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Hey Girlfriends! Welcome to my channel ! In this Video, I’m giving you tips on styling your #Unice #vpartwig with no leave out! This is a great #protectivestyle for these hot summer months! I have linked the hair details as well as my other vpart wig Tutorial below.

First VPart video : https://youtu.be/tbA8Er5JJZs

Hey girlfriends, i'm mitch welcome back to my channel. This is another v part video featuring once again nice hair y'all. I love them so much if you have one of these or you're thinking about getting one of these and you just can't quite figure it out. Don'T even worry about it, i got you covered okay, so without further ado, let's get right into this video, okay y'all. So this is how the wig comes. If you haven't seen my um last video that i did for v part wigs, stop this one and go watch that one. But this is the inside of the wig. You got your clips or whatever right here and then it also has the combs in the back too um, i'm gon na show you guys um again how to wear these. So basically, this could be like such a great concept. Okay, y'all y'all see my hair is already braided down it's. It'S not anything spectacular. This whole v part situation could be like really like a game changer for a lot of people. As you can see, i got a little tiny bit of edges out right here. Um yeah, it could really be a game changer like seriously like no leave out um or very, very small, leave out. If you decide that you do want to leave out um and then two like you can clip it different ways like if i want to do a side part she'll do a side part. Let'S do a side part this time, so i'm gon na just turn the wig to it would have to be like this deep one, but that's okay, yeah we just gon na turn it, and then that means that the comb will be towards the front. Instead of so again remember in my last video, i told y'all, you flip this out right, let me make sure y'all can see um yeah. This could really be a game changer if people really knew what they was doing like, but it's just so many people that are struggling with this, so yeah we're gon na. Take this comb we're gon na flip it out just like in my first video and we're going to clip it on the part again, the part is not super neat or nothing like that. It just is what it is and then we're going to take this second comb and we're going to do the same thing flip it put it on that part and then we're going to clip it. Let me see i'll put this down right now. Make sure that my braid is tucked so now i'm going to take this other comb these two and i'm going to again flip it out and clip it as close to the other comb as possible, and then i'm going to do the same thing with this up Front flip this out make sure your comb is open. You see it snaps open and closed, and i'm going to clip it as close to this part as i can. So let me do this so flip this out. We don't remember, we don't want like that. Super large parting space like whenever it's pulling, we don't want that gap. So that's what we're trying to avoid. Okay, having that big old gap just want it to look as clean and natural as possible, and so then now i'm going to tuck everything in my combs and put my combs in okay. So as y'all can see, this is the hair. Whenever i first got it, it was really beautiful like right out the package i loved it: okay um then i went in and i want curled it um today. I think i actually i mean i kind of want to curl it again, but i don't know if i want to do wine curl if you can get this on and get it, how you want it to look. It literally is like five minutes. If you can get this on um because there's no, you don't have to have any leave out. If you do it right, you can literally put this on and be out the door and that's the thing that i love the most about these v part. Wigs literally just throw it on and go about your business, so i'm gon na curl this i'm gon na do some curls and some layers. Let'S do that and it curls very well yeah. I just feel like these v part wigs again, if you can, if you know how to just throw this on clip um, the hair, like close together, clip the clips super close together um, so that there is no really big wide gap, because that's really what's kind Of throwing people off with these wigs is that it just if you don't clip the clips in right, it looks crazy. It'S like i see where companies was going with this, but if people don't show you how to do it right, then it's not gon na look good. It don't matter. It doesn't matter how you put it on it's not going to look good. If you don't clip it on right and i've seen pretty much, everybody put these on, like a middle part, so yeah i'm just showing y'all that you can really clip this. However, you want you, don't have to wear it in the middle. You can wear on the side if you want, and they feel the same to me so and this hair is like, even though it is like the natural yaki texture. This hair is super super soft, very soft, very manageable. It does not tangle easily. So i'm super happy about that and i told y'all before in the last video, if you didn't see it, you'd can do this like. If you don't want to have a part - and you kind of like concerned about how the part is going to look, you can style this many different ways like that's another thing too, if you are intimidated by you, know how it looks when you clip it on You can do like a flip over you can do half up half down. You can still style this in a lot of different ways, with no leave out so i'll. Make sure that i'll put that last video in the description box, so y'all can get some ideas of how to style these as well? Okay, so, as you can see, i just finished styling this and just from all the pulling and tugging when i was doing the curls um, the wig has kind of shifted, so i'm just going to go ahead and fix this really quickly. Just so that it just looks better so again, i'm just going to take this. These combs i'm going to flip them out, and also you want to make sure that your combs are not like hanging outside of the wig. Like the middle part, you want to make sure that your clips are not like hanging out, and all you have to do is just slide. The wig um over the clips flip this out see that right onto that part, same thing right here, flip this out, clip it onto that part and do the same thing on this side. Flip this comb out right onto that part like super close to the other clip as close as you can get it and then the same thing again on this side flip this out. It'S close to this clip it okay, as close as you can do it. We are going to take some makeup because see how close that is, and it's like. Oh, that's too close like you want to make sure that you have it super close, but then you want to make sure that um your part, you can still have a part right, take your makeup and just define your part a little bit. Okay, all right, y'all! So this is how the wig looks now that it's curled, please do not forget to like comment and subscribe, and i will see you all in my next video

UNice Hair Wigs: thanks for your sharing, it is so so natural you wear it!

Adrianna Price: You are so pretty most def pulled this style off

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