Honest Unice Hair Wig Review | Red Ombre Affordable Amazon Wig

Affordable 4*4 OMBRÉ Lace Front Wig | Ft. Unice Hair

This is purely my opinion on them and should be taken with a grain of salt as different people have had different experiences.

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Hair Details:

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Hair Specs

✨Lightly bleached knots

✨Length - 18”

✨100% Human Hair

✨Density - 150%

✨Hair Colour : 1B/99J

✨Adjustable Elastic Band

✨Circumference - 22.5 / Medium

✨Lace - Swiss

Things I use to style my wigs:

Slick stick & lace glue - https://hairbyshope.com/

Hot Comb - https://www.papachichistyle.com/

Lace tint - https://thewiggurus.com/

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First and foremost, points were made today, not yesterday or the day before today. Hey you are you mad? Are you crazy, if you see me out quarantined, looking snatch like this makeup with like this hair, like this dress like this, please keep looking at mind your business. It'S not for you, don't even don't even try me period period, hi, guys it's ali welcome or welcome back to my channel in today's video. I will be reviewing a unit that i was sent by you, nice hair. So i do have this ombre burgundy wig. To show you guys today, so if you do want to see what the tea is on, this wig then go ahead and keep on watching before i go ahead and get into the wig. I do want to say that, although this wig was sent to me, what you guys are gon na hit today is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, because you guys know when i bring you guys the tea on some hair, the tea is Hot, so y'all better get ready because i ain't go, i ain't i go hold back. I don't hold back with my reviews. I tell you guys the truth and ain't no two ways about it. When you receive the wig in the post, it doesn't come in this box. It is a actually very, very sturdy box, and it's just like one of those magnetic boxes, and it comes just like that and then inside is obviously the wig which i've taken out. They do also send you some lashes here are the ones that i got. I haven't put them on yet or tried to use them, but it's a cute little touch to have the lashes and then like a nice little gift and we've just got some writing on the side. Here it says betty series, 100 human hair wig in the fast ever changing world time is a precious thing. How can we balance both time and beauty? Wig collection will allow you to be your own stylist and be different. I'M definitely gon na feel different. Y'All. Look on my channel - i normally just have one be here all these color color things it's very new to me and on the back here is just some wig tips, so we've got the right way to measure wigs how to comb the wig and how to wash The wig and they've sort of detailed the steps in various bullet points for you there we're trying to be beginner friendly. We want longevity in our wigs. We want to have our wigs for a long time we're not dropping a hundred plus dollars on hair to mash. It up that's what we're doing so. This is what the unit looks like, okay, straight away. What i can say is, i feel, like the way it's been dyed is slightly patchy, as you guys can see here. The 1b shade kind of goes down to about here, but over here it is higher up and if you kind of run your fingers through it like that, the red sort of disappears on the top, which i would have preferred. I would have preferred if it looks like this, if you had the dark going down into the ends of the hair, like this, we'll see, if we can make it work, we will see so this wig is a 4x4 closure wig and it is parted in the Middle when you get it in the specification, it does say that the knots are bleached and if they are bleached, it's very, very, very, very lightly bleached, because i can still see them not. You know what i mean, but i will go ahead and bleach this myself, but it does say that it is pre-plucked and has some baby hairs, which i guess you can kind of see here. Some small baby hairs they're, not super super evident, but i guess that's just how close your wigs be like, and this is what the lace looks like and it's not a bad lace. Actually, it feels thin and it feels workable. I'Ve just gone ahead and put that against my finger for you guys it's looking slightly gray, but nothing too extreme, nothing that, like a tin or a foundation, won't fix, and the cap construction that we have here. We'Ve got two combs on either side of the closure, and then we've got one comb in the back alongside our adjustable strap, and that is the wig. The cap size is 22 and a half. This wig is available both on amazon and aliexpress. So i will leave links to both in the description box down below the one that i have is the 18 inch unit, but it does go from 10 to 20 inches, so you can get it in whatever size. You like. The hair feels really really soft. So far, zero shedding happening at the moment, but we'll see after i bleach the knots and try to style it for you guys and the shipping time it didn't take very long to get to me. I think it took about two weeks to get to me, but then again it was sent to me. I didn't purchase it or anything like that, so i can't say from when you purchase it to delivery, how long that process takes, but usually especially things from aliexpress and things, don't take very very long, especially the hair companies. They usually ship them out really really fast. I'M gon na go ahead and put this on my head and we're gon na see what it looks like straight out the box. So this is what it looks like straight out of the box. As you guys can see, it would look so much more lit if that dark shade went down just ever so slightly lower, but i don't think it looks bad right now. Of course it looks pretty wiggy at the moment, but that's because i haven't customized it and i haven't flattened out the top. So it's not laying right, but i wanted to show you guys kind of the out of the box vibe how things are looking before. I go ahead and add my customizations and cut off this lace. I haven't had a lace closure before so this will definitely be an interesting little experiment for me, so i'm gon na go ahead and bleach. The knots do a little bit of customizations and i will come back and we will do some styling and see pretty much how this wig looks once i've played around with it a little bit so go ahead and stay tuned. This is how the hair is. Looking now that i have bleached a knot plucked it, and i have also tinted the lace, as you guys can see, it is matching my skin tone and the hair has just been blow dried. Just because i didn't have the time to air dry it and come back and film for you guys as well. So this is what we're working with the hair took to the bleach. Okay, it's not the best hair that i've seen take to bleach, but it's also not the worst. I got a lot of the nuts well, the most important ones anyway, bleached really really well. So no complaints from me about that. However, the texture of like the the hair in the closure, like so all, of the hair in the closure, the texture of that hair, changed after i bleached it, but it changed in a way that was unfamiliar to me before, because even when i bleached my frontals, The texture doesn't change, but the texture has changed back now. It'S not a huge deal. I'Ve glued down the front of the hair and i'm gon na go ahead and style it for you guys. So you guys can see how it takes to heat and everything like that. I'M not sure if you guys can see, but there are some flyaways, so i'm first going to get the top of the hair flat before i go ahead and you know flat iron. The rest of it and to do that, i'm just going to go ahead and use this lipstick that i got from hair by shopping. This is a black owned business in the uk and she does loads of things. She does lace. Glue. She'S got a hair cream that i also have bonnets on the way. Soon the slick stick itself: don't nobody want no flyaways, and now i'm just using a heat protector spray all over their hair, because you know don't want no heat damage on our wigs. Oh she's, cute girl, and now i'm just gon na, take my pink hot comb also from a black owned business. This is a papa chichi hot comb, we'll link that in the description box down below as well, we are gon na get this wig on flat period. Now that the top is flat, i'm going to go ahead and try and do a curl using the flat iron just so you guys can see if the hair can curl, because i know not everyone likes to have their hair straight. Do i even know how to do a flat iron curl? The answer is no. I'M gon na try for you guys we're gon na go away from me. I think hey, oh, like that's kind of cute, bearing in mind that i don't actually know how to do a flat iron curl. I use curlers all the time. I just don't know where mine are, but i like the face. Oh snap, she snapped. So that was how a curl looks in this hair, so it can actually be curled, so you can wear it cold. If you'd, like i'm gon na, go ahead and flat iron everything try and get it as straight as i can. So i'm just going to show you guys a side by side what the two different sides look like. So this is the side that has been sorry, you, nice, that has been straightened and i'll just show you guys the ends. This is a comparison, so i've straightened this side and i haven't straightened this side. This is just in its blow-dried state when it's straightened it has this beautiful, healthy glow to it, and even that issue that i had with the coloring before once, you've styled it and everything it kind of balances itself out and i'm here, for it i mean i Still would want it a little bit lower, but now that it's like i've gone into the hair and everything it's not bad. It'S not that bad okay, so i'm gon na finish, straightening the hair and then i'll come back and give you guys my final thoughts. So hang tight and be patient with your girl, so this is what we're working with. I don't know about you guys, but i feel like this hair makes me look older. It might just be the middle parting or the styling or what, but this is how it looks, and i i feel like it's definitely a mood and honestly, if you can find my lace, if you can find the lace go to the police station and ask them For your bag, because my friend, you are a detective, your detective, what late who's lace? Who, who is that for anyone who wants to know how? I like tinted on my lace. I did use the wig goose lace, tint in the shade caramel frappe, plus a little bit of my foundation powder. Dare i say it: it's another black owned business. I will leave a link in the description box down below to anyone who wants to check out their products. I do really like this lace, tint honestly, and i have two more on the way, so i'm going to play with the shades and the colors a little bit and find my custom color, but back to the hair. Now this hair honestly, i do really really like it. That is my honest opinion on this hair. Other things about it that i would change yes, there are like one for me for sure would definitely be where the ombre starts and how it's been kind of colored. However, having said that, i do feel like once you've styled the hair and once you customized it and washed it, and once it's on flat flat, it is a lot less noticeable than it was before like before. I felt like that red was like up here, but now i feel like it's better, not the best, not perfect, but it's okay, it's okay! The concerns that i had about the hair texture changing when i bleach the knots and everything like that that texture has gone right back to normal, consistent hair texture all the way down. Like i said earlier in the video i will have links to this hair in the description box down below it is available both on amazon and aliexpress. So i'll, let you guys browse and everything like that. Let me know what you guys think, because this is definitely the first time that i've had a closure wig. Let me know if you think i should just cancel that all together go back to the frontal, because i don't know what i'm doing. But honestly, i feel, like i popped a little bit, i feel, like i popped a little bit but i'll, let you guys be the judge of that. So that is the t on this united unit. I do have other units on the way that i will be reviewing for you guys right here on my channel, so don't forget to hit that subscribe. Button leave a comment down below if there's a specific company that you'd like me to try out, and you know what let's interact. Let'S chat, let's chat, i love love interacting with you guys. I respond to just about everyone who comments on my videos so go ahead and leave a comment down below. Let'S get, let's get a conversation going. Let'S get discussion going. Thank you guys so much for tuning in to my channel to anyone that is new be sure to hit that subscribe button. If you enjoy my content - and i will see you guys in my next video

Ally C: New hair brand for you all to check out here https://youtu.be/uUQdzeg-BUY Let me know what you think!

Ally C: Time Stamps Product info & packaging etc : 1:20 Hair out of the box including cap construction: 2:43 Wig on my head with no work done: 5:36 After customisation: 6:38 Styling: 7:49

Missi's Makeup Lifestyle and Beauty: Girl I've never worn a wig in my life..but I was completely fascinated! I am literally sitting here going.. let me see what she's going to do next! Love the color on you, but I see what you are saying about where the red should start! You worked it out though Sis

Josie Eleanor: The wig looks amazing, the colour is beautiful and suits you so well xx

She’s All Beauty: Loving it

Miss Sydz: Loveeee the hair on you

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