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Ya'll this is a #NATURALHAIRWIG for the books! I didn't think it was possible to find a #WIG that looked this #Natural&Realistic that was also this #AFFORDABLE I hope that you all enjoy this video! Be sure to like, comment, and subscribe

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I’m Using Hot Kinky Curly Wig: https://bit.ly/2O4nkMv


130% Density Kinky Curly Wig: https://bit.ly/2O6Doxm

Kinky Curly 3Bundles & Closure: https://bit.ly/2Camvz3

Hair details: 13x4 lace 150% Density Kinky Curly Wig 14”

☛Get EXTRA $10 Off on orders over $149: Use Special Code “Mary”

❤New Lace Frontal Wigs: https://bit.ly/3f84fF2

❤New Hot-selling Bob Wig: https://bit.ly/31Qizyi

Curly 3Bundles & Closure: https://bit.ly/2O1YooU

Body Wave 3Bundles & Closure: https://bit.ly/3izy2Zo

Affordable Bundles & Closure: https://bit.ly/3e97Ilx

Aliexpress Beauty Forever Website: https://bit.ly/2BEQUWv

Hot Sale hair on Aliexpress Store: https://bit.ly/2BEKBlO

[email protected]: http://bit.ly/IGBeautyForever

YouTube Channel monthly giveaway: https://bit.ly/2VVpkLx

Products used:

-Ruby kiss 3D face creator foundation & concealer: shade RDF14 :Level 14/Ton 14 https://amzn.to/3iiahF3

-Aussie 7in one conditioner: https://amzn.to/2YOCP17

-Felicia leatherwood Detangling brush: https://amzn.to/2NNIsX6

-La girl pro concealer: (fawn)


--Angled Eyebrow brushes: https://amzn.to/31uP4Su

-Nairobi Mousse: https://amzn.to/38xo06p

-Style Factor Edge Booster: https://amzn.to/2Zwf794

-High beam intense temporary spray on hair spray brown black


-High beams temporary spray on color in black https://amzn.to/3ip3Joq

Music Deets:

Music by Tiana Kocher - U Tried It - https://thmatc.co/?l=93DAE3BB

Music by Jaylon Ashaun - Poor Excuses - https://thmatc.co/?l=46932D9D

Music by Jaylon Ashaun - Pretty Girls - https://thmatc.co/?l=45932B08

Music by VALNTN - Mona Lisa - https://thmatc.co/?l=A9A905EB

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Camera: Canon G7 x MarkII


Lighting: Diva Ring Light



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Hey y'all welcome back to my channel. I have got you covered if you are not subscribed, you need to go ahead. Escribe right now also liked this video, because I did not think it was possible to find a natural hair, wig kinky curly. We heard that's realistic and also looks very natural for a hundred and six dollars like what I truly thought. I had been showing you all some affordable options, but you guys kept coming back in the comments section asking for more affordable options because you did not deem what I deemed affordable, especially because I kind of know the market you all didn't feel like it was affordable. So I kept looking on - and I found in this stunning game-changing number right here this week - is so bon yah. I got my lip 14 and it is a Brazilian kinky, curly wig. This wig is by beauty forever. It does come pre plucked, I'm gon na put it on the mannequin head now to show you what it looks like. I got mine in length 14, but y'all. If you were to get it in lint 10 or lint 12, you can get it for under $ 100, like you cannot beat that at all. It'S also a lace front construction. This one is a 13 by 4, so you do get 4 inches of parting space. The knots are also lightly bleached on this unit and it is in 150 % density. This is a curl pattern right out of the package, and I knew when I saw this curl pattern. It was gon na be phenomenal, but sometimes you aren't quite sure what each brands definition of kinky curly is gon na look like, but this one I was absolutely impressed with so right now, I'm just turning over the unit so that I can tint the lace and I'Ve been using this 3d face creator by ruby kiss. I just use a brush in order to stipple it onto the lace, so I'm gon na do this and then I'm gon na come back go on when we move on to the next step. Sometimes you never told me that now that we turned to the lace, this is what it looks like I'm gon na begin washing the hair. Now this is really going to be the determining factor as to whether a unit is really a true kinky, curly or natural hair wig, or not. I'M gon na be using this Felicia Leatherwood brush in order to detangle and define the curls. This is what the hair looks like with no product. I just put water on it. I'M gon na begin to add my conditioner and then, after doing so, I'm gon na define the curls using the detangling brush. Now, during this process, I wasn't sure if it was going to look as kinky curly as I desired, as I'm sure you all can observe the curls do look longer when you wash it, they do also have sort of a wavy look to it. But if you use a detangling brush, you can really define the curls and begin to clump them so that you can actually see what the texture looks like. I'M also gon na show you all what you can do in order to ensure that your hair looks currently like mine did at the beginning, because that's truly the look I'm going for, but it's nice to know that if I wanted the curls to be elongated that This unit does have that ability as wheel so right now, I'm just using a towel in order to dry the hair. So it's not dripping wet down my back and then I'm gon na put the unit one just to test it out, see what it's looking like. Also after rinsing out the conditioner I like to go in and further define the curls, I also just showed you all the amount of shedding dye received, which is minimal, so that's also a really good aspect of this unit. So now I'm just gon na use. My detangling brush and we're gon na define the curls even more and I'm actually not even going to apply any more product at this point, weight tip if you'd like to just use your conditioner as your styler as well, then don't rinse it all out. So I just rinse the majority of it out and just let a little bit in the hair, so I'm not gon na have to apply any more product. I can just define the curls and allow for it to dry and it's gon na look great y'all. Look at how juicy these curls look. I am loving the way it's turning out. I also decided to do a side part, but you can do a middle part. This is a free part unit along the front, so you can part it anywhere. So that's really good, but y'all get your detangling boar, because it's gon na bring your curls to life and you can really maximize your curl potential with a detangling brush like this one. We don't see this next step is optional, but it is a step that I would not skip. If I were you, if you want your curls to be defined and also to be shrunk, in sum, then I'd recommend diffusing the hair. If you allow it to air dry, it is going to be more elongated, but I feel like when you diffuse it. It really helps you to create shape and it just gives it more volume, and I just love how my curly texture units look so much more. All right now that I've diffused the hair, I am going to add some shine to the hair. Using this I see Fantasia hair polisher. Now this is a heat protectant, but I just use it for the shine aspect. So I'm just spraying that all over the hair and then I'm going to begin to diffuse it a little more and then I'm going to cut the lace off to ensure that the inside of the unit is dry before putting it on my head. I'M just going to take the entire blow-dryer and just stick it on the inside and allow us to dry, and then I'm gon na proceed to install baby baby shoving me why baby so crazy? If you ask me now that the week is fully installed - and it's laid - I'm gon na just add some concealer to the part. Now you do not have to do this. As you can see, it already looks natural and I just decided to go in and define the part to make it pop. Now you may want to use a thinner angle brush then I use this one did cost and transfer onto the hair, but I am going to use some temporary hairspray in order to fix that and I'm gon na show you guys how I do that now and Then I'll connect now that I've completed that process. I'M just gon na polish off a look by adding some more shine to the area where the part is and then I'm gon na begin to fluff, give it more volume and pick the hair out at the roots and then we're gon na be finished, guys she's, A Mona Lisa everyone's man enough to play she's a Mona Lisa, look guys. Do you see this shape? This looks so great and it also looks so realistic guys. I cannot believe my eyes now. I will say make sure that you defuse all of the hair. I did leave out a little section in the back and you'll see once I turn around that that area looks longer and it's not as defined so keep that in mind. I hope that you all enjoy this tutorial. I hope that you all can also appreciate these affordable options that I'm bringing y'all and they're just not any type of affordable options. These are some fingers. I cannot wait to hear your comments and feedback be sure to LIKE comment and subscribe share. This video with everyone. You know, I love you guys and I will see you all in my next tutorial. You see you walking down the believer. She got the passion of a superstar and she looks so fat in those booty, slides, yeah yeah. I wonder what she hides under disguise: she's, a Mona Lisa everyone's man enough to see there must be something bad feet you found her beauty goes much deeper. I saw she brushing against my see you from around the way you been give me the time. You'Ll be baking mousse that yo really care what Simon said are the bad things. That is my time. I'M trying to get my cash back you'll be looking fine. So no wonder they can't match that louisv scarf or I'm telling with a dad whoa slow it down. Like that, just hold me down like season

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