Must Have Affordable Highlighted Straight Wig Glue-Less Install Ft. Unice Hair

Welcome back!!! In today’s video I will be reviewing this UNice Hair Silk Base Fake Scalp Ombre Highlight Middle Part T-part Wig 16inches see link to hair below ⬇️

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Hey guys welcome to shinstv channel and i'm back with another video so guys this company eunice had um. They contacted me to do a hair review, a video um. I have worked with them before and i do really love their hair. So, let's open this box and see what's inside as usual, they put some information on the back and stuff like that, so it's open. So this is how which is a very, very important to me: um when you get a new wave, the headband, not so much. If it's the closure, which this is a quarter wave so this week is a - i don't even know, okay, so uh, i will put the information below, but it is a closure of four by four closure. Um scalp, like they say, lace, um, lace, wig. It is like a highlighted blonde honey, blonde brown - i don't know, but let me show you guys how i look and it is straight 14 inch hundred and fifty density. So this is how the hair comes, and you know you got that baggie. So this is the hair. Those are her okay, so i chose this color because you know i've always been doing the black black black here. So i wanted to try something different. So it's like a highlighted with different blondes um. It looks different on picture a little bit a little bit i'll i'll, probably put a picture um of how this look on picture right here or right here. I don't know where but anyways. This is how it looks and um i love the colors. It'S a lot of colors. You know a lot of brown going on there, but you know we're gon na work with it and see how it looks. I think it will match my skin complexion um, but let's not judge it so far. The hair is really nice. I do not have any in like, i don't have any shedding, you guys can see i'm pulling on the hair and there is no shedding um. This is the inside of the wig, so you have one two combs right here and a comb at the back. You have these straps to adjust to fit your head and then this is the little piece of lace that you have right here, four by four and then i think they did this to have a scalp like so really uh your color of your wig cap. Don'T matter and you don't need to wear a wig cap unless you're just trying to keep your face thing like me, um, let me show you how it looks with the scalp like this is the first i'm trying scalp like so. This is how it looks. So you don't really have to color it. I don't know, i don't know how to feel about it. Yet because it's kind of white, like it's kind of whiter than me and then down here, it doesn't come all the way down here. So now my you know my skin is going to look kind of different from the scalp like thing that they were trying. So i thinking to put some of my foundation on the scalp area instead of my wig right, but so far the hair is, as usual, nice i do have to fly. I need i can see that they layered this hair, like blue and the layers are really short, but maybe it's a style. It'S not a box. So i'm sure that's not what they were trying to do, but maybe it's like they're trying to give us a way to wear it. So maybe like a sleep straight and then just curl, but i'ma fix it up, because you know your girl can do her thing. This is the wig i already flat iron. It i put a little curl at the front um. I will touch it up on camera, but this is how the wig is looking. I also did do a pre-plug right there to make it look a little bit more natural. I also put some color underneath, but it still looks the same, so i think it will work. I put this mesh on my head because i don't think i need a new boot cap. So let's see how it works with this now i'm going to apply the wig. I do not know. If i don't know, if i'm gon na use my lace blue, i might just use the god to be. Oh, oh, oh uh, oh read about this or hear this that you used to go up on mulholland drive and park every night and visualize, seeing yourself as yeah, i would visualize uh so guys. This is the finishing look of the hair and at first i was doubting it um. I was doubting it a little bit. You know because of the color of the highlights. I love the brown shade, but because of the highlights, i was kind of like there's a lot of different browns up in here and blondes, but after i slayed it. This is why i said i had to use the lace glue because i needed to see it. Slayed in order to for it to fit me or for me to say yes, this is 100, but i'm gon na say. Yes, this is a 10 out of 10. For me, i'm loving the color. I don't know how it looks on camera, so i hope it looks as good as i see in the mirror. I will be putting just a little bit of concealer that matches my shade right here. I might even block it more when i get the weight off, but so far i think the wig looks the hair looks amazing. It does have a few split ends, but the reason why is because they layered the wig so the way that they layered it? It wasn't layered like there was a swimming shark here here, so it kind of gave it that look like it had a lot of hands, but no it's good hair. As you can see, it took heat very well and i flat ironed it deeply before on the mannequin head and just now, when i use the edge control, it hangs the flyaways or the split intense looking. So that is perfect, and that was a trick to get up here slayed. So i do hope you like this video you enjoy watching this video, i'm very happy, because this is the first i slayed my baby here like this is the first. Actually, my baby hair like this, like it looks so natural. I love the lace and that the lace isn't really nice, like the lace. Is it it's giving me that, like this is my skin vibe for real, but so far so good this week is amazing. Thank you guys so much for watching. I do hope you, like this video comment below guys only what you think does it think we, you know just comment below good vibes. Only like this video don't forget to hit the subscription button and hit the notification button beside the subscription button to know whenever i and thank you, thank you so much for your support, see you in the next one bye,

The Cori Luv Show: Oooohhh Miss Shin. It looks SO good on you. And it's my thing, "glueless" YES! You did alot with it to make it sit right. Amazing job.

andy baker2: This wig looks gorgeous on you!

Sherman Foster: This hair looks beautiful already I can tell it will fit you perfectly

Arlana Flowers: Looks gorgeous on you!!

Niane Law: I know this wig going to look amazing!

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Dacorsha Sutton: I really like this color on you. highlights are perfect for summer

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Kimmy Hughes: Such a beautiful wig u really talented

lindane mac: The color gave life matches you so well

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