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※ NEW Invisible Knots & Real scalp

※ Upgraded Pre-plucked hairline

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Hair Length -18 inch

Hair Texture - yaki

Cap Construction - cap-B. Lace front wig cap

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Foreign, hey y'all, welcome back to my channel, so in today's video we are going to be working with RPG show they have upgraded the knots on their wigs and they wanted me to show you guys them. So if you look really closely, you cannot see the knots at all. That is because they have upgraded their normal knots to new invisible knots. These knots are, as the name would say, invisible. It helps to give your wig a more natural, realistic scalp, like finish so, you can see like I. I saw the difference actually because I get a lot of wigs and I see a lot of different types of knots and the knots are always like very apparent. Even whenever you bleach them, sometimes you can still see the knot. It'S just still visible with this one, even though it did come colored already and um it is pre-bleached. Obviously I just I could not see the knots like. I just feel like this wig looks like it was my hair growing from my scalp, like the lace, was amazing. The knots I loved how invisible they were. I just feel like this wig just looked super super natural to me like, even when I was going back and looking at the pictures that I um took my screenshots. I was just like wow. This really looks like my hair, especially whenever I cut the lace off, so you guys know that um I like to do glueless wigs now this is a glueless wig. It can be worn glueless. I thought that I had footage of me showing the inside of the wig, but I guess I don't, but it does come with an elastic band on the inside and your typical adjustable straps and combs, but I guess I lost that footage. I don't know so. I'M just going through and straightening this, because this is a kinky straight texture, Yaki, hair um. So I wanted to keep it, as the name says, keep you straight. So whenever I straighten this hair, it was just giving silk press like it was moving like a silk press. It, it literally just looked like my hair straightened and colored. That'S what it looked like to me. So I'm just gon na go through and straighten the hair and everything um. I don't really think I did much. I also did um cut the ends. I feel like I'm saying, um a lot. I also do go in and cut the ends because they were kind of thinner towards the ends, and I wanted this hair to look super full. So a trick to making your wig look fuller. You may not want to lose length, but it is to cut the ends in like a more blunt um cut so that it looks thicker and it also gives away more body than it would have if you just left. Those like you know, ends on there. So I did do that and I kind of did a couple little face framing pieces, and that was really it. I believe you guys will see all that towards the end, but I just wanted to pop in and tell you guys about the new knots, like the knots just take the wigs up another level. If you're, not, I feel like you can have the best looking wig ever, but whenever you have your knots showing it's just, I feel like it just takes away from the wig. So I love how this one just was invisible, literally invisible. So I'm going to have everything linked down below for you guys the links RPG shows website link to this wig. You guys want to check them out. You guys know I love them. I hope you guys have tried them and if you do try them, I hope you love them too they're a really great company. They can be a bit pricey, but I believe that you get what you pay for you get quality, you get a wig. That is ready to wear straight out of the box, so literally I highly recommend them so, like I said everything linked down below for you guys in the description box. If you guys are not subscribed, please hit the Subscribe button. It will mean so much to me. Give this video a thumbs up likely I'm just going to go ahead and let you guys keep watching it everything I'll talk to you guys next time, bye, guys day days, your smile, you're so fly. I can't deny ing back foreign anything you want from me. Where are you doing foreign tell them this extra percent

Naliflower: This is everything. The color is so pretty

BeautifulBond: Wow! Stunning! How do we know which wigs have the new invisible knots?

Kizzles: I luv ur vids‼️‼️

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