomfortable, but I really did like the texture and I like the links of the wig. So above all, I'd probably just give this wig like a 6 or 7 out of 10. You guys can watch and see how I styled it here and see it at the end. It honestly looks very pretty and you can't tell that I was struggling with it, but it just was a little bit uncomfortable. So, thank you so much for deva trusts for sending me this unit and you guys can watch me snatch and slay this and i did wear it for a photo shoot and I absolutely loved how the photo shoot pictures turned out. I can insert some of those and yeah, so you guys enjoy the rest of the video and I'll see you in my next one bye. Let'S see how this wig looks and also is there anything I can do: okay, okay, you guys so really quickly. This is the magic you shape: lace, premium, hair color for it's kind of like got a brown tint to it. Super soft says the hand-tied lace, closure, silk, based lace, part 4x4, and you guys are gon na see here in a couple of minutes. This wig cap is like really small, like The Wiggles doesn't fit on my head a little bit like I'm making it work, but the wig cap could definitely be bigger this this this past batch of diva tres, wigs that I chose, I have not been very impressive And I'm not saying that because I screwed up the baby hair, so I'm just saying that in real life in general, so I'm gon na get myself a fake mole. No um yeah this week is super soft. It'S really really pretty! You could do a lot with it. I feel, like only the only downside is I really feel like the UH. The wig cap is really small other than that. I really really like this. I'M gon na show you guys some takes. You guys can see how I put it on I'll. Take you guys on tell me I have to go. I have to hurry I'm down to ten minutes, so

neko hime: This is gorgeous on you! Very cute

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