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What'S up you guys welcome back to my channel if you're new, my name is keith and in today's video i'm going to be collabing with you, nice hair. They sent me this really realistic. Super easy v, part 20 inch, kinky, curly, 150 density wig. I feel like every time i tell you guys a description of the wig just like a mouthful, or maybe i just say it in a way where it's a mouthful but anyways. Yes, this is a 20 inch, kinky curly wig and it is 150 density, and when i tell you guys, this is the most realistic wig that i have and it's so soft and lightweight. It'S not super super duper, kinky or unmanageable. Actually, me styling. This took out me styling. This took probably about 15 minutes at that to detangle wet it detangle it and match it with my hair. All the information for this wig will be down below in the description box, along with my subscribe button for you guys to click and subscribe and also turn on the post notifications. Click that bell. So you know anytime. I make a new video and when i say this wig is so easy to style. I'M not even exaggerating it's legit, the most perfect beginner friendly kinky, curly, wig, i've ever tried or ever received. So that's that on that. So if you want to see how i achieved this look just be sure to keep on watching all right, you guys. So this is what my hair looks like right now i haven't been really putting heat on my hair. I'Ve been kind of just wearing it under a wig or recently like today. When i went to work, i had it slicked back in a bun, so that's kind of why it looks weird right now. On top of that, i have like a cast. I don't know if you can see it. I have like the cast right here because i just took off a wig that i did a tick top for so watch out for that. It'S probably gon na be posted before this video anyway. But if you're wondering that's, why there's like a little cast right here? I tried to fix it with my makeup, but it is what it is, and also i'm going to be putting my hair back in a bun for this wig, because i honestly truly don't feel like braiding my hair right now, but normally i would braid my hair In like either two or three or four braids, not anything too small, but yeah not for this video. So this is the box that it came in. It has like a little bit of damages to it from the shipment. Dhl handling it roughly, but it's still a very nice box so before we even get into the box, let's talk about the robe that they sent me with the nice lever on it. Okay, let's take this bad boy out and it's not like super cheap. It has it on the back too. Okay do i do i like wear this throughout the video. Is that what we're gon na do is that's what that's, what it's giving okay, so it has the unites logo right here and it's stitched in it's not printed on. It'S stitched in and also it has it on the back okay to the quality of not even the wig but the accessories. They also sent me a wig cap. Obviously, i won't be using it for this video, but i appreciate them still sending it because you never know when you need it. They sent me some clips. They sent me this really thick elastic band with the logo on it with velcro, and let me just say this: let me just put it out here: this is the best packaging i've received from any hair company and i'm now starting to really work with hair company. So i know i'm kind of talking a little bit soon but come on come on. They sent me a dust bag with a logo for the hair, and then they sent me another mesh bag with the logo as well, with a satin scarf and some lashes. Okay - and this is the wig - it is a 20 inch. I don't know if i said this in the beginning of the intro, but it is a 20 inch, kinky curly wig and it has the stuffing on the inside and also styrofoam. So i'm just going to take that the net off and then take this out, and this is what the inside of the wig looks like. So you have two clips on the parting. You have a clip in the center. You have two combs on the side and you have a comb at the bottom yeah there's a comb at the bottom and there's also elastic bands at the bottom as well, and the wig is in a natural brown like 1b color. My hair is jet black and i recently just like retouched my color, so it's extra extra jet black right now, but we're going to make it work. It has my choice but to work and so far i'm really liking the density of it. I like that. It'S not too long, especially for a v part um and my hair is going to be left out. My hair is not that long, so i like that. So now i'm just going to part my hair and part my leave out and then put everything back into a bun, so i'm just probably going to speed through this part until it's time to put the wig on all right. So this is what the parting looks. Like for my wig and my hair is looked back in a really tight bun, so now it's time to now it's time to put on the wig and i'm going to start with the top and then the sides and then the back okay. So the wig is on and, as you can see, because it's so flat on top, it's almost seamless, it gives sew-in vibes and that's what i really like about the v-part wigs is how flat and seamless that they make the top and undetectable that they make it. As well and without wetting, this hair adding any product, i know i probably should have worn a different color shirt, but it hits like about right here so where my collarbone is a little bit under my collarbone. I feel like once i wet it and it gets to its actual real texture. It'Ll be a little bit longer. One thing i forgot to mention is that um, because i didn't braid my hair. I didn't really like part any leave out out on the sides, because i always just like to just pull it out a little as i go and, like i said before my previous videos, my hairline is kind of short right now because of breakage. So it kind of just comes out anyway, so i just planned on picking it out, like as i styled the texture of the hair. So what i'm going to do now is i'm just going to wet this hair with my spray bottle and add some leave-in conditioner to it just so it could get to its actual natural texture. So i'm just gon na work in sections as i detangle this hair. All right, you guys so i just finished wedding and adding um leave-in conditioner, the leave-in conditioner that i used is the kinky curly knot today. I really like how it works on my hair. That'S what i use in my hair when i used to wear it. Um curly a lot. I kind of wear my hair straight majority of time, but when i do wear it curly, that's what i eat so like i said i went ahead and wet this hair and added some leave-in conditioner and detangled it, and this is what it looks like. So it's definitely it's definitely given what it was supposed to give, and i really like how easy it is to manage it's not um. It didn't give me a hard time to detangle at all, and it took me like probably five minutes at the most. So i really like that. I like that it's not too time consuming and it does blend with my leave out. My hair has like, of course, heat damage because i wear my hair straight majority of the time, but it still blends in really well with my leave out, which is a plus as well, because i was kind of worried i was kind of. I was shaking in my boots for that. I do actually want to put some layers in this um just so. It'S not just like one um length, because that's kind of boring with curly hair i like when it has like layers in it. So i don't know if i want to use my scissors or my razor comb. Logically, i should use my scissors because a razor comb and curly hair, don't okay, all right. I just answered my own question. I don't even know why i did that to myself. So i'm just going to use my sheers and i'm going to go in and just layer it a bit in the front alright. So my hair is still kind of damp, but it is pretty much dry. So this is what we're working with. I actually really really really really like this wig a lot. It looks like my hair. If i would let my hair grow out, yeah like this is definitely giving my hair, not even gon na lie to you. I did add like a little bit more layers to the front just to frame my face, but i'm leaving the back the way it is because this is a 20 inch wig. It'S not that long and i don't want to add layers and make the ends of it. Super super see-through, which is what i hate with curly hair. So i'm just going to leave the black away the back the way it is - and this is what it looks like from the back and also i did add, a bit of eco styler gel to the ends just to clump them up a little bit, because i Noticed they were getting a little bit frizzy with just the water and leave-in conditioner. So this is the eco styler gel that i use towards the bottom and, i didn't add any product to the top other than the leave-in conditioner and water, because i wanted it to look as natural as possible. I didn't want it to look gel down or anything like that. I wanted it to look legit like a wash and go, and the same goes for my edges. I didn't really do that either it's giving naturally stuff all right. You guys that is it for this video, it's very beginner friendly. It'S very easy, very simple tutorial, i'm pretty sure this video is going to be really short, but i hope you guys enjoyed it. I really love this hair. I know i say that a lot with hair that i get, but this is the most realistic wig that i have so this is why i'm just so in love with it, if you haven't already make sure you are subscribed to my channel, make sure you turn On the post notifications, so you know anytime, i make a new video and go ahead and give this video a thumbs up and comment down below any questions or anything that you want to know about this hair that i didn't already explain in the video and also The links to this hair will be in the description box for you guys to shop. Okay, let me stop touching it before it gets too frizzy, because i'm definitely wearing this to work tomorrow. Alright, you guys thank you so much for watching, and i will see you in the next video you

Itsjustsp: Absolutely enjoyed every minute of this video. Keep up the excellent work queen.

Deja Davis: This looks so natural on you!!I need to get my hands on this unit lol.

Syd Bey: Do you have chemically processed hair? The results were flawless!!

abigail bellot: Is your hair relaxed? Very pretty btw.

UNice Hair Wigs: thanks for your sharing!! it is so natural you wear it!

Geneva♧▪︎: Omg

Vanou Sisi: Thanks

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