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This wig is serving everything I didn't expect that I would be so comfortable rocking this color.

I am loving this candle from dalevana and co., I love the idea of a subscription box for candles, it is just an exciting feeling wondering what scent would be coming next month. See info below.

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Hey guys welcome back to my channel and, as you can see by the title of this video, this is gon na, be a hair review before we jump right into the video. This video is sponsored by dalvana and cook and they are a candle company. You guys these candles are amazing. The vana uncle is a candle company that does subscription, so you subscribe to them and you get candles shipped out. Of course, i will leave the link in the description, so you can head over to the website and check out more about the subscription and all the details as it relates to the different scents and so on, but just a little bit about the candles you do Get a variety of candles and these um candles are clean, paraben, free, no artificial dyes and they're all natural and they're made here in the usa. So you guys i did get mine in my box, but i threw the box out. Of course you know covet we're. Just trying to be on the safe side here, so the candle does come in this little pouch here and how cute is this? I like that it does come with the pout. So, of course, you know for storage purposes, so this is the candle i like how minimalistic the container is. It is a very cute, very simple. The shade that i got is clean linen and it says, and pure the soy candle and it's a 13.5 ounce. Once i took the lid off, you can smell that first scent of linen coming through it is adorable. The scent is amazing, oh my god. It'S strong but not overpowering, but when i tell you this is indeed fresh linen. If i burn this now, i guarantee people will think i'm doing my laundry like you guys. This is amazing. This is the scent is distinct. It sends out dilvana i'll leave their information in the description box, so you guys can head over and check them out. You guys all the information, all the deets will be down below you guys. So, if you're, a candle lover like myself, you'll love them. I am telling you you'll definitely will so you can go ahead and check that out now back to regular programming, so we are here to also review and talk about this unit. That'S from amazon - and you guys you are gon na love this unit as much as i love this unit, let's jump right into the video and, of course, i'll leave all the information for this week as well in the description box. So if you want to purchase it, you can click that link below and go ahead and get it okay. So let's get right into the video you guys as to how i prep and get this wig towards that now. This is from beauty forever here, and it comes in this nice cute little box and of course there they are a amazon vendor. So let's just jump right into what came in the box so voila. So of course we have the hair. So we have the hair and also in the box came um. I believe these are headbands the cap, the cap, the um wig cap that comes in here. Then they were nice enough to send like headbands in here, which i can appreciate these. I absolutely love. So i got one headband very. I love the ombre color with the pink and the purple and on here they just have their logo, which is on the box. So this is very cute, and this will indeed be very handy when you want to get those edges laid. This is the wig you guys and with this one you guys i'm really stepping out of my comfort zone with this one really really stepping out of my comfort zone. So this is, they just give you a little detail of the wig right here and then it did come in a mesh cap. So this is a human hair straight and normally you guys, i would stray away from these colors but, like i was saying so. This is a burger candy, but what i like about it is that it's not uh like you can see streaks of black in within it. So it's not all straight bur candy. You can see that like minimal streets of black, so it does tame it down a little bit, and i believe this is in the event. I think this is 16 and this is 16 of course, 16 inch. And, of course, all the information for the wig will be in my description. Talk about the cap, so, as you can see, it's sewn and the cap does have the combs here common to the side, and it also have the additional strap right here to tighten. It does come with that and it's a closure. It does come with a fake scalp. You don't really have to do anything to it. So it's the scalp, pretty much um is already colored to your texture, to your color and of course, if your scalp is not the shade, you can always tweak it to your suite and it does have the mesh here, which i will be removing so pretty much. I'M gon na put this on my manual head and we're gon na get right into it, so i'm gon na try and give this some loose. Curls baby testing out this iron and i'm gon na be leaving the deets on this in the description. If anyone want to check it out and also you can stay tuned for the review coming soon, so this is like i said this is human here. It feels really soft and nice now i'll see how much it holds the curls. So do okay guys. So i have a fix the wig i'm gon na go ahead and just to style the curls. How i want them. It actually looks nice with my complexion. I'M actually liking it and, like i said normally, i would not go for these colors. So what i'm going to do is i'm just going to use this brush and just to brush the curls so that they form because, like i said, i was looking for the nice wavy look didn't want it too straight, but at the same time i didn't want It too curly, so not too straight, not too curly was my thing, and that is exactly what i got okay guys. So these are exact the exact curls that i was looking for. You know something more wavy, nothing too, in um in depth, nothing to uh define, so these are actual the actual curves i was looking for. I love love, love, love, love, it love! It love it. So you guys again. This is a beauty forever wig from amazon. I will leave all the information in the description box below so you guys could go and check it out if you're feeling um these type of wigs, especially the the color um. I am not sure how many different colors they have in the same type of wig, but i know that um, the quality is really really good. It'S so soft. It took the curls well, it took the heat. Well, it's just easy to to handle and, as you can see, it's just flowing and it feels a light and not too thin - it's not too thick, it's just right, and that is what i absolutely love about it, and i like that, you know it's very playful. Like what are you doing, this color is not gon na, be it for you girl, but i'm absolutely loving this absolutely absolutely loving this color, you guys that is it for this video, like i said, i will leave all the information for the unit in the description Box and also for the iron i was using. I will also leave that in the description box and box and you can stay tuned for the review coming up and, of course, if you haven't seen if you haven't seen my previous video of a husband rate, my wigs, what are you waiting on and over to The previous video you guys and check that out and let me know your thoughts, so you guys thank you for watching and i'll see in the next one.

Kenda's Corner🇹🇹: Color suits you I love how it looks on you and your make up natural look everything just looks beautiful

BelizeanEmpress71: I would like to order, what inch did you get yours in sis?I just saw your review again and you got the 16". I saw another video where a YT'r removed that cloth part, that way it will match her skin tone..I'm a melanated sistah and that cloth would be impossible to match.

Kenda's Corner🇹🇹:

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