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Hey ladies & gents!! I’m back with another Amazon Prime wig review! If you guys are interested in purchasing this wig I’ll leave the link down below so you can get your hands on her! I hope you guys enjoy this video & don’t forget to Like, Comment & Subscribe!!

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So, hey guys and welcome back to my channel, it's your girl, carsey, denis! If this is your very first video. Thank you so much for stopping by. I hope that you like this content enough, that you want to hit that subscribe button and that notification bell so you'll be notified whenever your girl drops a video and you become part of the family, if you're a returning family member, what up cousins? You already know how we do it: okay, so let's go ahead and just address the elephant in the room. Yes, your girl is a redhead okay, a real real redhead; okay, so, as you guys saw from the title, this is another amazon prime wig review, and i did get this a unit from you, nice hair on amazon - and this is their 18 inch, 99 j um. Brazilian straight 4x4 wig now i must say out of all the unites packages i've got. This has got to be the best one like says they gave me nail foils or nail wraps, so they gave me some lashes sucks. I got a a a layer, edges piece. Thingy majigger, whatever this is like, so they hook me up so shout out to you, you nice, because your girls don't use these lashes, i'm just saying: okay, but anyways. Let'S get on with the hair. Now one thing that i did not expect. I did not expect for the hair to be this bright. I mean it's not ugly and i'm rocking it. Okay, let's be clear, but i thought it would be a little bit deeper. So it is what it is. It'S still cute she's, still bond.com so other than that. That'S the only thing i was expecting was for her to be just a little bit just a little bit deeper anywho, the texture, the length, the density honey. This wig is giving me all types of city girl vibes. Why i always reference city girls? I don't know i just do, but that's what it's giving me like, i'm like who that who now i will say this is also the first time i've had a straight color unit like no dark roots and i'm not mad about it, i'm not mad about it. Um, however, i will probably go in with either some color hairspray or a permanent marker, or something and maybe darken, that route y'all. Let me know if i should let you know. Let me know if y'all think i should just leave her as is but yeah. I like it it's cute, it's definitely giving me the fall vibes. Okay, if i wasn't ready for fall before i'm ready now. Okay, so if you guys are interested in purchasing this unit, you already know i'm gon na leave that link down below. So that way, you can get your hands on her. I hope you guys enjoyed this video, don't forget to like comment and subscribe, and i will see you guys on my next video peace. You

EbonyB: Very nice. Loving the color and the curls

Nakesia Hunter: Love it!!!!

Latoya Adams: Yessss. You rockin this one. See i been looking for colors. Like 1b/ bug or burgundy

La'Deatrice: So vibrant

shekia world: Hi I never Comment but I love your videos an Amazon wigs I ordered me one can’t wait until I get it

Norma Garcia: Trying to find a wig with bangs AND clips Any advice ?

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