Unice Ombre Highlight T-Part Lace Wig

Greetings beautiful people!! Today's review is on Unice Ombre Highlight lace wig. This hair was sent to me. Honey!!! im in love! Stay tuned for details

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Hey guys welcome back to my channel, so we're gon na get straight into this review. Excuse my tongue, though, because i just left thorium's. I had to give me icee. If you love thornton's as much as i do honey you would always. This unit was sent to me from you, nice or eunice hair. So this is the eunice hair. Silk base, fake scalp ombre highlight middle part. Wig. The price on this unit is 114.69. It comes with two combs in the front, one in the back and adjustable straps and is a hundred and fifty percent density, naturally straight um. So i just added some flat iron curls, nothing, big spectacular. It is a 16 inch and i have to say i am in love. I am in love, i'm in love. Hair color is so beautiful. Oh my goodness like this. This is a perfect wig for chocolate. Girls period like this since y'all need to go on compass and it's not the fullest or the thickest density, but it's so soft, it's so luscious and it's full enough. It'S full enough where i can pull my hair to the side and you don't see those you know spaces in there. I know y'all know what i'm talking about, but yes, so i tried to add a little bit of baby hairs, but literally it's only from here to here and it's a dominant part. There is no, i just want to know. I mean yeah, no, there's no party. It'S just a dominant straight middle part, so my ear to ear lace. But, oh, my goodness like i am in love, so much i haven't experienced no shedding. I did wash and blow dry the hair and i didn't pull up anything out of the comb. This is silky, i don't know what to do. Y'All it's been a minute since i've been happy with the wig like i just feel like dancing. I feel like being joyous right now, because, oh my, like the highlights, the the tones and the hair, like you missed you nice, you did your thing baby. You did your thing um and plus, like you know, like my biggest pet peeve, with with wigs that um that are sold off at amazon, because this hair is units on amazon. The ends are so thin, but this is pretty full from root to the ends like honey got me falling for you, and this curl's been in for a minute. I must say, because you know me, i like to walk around uh, wear the hair out and get my own experience, and i wore this hair yesterday, and these are the same curls from yesterday. I literally just pushed all the hair into a bonnet and then combed. It out today and honey so look at the flow of it. You guys. I have no negatives whatsoever about this unit whatsoever. Well, besides um, so this right here is really just. I really don't understand it um, as you would have seen earlier. They have like sewn on like a portion, maybe like a cat piece, but from a distance. It'S not bad, but up close like you can just see it. You know - and i can't do anything about that, because that's just how they made the wig but outside of that nothing, the hair didn't come with the smell very manageable. Like i got so many comments to keep spitting, i got so many compliments and it's nothing like when i say i love this when a black man be like your hair is nice, i don't have any negatives to say: um show you all the hair to the Back so yes, you guys, let me know if you have any questions whatsoever. I am super duper excited to wear this unit. I really am, and you can't tell me nothing, you hear me not nothing and just i don't know what to do. I need to go somewhere might take. I need to be on somebody's arm with this unit. Baby have any questions whatsoever. Let me know you know i'm here, for you um yeah. I love you guys so much. Thank you so much for the support. It'S been an amazing journey on youtube, slow process, but i'm patient. It is what it is still working at nine to five running in them check. So i don't care you know, i'm blessed to still be working, i'm hoping everybody is being well taken care of and in good situations. Good mindset tell somebody that they're beautiful, as always that is so important check on your people, be kind to others that you don't know besides the karen's out there, because they could still catch these hands. But i love you guys once again have a beautiful, safe,

T R E N: cut it offf ☺️ thats what i did with mine , i got to upload the video though on my installing and styling

Hello yes: did you pluck the hairline anymore?

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