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What is up you guys, so today's hair is from eunice hair, and this is basically what came in it. I did get a wig comb elastic band in some wig caps, so i'm taking it out of the packaging taking it out taking it out. So here it is, it is a straight unit, and this is just what it looks like on the inside and that's the hairline, a nice up close view of it and again just showing the inside just so. You guys can see what it looks like and kind of get an ideal, so i don't use the elastic band. I just like to take the little straps that they have in the back and put it in the fur this hole. So it can be really nice tight and snug, and then i'm just going to cut that lace off. That'S in the back, and here you'll just see me trying it on and i just like to try it on just to see. You know make sure that it fits and also just get an idea of what i want to do with it. So that's all i'm doing here and i know this looks like bangs, but those are just the baby hairs. So once i'm done playing around with it, i like to cut that lace off that's going over my ear, because i do want it to lay flat, and i cannot do that if the lace is going over my ear and then just doing the same to the Other side, so today i decided to go ahead and cut the lace off first, it really depends on how i'm feeling, because sometimes i will just go ahead and apply my hair spray or glue and then cut the lace. But today i just decided to go ahead and cut the lace off first like i said it really depends on how i'm feeling, but i feel, like both methods - work fine for me, so here i'm just going to go ahead and spray. My got to be glued. Freeze spray, i'm taking a break from the lace glue. I don't know when i'll be going back um unless i order some bold hold, because i think i'm done with the ghost spawn just because it irritated my skin the last time. But that's all i'm doing here. Just applying my freeze spray all around the hairline, so here i'm doing my sideburns. So i like to take the scissors and go in this up and down motion, and it just helps with like thinning out the bottom, because you don't want to be like super thick at the ends. So that's why i did it like that, and i did my sideburns thick like this on purpose, because that's the look that i was going for you know i like to switch it up. Sometimes try different looks so don't come for me. I did this on purpose. So, there's that and i'm going to do the same, cutting motion on the other side and i'm just using some gel to lay it down and slick it down the way that i want it to lay you guys see how, when i cut it normal, it's like Super blunt at the ends, so i had to go back in and cut it shorter in that same motion, so i'm gon na be doing baby hairs on this install one point of time like i wasn't really big on baby hairs, but now i'm just kind of Like just in love with them, i don't know why. I just really like how it looks so i'm just going to take some of those hairs and pull it to the front and then just cut them kind of short just so that they'll lay easier so yeah. I'M just going to take a toothbrush and they got to be glued styling gel and i'm just going to lay them down. You'Re going to see me keep reattempting to lay them down, especially on the sides, because i was trying to get them to look the same or at least identical. I'M going to take a break from the baby hairs and i'm just going to take a wet, washcloth and kind of wipe off that residue from the spray. If you use freeze spray, then you know it leaves like that little shine behind. So that's why i did that and then i'm just going to tie it down so that everything can lay and set into place. This is just a wrapping strip that you can get from your beauty supply store. So, while that's tied down, i am going to do some styling, so i'm just going to straighten up my partner bit and i took some of that freeze spray and i sprayed it into my brush just to lay some of those flyaways down at the top. Then i'm just taking my hot comb and running it through the top, just so that it lays flat. So then, i'm going to take my duvall, i believe that's how you pronounce it straightener or flat iron, and i'm just going to run it through i'm not going to do like the chase method with the comb, i'm just going to run it through and run. My fingers, through i do have a code you guys can use to get some money off for this flat iron. If you're interested in it, i'm definitely going to do a blowout. The next time i wash my hair and see how well it straightens out natural hair, but definitely check the link down below. So, as always, you guys know i am going to give you the deets, the details on every unit that you see just in case, because i know some people don't always check down below. So i always like to mention it in the video. So this is a 13x6 lace front unit, as you see in the beginning, i showed you guys what it looked like on the inside. So that's what type of lace front. It is 13 by 6 inches and it is straight as you can see, it was already pretty straight coming out the box, but i had it like in a ponytail holder, so i just wanted to run my straightener through it and it is 24 inches and it's Pretty long on me, which i was actually surprised, but i love it because i haven't had long hair in a while. So

Merle Lawis: Sis you always on point with your looks amazing job

Tonya Addison: Hello , you always look so beautiful. And you do a great job on the wigs❤❤

Model C: You are gorgeous ❤️ you would look good in any unit good job.

Marnisha Davis: Did you order this off of amazon or did they send it to you??

They Love Sara: Come ooooooon Black girl realness ! I love it slay sis

CiearraB: Your so beautiful you can literally rock any look

OWEE Aminata: Hello !! What is the density of the wig? ☺️

Ciara Chanell: Your skin is beautiful

Jenny Official: what is the density of the wig?

ReNiqua: Cute hairstyle and makeup love it

Kersha Beaver: Beautiful

Maddison R: Holy shit your beauty

Sincere Mimi: Where did u get your lashes?

Crystal Ellis: Whats the density

Linda Johnson: You are such a beautiful lady

Sincere Mimi: Beautiful dark girl

S D N Y: This cute. You sellin it ?

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