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Foreign hi guys welcome back to my youtube channel. It'S your girl, minnie and i'm back with another youtube video. Today'S video is sponsored by beauty forever, hey guys. I absolutely love this in store. I ate period. I am wearing a 22 inch 13x4 lace front to wig. It is a honey blonde in color. I really love it. It'S so beautiful. It'S giving everything it's supposed to give. If you'd like to see how i achieved this beautiful, beautiful, look, melted if you'd like to see how i achieved this beautiful, keep on watching and if you'd like to purchase this hair, you can just click the link in my description and follow the steps without any Further ado, guys, let's get into the video - please don't forget to like comment and subscribe to my youtube channel for more amazing videos. I know this right period, okay, guys so inside this box i got i got goodies. I got goodies got this wig cap got this beautiful bag that has accessories. You know the vibes. Okay, they gave me these beautiful 3d lashes. I really love them, they are so pretty. Is it one lash? Oh, it's too delicious the other one is like hidden on the side. Then there's two lashes: they give these hair clips. You guys they are pink in color period. What you know about that? I think i'm gon na use these hair clips now, because this wig is very long. Oh, it's so pretty it's so beautiful! Oh my days, all my days do so now that i've opened my middle part. I'M going to use my hot comb to like make it more visible, okay guys! So now, i'm going to i just clip this hair, but i can feel that this wig is very long and it's very strong. It has so much volume. So it's just gon na fall off, so i'll. Try by all means to glue this wig down before anything bad happens and i'll be using my hair dryer. This process is very important. Hence i do it in sections. Do i'm going to put my elastic band? Okay? So when i wait for this wig to for the wig to melt because got to be glued, you have to like apply it a lot of times like not once not twice but a lot. So while i wait for it to like melt, i'm going to straighten my hair, no, not straight, and i'm going to remove like this - is what i'm applying is um heat a heat defense spray, because i'm now going to go in and i can't see that's better. So i'm going to go in with my hot comb, make sure you're going to hot comb. My hair in sections got that trick from tik tok that when you hot comb, your wig in sections and it gives it a more like flat. Looking look do so now. I'M going to remove this elastic band. I just know that this hair is melted. So now that i've removed my elastic band, i'm going to go on and um i'm going to go on and cut the lace. But before i do that, i'm going to use my rubbing alcohol just sort of like wipe the areas where i feel like there could have been excess glue. Guys do do do foreign bye do so foreign. This is the final look guys. I straightened the hair off camera because i saw that it was going to take a lot of time. However, i love this hair. I opened the middle part. I really love it. It'S giving everything it's supposed to give period so yeah. Now we are gon na. Do the final reveal guys and see what's going in with this hair, but i know that i ate. I know that i ate period. I love it, absolutely love it. It'S so beautiful. This is what it looks like guys. Please tell me how i did in the comment section down below out of 10, because i know that i ate period, it's so beautiful. It'S giving scalp it's giving everything it's supposed to give. I really love this install. This is a 22 inch guys, it's so pretty. I love it. I'M obsessed period bye,

Lihle Semane: Great content minnie, it's the finessed wig for me! It's the glowing skin for me! It's for the overall glow up for me!!!

Sinenhlanhla Mkhaliphi: This light blonde is so beautiful

Thandile Majola: It looks so good in you❤

Zaza❤❤: So pretty ❤

Amahle Hlophe: This wig is giving on you!

Nokulunga Langa: Edges are always perfect. Period!!!!!

Life With Likhiwe: love it

Nokulunga Langa: Wooow!❤

Sinenhlanhla Mkhaliphi: And we don't skip Ads this side chile!

Anna Sema: Hy minnie m new but i really love r video u giving me that thing like yeah ❤️‍❤️‍

Onke Sikosana: You really ate

Thando Mazibuko: When are we getting a vlog??because its been wigs after wigs

Thato Rampaku:

Amahle Hlophe: Kungathi yayenzelwe wena<3.

Pweedy Tashy: You definitely ate sis

Princess Dlamini: Ayisak faneli nkosiyam

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