Girls, You Need This Super Pretty Highlight Lace Part Wig For Winter Ft. Beauty Forever Hair

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I’m Using : Pre-colored LT430 Straight lace part Wig 24inch 150% Density

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Hey guys welcome back to my channel, it's jaylen michelle and in today's video i am back with another wig install tutorial, and this one is in collaboration with beauty, forever hair, and this time i am playing around with some color again. So if you guys have not already subscribed to my channel, go ahead hit the subscribe button turn on my post notifications, so you are aware of when i post and let's just get into it, so of course beauty forever, hair, um and let's just get into what's In this packaging, so all the brands are starting to include their little edge. Scarves, which i feel like is really nice, because you need to lay your lace, you need to lay your edges super helpful. It also includes some wig caps and then the actual hair. Okay guys, so this is actually their pre-colored lt, 430 straight lace, part wig, 24, inches and 150 density. So that's what this hair is so in case you're wondering what the hair color is: that's what it is and with these units now they are starting to use less lace, because there is a lace shortage, so this basically just makes it easier to apply the wigs. Now because you don't have to cut all around like we used to have to do it's just this little tab of hair, and you just cut that and then of course it has the comb attachments in it and then yeah um, the scalp looks really good. It looks kind of like that fake scalp, um, the hair, looks gorgeous it's a very different color for me, so i wanted to just try something new um, it's kind of like a blonde. Like a blondish brownish orange. It has a lot of like fall colors going on, so this is the hair um, really soft, from what i'm seeing of the package has a natural sheen to it. So i'm excited: let's just go ahead and put this on um, i'm gon na start with the wig cap first and then yeah, i'm just gon na. Let you guys watch me: do it? I'M not gon na really do too much explaining it's just gon na. Be you watching the tutorial so, let's get to work, okay, so right away the wig um, the actual cap construction fits me really good, like it's comfortable, so yeah. This is different. I feel like this hair will look cute with, like some light curls in it, but this is what it's looking like. This is where it stops on me, i'm five four and a half in case. You need like a reference. This hair actually feels like really thick, like i'm, actually surprised that it feels this thick okay, so for this i'm just using, i just use the got to be glued blasting free spray, um yeah, and then i just put it on like medium heat to help lay It down okay, y'all. I think i do want to do like some light curls in this hair, but i'm not too sure. I think it would be pretty with light curls. So let me see okay, so i just pulled out like two hairs in the front. I'M pretty sure you guys all know how to do that, and i'm just gon na actually put the hair kind of up a little bit. Do like a little half up half down. Look, i think, with colored hair. That will look really pretty. I think i actually might wear this hair out today too, so yeah, i'm just trying to figure out how much up i want. I think that's cute, like a different look. I think it's super cute oops. I think it's so cute. Let me um just took a piece from the backdrop around and then bobby pin it so cute. That'S so cute y'all, it's different! You could leave this hair straight too, but i already have the curling wand on so i might as well. So i never curl here for you guys. So let me do something different. Oh it's! So pretty i'm just doing like some quick curls, like some lazy curls. I got this curl one from ross like over six years ago. This unit is so gorgeous you guys. You definitely got ta check out beauty forever here, like they have such good quality hair super cute, and this is just so different, like i feel like it, makes the perfect little fall hair. I feel like this hair will be even cute on thanksgiving, like just anything like holidays. You just want to pop a color. This hair is so cute that one kind of that curl is kind of ugly. I didn't get that one good. I always do the other side and it can never get the other side good like. I can always get my right side of my hair good when i curl it, but the other side, but this hair easily curls like it easily takes the heat like i'm only leaving it on for like four seconds and then i'm doing it and it's like perfect Somebody'S dog is making so much noise. I'M sorry if you guys hear like somebody's dog just howling, so i just did like some loose curls. This hair is so freaking cute guys you got ta check out be forever here like link is in the description. Hair is so freaking cute. I love wigs like it's like your hair is styled so freaking fast, like you, don't have to really do any work. I already know if my boyfriend saw me with this hair, he get excited. He loves colored hair for some reason, love some color hair on me all right, y'all, here's! The final look super cute, love, love, love how this hair came out super gorgeous unit from beauty forever hair. So if you haven't already check them out, link will be in the description box below i'll. Have all the specs on this hair. Don'T forget to like comment subscribe to my channel. If you haven't already and i'll see you in my next video bye, guys

Finding Peace with Ariel: Thanks for the review and install because I’ve been really nervous to use the got to be glue spray. So now I see how you use it, I will try it out and this hair. The color hair is pretty on you. Oh and what edge control do you use cause I can’t not get my edges to stay down when I wear my headband wig?

Taycurls14-Shanta C: Love this color on you it’s so pretty

King hill: I’m 2 love the look sis it amazing ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Mahirah Shuaib: I’m first!!!

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