Unice Glueless V-Part Wig Full Review | Easy To Blend & Feels Secure

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Hair information:

Inch:20 inches

Density:150% density

Wig link: https://www.unice.com/unice-curly-v-pa...

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Hi guys welcome back to my channel. Thank you so much for being here, and i really appreciate your time today. I am doing a review on the invisible part unit. This video was sponsored by eunice here. So thank you so much for giving me the opportunity yeah. So i am going to give my honest opinion and just show you the entire process that i use to get this unit to look the way that it looks in this clip right now. So if you are interested in more information about this unit, please continue to watch the next clip that you see will be the entire unboxing process and what my thoughts were initially when receiving the wig. So this is initially how the wig looks. I just put on a wig head just so i could kind of like see what it would look like, and yes, this is a unit that i can see how you will be able to wear it with no hair left out um. My only concern right now is that this unit is not full, and i know it probably looks full like with you looking at it on the video, but it is not very full at all. I don't know if you can see that, but they set me 20 inches and i can like see through the hair. So enough of me running my fingers through it and really trying to get it to be fluffed up as much as i can. It'S still not very full. Let me see if i can show you like against this window, then those the ends are like. Can you see that i don't know? I don't know like you can like. This is the very back of the wig and you can see through it. You can see my hand my arm my wrist. You can see that you can actually wear this unit with no leave out if you're able to get it really close, and then i have a trick that i'm going to use to get the hair to kind of lean over like that. So it's not as neatly you know, um separated. But yes, these are my initial thoughts with no styling, no customization, nothing, just not even being washed just straight out of the package. I don't know i'm a little bit concerned because, like i said, the unit is looking a little thin and the ends are looking thin, which means that i may have to trim it, which means it may actually look thinner or should i say shorter than it looks Already so yeah, i will come back. What i am doing now is sectioning off small parts so that i can really get in and clean up. What i want to clean up, i didn't want to just brush the hair out and just cut it incorrectly. I really wanted to take my time and get a decent cut, so i can really see the results. So i'm just taking these sections, i'm using a one, two break comb and i'm combing the hair out, because curly hair is easier to cut when it is combed out. So i'm starting off cutting the ends. I move on to the next section and i'm doing the same exact process. Combing the hair out cutting the ends. You can see there how much i'm cutting initially. I do go on to cut some more, but initially this is what i started out with. So i'm going to do this to each section once each section is trimmed. I do take the entire section and put it together and then i comb those ends out and then i assess, if there's more, that needs to be trimmed or if i just need to make it. Even so that's what i'm doing here. As i said, i continued this process around each section i made on the wig, because again i wanted to make sure that i was getting a really good trim. Basically, that method that i was using is the. I think it's called like the diva cut method. Basically, you're cutting like a little bushel of curls in one hand like in your fist and you're looking at the curls to see which ends are like, then that helps you know what shape you're gon na have when you initially go and wet the hair. So now you can see i am holding up the ends while it's laying on my arm and i'm just cutting it to see again if everything is even here i am combing the hair out and just trying to keep the head stable. I should have picked my sturdier way ahead for this, but um yeah, i'm just combing the hair out and trying to see what is uneven. I am just gathering the ends together overall and trimming them with the divacup method. This is going to help when the hair is wet for it to actually, you know, look even have have that shape that i'm looking for. I am using the aussie curls leave-in conditioner, along with this cantu um carbon denman brush, and now that i have washed the wig i'm applying this leave-in with my fingers doing a lot of hand raking. This is the same exact way that i apply product to my natural hair. So once i apply the product, i'm taking the denman brush just to help define the curls and i'm just combing it very slowly down the shaft, making sure that it stays as smooth as possible so that i can get the most definition when it dries. This is because i do like to fluff my curls out, so the more definition i can initially get them better here. I am showing you the way. The curl pattern looks with some product applied, and this is how the curls look. The curls would not look this thick and clumpy had i not trimmed the end, so it definitely. I can see already the benefit and i'm applying my boot hangers again, because i prefer to dry my wigs upside down and so for this wig in particular, i'm hanging it on my shower curtain over the top, because it was still quite damp. I'M just making sure that the curls are all in the same direction, falling in the direction that i desire. I'M fixing them if they need to be fixed. I'M trimming some of the ends again, and this is how i'm gon na have the unit dry. Okay. So now i am prepping my leave out, i'm creating a straight part, and this is the section that i'm going to be using it's a very small section, because you don't really need that much hair left out and i'm going to take the unit and i'm going To use the clips that are all around the parting to attach onto my hair, i do have my hair and flat twist up, because my hair is like old. You probably can't tell, but i'm just attaching the wig clips to the little twist that i have and that's going to help create stability. So even initially before even doing anything to my leave out. That still looks pretty good, but i am going to end up using this curling wand. This is a very small curling wand, so i'm going to take my hair and wrap it around, obviously to create a curl, and then that is how i'm going to blend my hair. Now, what you see me doing is separating my hair and just kind of breaking it over the curls checking to see if any pieces of my hair are sticking out, and it was fairly simple. I this literally took me maybe 10 minutes to blend. I think i did a pretty good job. I was kind of rushing out for a date night. This wig is very easy to style. Like i don't know, if i would attempt to wear it without any leave out, but the amount of leave out that you have to use is so small and, as you just saw, i was able to very easily blend my hair. You could probably also do this with rollers if you don't have a thin, curling wand. Look at that result like it looks. It looks really good and, like i said, i wasn't even like trying to make this perfect because i was rushing and this looks great overall. I really did love how the wig turned out, especially from that trim. As you can see, the hair looks full. It just overall looks really really nice. I felt like the texture is perfectly blending. With my hair. I dyed it like a brownish black to match my hair color. I feel like this wig is very easy to wear again. I do like the end result. I love how it looks. Thank you so much for watching. Please make sure you are subscribed to my channel for more content yeah. Thank you guys. Bye,

shugagyrl: Thinking about buying this unit you had the best most detailed review thanks! Definitely gonna get it a little longer to compensate for the trimming.

Asia Nichols: I’ve been looking for a unit like this. Thanks for the wig review. I’ll check it out

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