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I’m Wearing: Straight 13*6 HD lace wig 28inch 180% density

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What'S up my beautiful people, it's your fave back with another wig review, and this wig is from beauty forever. So she is a 28 inch lace front unit and she is hd lace because i only do the best and what i did was i styled her. I curled her off camera, but since i do that style so much, i'm like i wanted to wear my hair like this for a day and i'm like after this i'm going to switch it up. So that's why the hair is already curled, but i am going to show you this cute fun, hairstyle and it's and how i got the look um right after i show you the install process. As you can see, the hairline is extremely natural, even with no baby hairs. Hd lace definitely is fire. So that's how i wore her for like a little brunch date, and this was the day after and i'm like yeah, let's switch it up, so i decided to part the front out from the back, because i wanted to do two ponytails, so we're gon na split Her like such and we're gon na put the ponytail. I mean the back and a ponytail to keep that out of the way and then, after that, you just want to start to put the top part into two ponytails having trouble with getting your ponytails laid. Always always always use a hot comb, and even some spritz, if you need to that, i did for my buns - was kind of like a bantu knot thing so just twist and wrap it around. Instead of keeping the bag curled, i decided to use my new waiver that i got from ulta she's from bed head and she was only about 35 bucks. So if you wanted to pick that up also, you can check your local ulta store if not try, target but um. I find that this machine works a lot better when you spray the hair down with either spritz or got to be free spray. First um, it just gives a more defined look and i feel, like that, looks a lot better with the smaller waves. So i just basically did that for the back portion, because i wanted it, i feel like it gave it a fun look kind of like spice girls. It was literally the cutest style i've had in a while. So if you want to try this out everything on this wig and i'm even going to link the hot tool that i used down below, please please please, if you try this style, i would love to see it so tag me on instagram. Follow me all of that at kiamani, kh euma. Thank you so much for watching and i'll catch you in my next one

ColderThanWinter: This looks so good

Ruby Zale: Love it! ❤️

keepingupwithdomii: yesssssss it’s the growth on the frontals for me girllll! Yessss

Pretty Killa: Can I please get my hair done u KILLIN it QUEEN

Shakasa Oliver: How long does the yellow got2b glued last ?

Beauty Forever Hair: Slay!!!!

Kimberly Kyles: ❤️❤️❤️

n. xo: omg yes

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