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Hey guys welcome back to my channel, it's yay michelle and in today's video i'm going to be showing you guys this super bomb. You part wig from eunice hair. This is their body wave texture. So if you want to see how i got this look then keep on watching hey y'all, so today's video is sponsored by eunice hair. They sent me over this gorgeous body wave. You part wig and if you guys have been watching my channel for a while, you have seen me feature you part ways on my channel before they're, like the first type of wigs. I ever started experimenting with, so i was super excited to try this one out. It is a body wave texture. I always love body waves because i don't know i like it better than silky straight hair, because my natural hair isn't silky straight and my natural hair is out today so boom um. So we're going to go ahead and just do a quick install on this hair. I love you hearts because it is a easy install and i love body wave texture because it just looks very effortless. So this is what the hair looks like i'm gon na. Take it out the net and bomb like see how bouncy that is so so gorgeous can't wait to install this, and it does have just regular clips. So it won't hurt as much as like the ones that actually clip in and then you can see the part right here. So we're going to go ahead and just cut this and that's going to be our leave out area and then also included with this is like a little bag to store your hair in some lashes, a wig cap, and then they also put a headband in there. So yeah, let's go ahead and just install this hair. I will let you guys watch me: do the process? Okay, so i went ahead and just cut that out, love everything. Okay. So if my hair was actually braided, this would hook on way better. But since my hair is pressed - and i didn't braid it - it's sliding a bit. So if your hair is sliding because you pressed it, you might need to braid the sides or you might just need to just take some bobby pins, so it can feel more secure. But since i don't have a braid for it to actually hook onto that's, why it's sliding, so i just placed a bobby pin there, as you guys can see, and then i'm about to blend this hair in in a second cover the track. So this is what it's looking like. First installed, the hair isn't super long i'll put the inches on the screen. I kind of forgot the inch inches of this hair but i'll put on a screen. I believe it's 20 inch hair. But of course, if you wanted a straight look, then it will hang down a little bit longer, so the hair comes down to actually like right here, so body wave has some shrinkage to it. So this is what the hair looks like, but i kind of like how it's falling like at a nice length just effortlessly. I always love the body wave. Look. This hair is super soft, it's gorgeous, but now i'm gon na show you guys what i usually do when i wear body wave or when i wear you part wigs so to limit the amount of heat that i use on my hair, i always like to tuck It so kind of like a pinned back look is how i do my hair and if you're natural, you could always leave your um natural hair, braided underneath and then just take out, leave out and straighten just that. That'S what i usually do when i wear you part wigs. I don't always have my full head of hair straightened, so this is what i usually do to style. My hair. I usually take this and just tuck it behind and bobby, pin it and then have it fold over, make sure no tracks or anything showing and then do the same to the other side. And this way you um limit the amount of heat that you wear use on your natural hair, so that you don't get heat damage because sometimes some people you have to straighten that leave out every single day or i recommend flexi rotting. Your real hair with the um, you part wigs, so you can have that effortless body wave type, look without using heat on your hair as well, go ahead and just bobby pin that back and see make sure the track is covered. So that's how you can just easily install this hair without a bunch of heat or anything like that. So look like this or like i said you could do the look where it's hair out and um, but you would have to blend it more, but you might need to use heat depending on your preference. But this is just a super, easy install and then i'll. Just go ahead and lay my edges down. Let me show you guys super gorgeous hair, like i'm already ready to go out, the house make sure yeah hair is gorgeous and baby hairs is optional. You do not have to lay them down if you don't want to. When your hair is pressed because sometimes it gets build up, so you, of course, don't have to do this, but i think i'm gon na just do it on the very front pieces just to complete the look or i'll go ahead, and do this part too install Like i try to limit the amount of heat i use on my hair, so i like this kind of look where it's like pulled back in the front, so it shows more of my facial features and then the hair is just effortless and you don't have to Worry about too much blending. If you have tight forehead like mine and you're, trying to blend it with silky like body wave type hair, then you don't have to worry about too much blending. But this is the final look, so make sure you guys check out eunice hair um. They have so many bomb hair options on their website. You guys know i love their headband wigs. I love their half wig. I love their u-part. Wigs, like all their wigs, are super bomb quality like the quality of their hair, really lasts and, like it always looks gorgeous like i always keep all my units, wigs because they're just top tier with their quality so yeah. I hope you guys all enjoyed this video. Don'T forget to check the description box for this eunice hair, don't forget to like comment and subscribe, and i will see you guys on my next one: bye, guys

Nakia Castelan: This looks so natural!! Adding this to my cart now! You are the reason I started wearing uparts, half wigs,, & headband wigs

UNice Hair Wigs: GOOD Job!!!! So Natural and easy, thanks for your video!

Designbyanicole: I ordered the same unit just longer. Did you experience the back being to big? Mine is huge at the back! Super cute styling ❤️

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King hill: Pretty . Happy Halloween ❤️

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