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The wig I'm wearing in this video is

Top Im wearing is from Forever21

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Hey guys welcome back to my channel today's video is going to be on a new hair company that I am trying out for. Those of you who are new welcome welcome. My name is desert Michelle. I will be posting contents of beauty, vlog and pranks. So if you like those three things subscribe to my channel right now, okay, so the hair company that I am trying out today is from Amazon. Well, they have a store on Amazon as well as Aliexpress and their old website. So this hair company is called Beauty forever hair. The hair is extremely soft, it does have a smell, it smells like burn but, like you know, that's with every hair - and this is the inside - I'm gon na show you guys how I melt all my my wigs yeah, I'm trying to be very careful. So no here gets pawn the lace and Wow when I say like y'all, this wedding looks really nice not even cut the legs um, I'm not really using the combs cuz. I hate it and look wow. This is really cute. Okay - and I don't even like, pluck anything yet I'm going to style, I'm going to cut, and I will get back with you guys on how this looks if you like this look, how does it aside it's just like my natural hair? Actually, it's just the side is my shirt, and now these are just even but this is so cute. So this is the finished product. I love. I love how like flowy this again. I wish this was thicker, but I'm not used to a little flyaways. I'M not used to like um like natural wigs like when I make my own or when I like purchase them they're, usually a little thicker at the end, but I love it. This is so cute. This is giving me I just got out from the salon. I just got a washing pipes. Um I made the part a bit. I got it as far back as I possibly can so yeah. I just me back back back. I'M gon na wear it to this side for some time. If you guys want to see more videos like this or if you want to see another hair company on Amazon or Aliexpress or any hair company that you want me to try out before you spend your coins on your clean, please let me know comment down below, Like this video subscribe to my beautiful channel um, there will be many more videos to come. I know I'm having a skin routine video coming soon, which is very shocking to me, because I've never really care about my skin. But catch me on my journey as I do my skincare routine and my bikini body line routine, because some is approaching.

Racquel Wynt: Omg looks so natural

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