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All right, you guys so just a little announcement before we jump into this video. If you guys click the link in my bio and click, the second option, you will see the wigs that i have for sale. I will also be adding more, but here are just a few, if you're interested in buying any of the wigs that you've seen on my channel or that i post then go ahead and check out my instagram hi guys. It'S maya, welcome and welcome back to my channel if you are new, welcome cousin, how are you today i'll be showing you guys this v part wig i'll, be showing you guys how it looks with and without leave out? So, if that's something that you guys want to see, then just go ahead and keep on watching the links to everything is in the description box as well as the discount code, so make sure you guys check it out all right, you guys. So this is the unboxing, so i'm just going to show you guys what comes inside of the box um. First, i got some lashes and so you know just some other goodies, and here is the hair. I don't remember the texture, but whatever i got this because i thought it was going to match with my hair. So what i'm going to do is part my hair down the middle and put it in a ponytail at the back of my head. I guess you could braid your hair, but i don't like to braid my hair under my wigs anymore, so i'm not going to do that. I'M going to do my baby hairs, aka bangs, not the banging. I love my extra baby hairs y'all. I don't know what it is but, and i didn't wash my hair, so let's not talk about it, but anyway this is the wig and it is a v part. As you can see the inside construction, we got clips everywhere, you guys could um. You guys see that it's like oh clips and combs, so what i'm gon na do is put it right over the parts and first i'm going to show you guys how it looks with no leave out, because i saw somebody do this in their video and i Wanted to see how it worked, so what they did was they put their hair in the back or whatever, and they put the clips on to the part, like the very top of the part. I guess to make it look like it's growing out of your scalp um. So this way i did not like i tried to feather, on top of the weft, to try to make it look less wiggy. But you know if i went outside like this, i would look completely crazy, like i don't know how they did it in their video um, but it just wasn't giving. But you know from far away from far away. Maybe we could pass. You know what i'm saying but close up, it's just it's not giving so you know here i tried to make it look like something i tried to put out. You know some antennas to try to put the rest up in a ponytail but yeah it wasn't giving that either so we're gon na go ahead and just try and style it. So what i am going to do is flat iron. What i could um there actually was a lot of hair here and i'm not going to lie. I did get lazy, so the flat iron job wasn't the best. However, what i will say is this: hair did flat iron really well. I know that if i did smaller sections, it would have came out way better, but the only reason that i did flat iron it it wasn't to wear it straight. It was just to kind of tame some of the curls, because i wanted to um. I wanted to add: what's that thing called i wanted to add um. What'S that thing called with the zigzags, i can't think of it right now, crimps, i wanted to add crimps, so i didn't want to do it on top of the already curly hair. So i decided to just straighten it just a little bit not too much just a little bit and you guys see movement, movement, body and movement, so we're going to go ahead and start crimping all right. You guys so i'm feeling very sizzle feeling very much like scissors. This is the finished result when y'all see me turn a little bit too much we're not gon na we're, not gon na talk about the back, because i got lazy so we're just gon na talk about the front. It'S cute, it's a lot of hair. You guys so um. Let me just tell you guys this. I don't remember what density this hair is, but it has to be like 300 and 300. The hair density is so thick, but what i love about this hair is it's also so light. You don't even feel it honestly, i wonder if it would be as sick as it is now when it's wet i've experienced normal shedding because i've been combing. The hair with a rat tail called that stop. I love this hair like i'm feeling like scissors, but we're going to talk about the top so right now i don't have any leave out out. I tried to do it like the videos. I don't know if you guys have seen any bee part videos, but some of the ones that i've seen they didn't have leave out. They kind of like teased the weft a little bit. So i tried to do that and they ended up making the weft look like we just looked a little bit crazy, so i mean you could go outside with it like this and from a distance. You can give her a pass, but then you come face to face with her and it's like you're gon na laugh at me, but i just wanted to show you guys how it looks with no leave out the wig itself is beautiful, like i really feel like Scissor like need you for the old me need you for my sanity. Need you to remind me where i come from. I think i'm gon na try and show you guys how it looks with leave out just so you know give it a more natural looking look. So i went ahead and i parted out the smallest amount of leave out possible, see i need to oil, my scalp, but anyway, two little antennas, okay, i'm gon na put back on the wig. All right, you guys. So this is how it looks with my actual hair. Out again, i put like two little strands of antennas out. Okay and i i would definitely go outside like this rather than you know, without the leave out, but i don't know - maybe i just couldn't finish it. I'M sure that when you guys out there could finesse it way better than i can. I prefer to just yeah. This is so cute. I need you without me. Need you for my fantasy. Yes, you put on me, need you my sanity. I love it. Let me know what you guys think about this hair. Let me know if you would rather have it with the leave out or without the leave out. Okay, that's it for today's video. Thank you guys so much for watching, don't forget to like comment and subscribe. My instagram is down below, and i see you guys in my next video bye. You

Wissybbz: This look so bomb

VickGlampShous Vicky: With leave out most definitely!!!!!

Amore Love: the crimps on that texture is cuteeeee definitely giving SZA

Masked Artist: Sylence: Keep up the great work cuzzo.

the generous klitorous: IT GAVE WHAT IT WAS SUPPOSED TO

the generous klitorous: yesssss cousinnnnn

Sammy Da Goat: Fourth Comment This Is Just Fantastic

Kiyana Mariah: What length is this wig?

TANTA'S ROOM: Hi mommie...❤

Imani Lol: LMAOOOO not need you for my sanity

the generous klitorous: Sing that song sista

Kezz Xclusive: Here early

TypicallyTy: I'm Earlyyy

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