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Hey cuties welcome back to my channel i'm cute little voice today, i'm coming in with another wig analysis on this unit right here. This one is so cute to have in your collection, but before we get started, let me just say happy friday to everyone out. There hope you're, having a beautiful and blessed day and if you're new to my channel please subscribe, subscribe down below. It is absolutely free. It does not cost you one dime, so make sure you subscribe, if you really like haus hair reviews in anything fashion. So let's talk more about this hair, i got this hair from eunice hair and it is in collaboration with them. So i do want to tell you more about it. I really really do like this hair. It is very, very pretty. I love the hair. This is a burgundy silk straight unit. It is mongolian remy, hair, um, very soft - oh my god. It'S just so soft. Look at that color of clothes. I love this burgundy color. It is a 99 j, color, very, very vibrant, burgundy color. It is very, very pretty for the fall. This is a 18 inch unit, so it's kind of more like a 20 inch after you uh flat iron it now it did come a little bumped like this, like like kind of bumped, but i did straighten it out. So you can kind of straighten it out with your flatteners. If you would like to it's, not a big deal but um the base came like this as well. You can just swoop them over if they're, too long or you can actually cut those. If you would like to it didn't come with any combs in the unit, but, however, the cap is very, very sturdy on my head and you do get the adjustable straps to kind of tighten it to. However, you want it, this is a machine made unit is constructed very well now at the top. Is it's very very flat? It lays extremely flat - and i love that about it. The hair is just i can't get over how soft and like buttery feeling it feels is so smooth the cap size is a 22.5 inch calf size. So if you have a bigger head, don't worry about it. I have extra room in here, so this cap is a medium sized cap, so it just about anybody can fit into this unit. It is a grade, a 10a version hair, so you can bleach dye perm. Whatever you want to do with this hair, you can do it. It'S saying that it's a hundred and fifty percent density, but um it's pretty full, but it's not overly full and it's definitely not skimpy on the hair. It'S more like a natural density, perfect for the fall, and also you can wear this in the summer and spring, because it's very, very lightweight it doesn't shed a lot. I did get a few strands, but not maybe like one strand at a time is not shedding at all too much um. I don't know if i said, but this is a 99 j and the hair is just gorgeous. I love the color. I can't say that enough: it is so gorgeous very lightweight just so airy, it's so beautiful! You can pick this one up at amazon or you can go to your niece hair i'll, leave everything down below where you can go over and click on and get this unit or more units that they have to offer but yeah. This is about it for the unit; it is so simply gorgeous. I love it. If you want something simple but yet elegant, i would say, get this unit, so that's mainly it. Let me give you a 360 of the unit first before i get out of here. Here'S the front side back other side and here's uh the hair pushed to the front so yeah. If you like this unit, make sure you give me a thumbs up check it out down below and i'll see you guys later bye thanks for watching

Fee-Bee Romero: This is such a cute unit. I just got the ombre one like this. Love this color

Beautylover: Very cute!!! I’m loving it

70’s Fashion &Hair Channel: This one looks very nice on you!!!

Ms. Shabria Gxo: Definitely love the color

Eloise Green: This is pretty, love that color.

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