Wow! 4C Edges!! This Is My Natural Hair Idc New Hd Lace Front Wig Ft Iseehair

Hey guys! #msnaturallymary here In today's video I'm sharing a #naturalhairwig that has an upgraded hairline that looks like real edges I hope that you all enjoy this video. Be sure to like, comment, and subscribe

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Hair Detail: Type4c Hairline Mongolian Kinky Curly 22inch HD Lace Front Wig

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Time Stamps:

00:00 Intro to WOW! 4C EDGES!! This is MY HAIR IDC NEW HD Lace front Wig ft Iseehair

00:46 Unboxing the 4C edges Natural Hair Wig

1:02 Trying on Bonnet & Robe

1:21 Providing Wig specs & showing 4C hairline

1:48 Natural Hair Wig Prep

2:45 Trying the wig on

3:15 Showing the wig on a manikin head

3:30 Tinting the lace

4:10 Creating a side part

4:23 Defining the curls without washing the hair and shaping the wig

6:57 Diffusing the curls

7:47 Cutting the lace off in the front

8:00 Installing the natural hair wig using bedhead spray

9:53 Slicking down the 4C edges/ melting the lace

11:59 Fluffing and adding volume to the hair

12:43 Finished results

13:00 Outro

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I don't think they're ready, hey y'all, welcome back to my channel, Miss naturally Mary here and if you are new, be sure to subscribe before you leave, I'm about to get y'all all the way together in this video and myself in the process. Now I've been wearing my hair in an updo, so don't mind the current state, but I am serving all the goods today. The unit that I'm going to show you all is from Icy hair and I've used their hair a number of times but they're packaging. This time around, I was so impressed. It was given luxury and I do have a discount code in the description box too I'll be sure to check that out, they're also having a pre-black Friday sale. Currently, so you don't want to miss it and y'all. This wig came with the cute Bonnet. It also came with a robe when I saw I had to immediately take off the what I had on and switch it for this one. Now, I'm not sure if these come automatically as gifts or not, but I would definitely check their website, because this matching set is everything now, let's get into this wig y'all, this is a type 4C hairline Mongolian Kinky Curly unit Inlet 22 and get into this hairline Y'All these edges look like my type 4 edges, and I love that for me. I also love that for you, because I know it's such a challenge for us 4C girls to really find wigs that complement our kinky texture. So I'm so happy that brands are now creating wigs like these, and I wish y'all could feel right out of the package how soft this hair is. It literally felt like butter now before we get into the wig and stall. Let'S get into my natural hair, wig prep now, as I told you guys, I've been wearing my hair up, so we need to take this band off and I'm a lazy natural as I've told you guys a number of times, so I will not be doing cornrows Or even plaits this time, I'm just going to put my hair to two ponytails and then twist it up banded and then try to make sure it's as flat as possible so that I can begin installing the unit and before I start playing music. I do want to share that this hair milk wow, it's so good when I tell y'all it moisturizes and hydrates my hair, like no other. I highly recommend. There'S always so I just showed you all how I originally set my hair, but I had to go back and fix it because it wasn't flat enough, so I'm going to try the unit on and then take it off and try it again and it actually worked After I abandoned it in the back so now it's time to try this wig on and y'all already know. I could not wait and the moment I got it on, I knew it was going to be a hit. I knew it was going to be fire once we finished and don't be alarmed by the two different textures. Once you actually melt the lace and I'm going to show you all the process you can make it blend and look like it matches and like it grew out of your scalp. This is a 13 by 4 lace, front wig, but they also offer this in a closure as well, and this is HD lace. So it's moldable it's going to be very durable and it's going to be scalp-like so right now, I'm going to show you all the unit on a mannequin head so that you can get a better view of how awesome this unit is, is and then we're going To proceed to tint the lace and then I'll come back on yeah, hey Minnesota History! Now it's time to install the unit, but before we do that, I am going to do something that I never do, which is to not wash the wig. But I'm going to show you guys an alternative method which actually eliminates the wait time of having to allow your hair to air dry overnight. So you can actually wear your hair same day and it look absolutely phenomenal. Now I've been wearing a middle part, quite often with my curly hair. So I decided to try a side part for this style and what I love about a side part is that it's so convenient in that you don't even have to make sure that your hair under is actually flat and it'll still look natural. So for this method, I'm going to start by using a spray bottle to Spritz the hair with water and then once it's so somewhat saturated, I'm going to apply some mousse and I am going to be using a lot of body mousse and y'all. This created a great deal of shine and additional softness to the hair. So I highly recommend doing this. I'M going to define the curls with my Felicia Leatherwood brush and then in a moment I'm going to coil the ends around my finger and you all are going to see that it turned out so well, I'm also going to shape the hair during the process. So, let's get into it, if you want something, that's classy tell them all you got ta do is actually yeah glasses lights, camera action, everybody checking for the fashion photo framing every day, is Magic but naked flexing in the traffic. So animated keep your drip, I'm saturated, but I'm still glad you made it high roll down your window play this on repeating the street, like what you say, but it's hard to believe I make it look easy, yeah, hey! I make it look easy. After defining the curls on both sides, I decided to take it off in order to Define them in the back and then I'm going to use my blow dryer in order to diffuse the hair which will speed up the drying time yeah. I deserve it huh I used to crawl, but now I'm walking in purpose every move. I make those great to surface uh, but look at me now mama. She proud she was around when nobody else was around. How Do You Like Me Now? Oh, I had to play a humble pie. Life can really just humble guys guys the limit, don't look surprised likes for living. So let's go live everything that I want. I got ta go, get it cause. I could be gone in a minute yo. This already looks so great and I haven't even cut the lace off yet I was gon na try to cut the lace off while it was still in my head, but then I realized I want to keep my own edges, so I took it off. I don't know how girls do it with it on their head. I feel like that is a skills I'm not gon na lie. At this point I was still quite nervous about the edges, because the textures look so different. What was also messing me up is some of the lace. Tint was still on the edges, so I had to wipe that off and then I proceeded to just try to reprogram my mind and think about my edges and how I'm able to blend my hair with curly textures that don't necessarily match my hair. So what I actually did is just thought of it like these are my edges. I'M gon na slip, my own edges down and it's gon na look awesome, because this is what my edges look like. So that's what we did. What I'm showing you all currently is that you could wear the unit glueless and you wouldn't necessarily see the line of demarcation for the start of the unit, because the texture of the edges kind of covers up that starting line. But I would recommend applying product to the edges first, just to define the curls a little more so that there isn't a significant distinction between the two different textures. But if the edges and the hair texture were the same like if the hair was kinky, then that would absolutely work and you could just wear it as is, and that would be pretty awesome now, this time around, I decided to use my trusty Bed Head spray Over the gossipy glue gel because, as I share with you guys in my previous video like this, I got to be glue gel while it's good and it gets really tacky, and it also lays the hair really nicely, especially for someone who doesn't necessarily want to use. Wig glue, I'd more so recommend the Bed Head spray because it didn't leave a white residue and the application process is actually much easier and it dries much faster did y'all see how easy that was after laying the unit down now, it's time to actually slick the Edges so I decided to try edge control first and then I realized I don't even use edge control on my edges use gel, so I just use Eco Styler gel, and that did the trick. It looks so good after steady rocking the latest that is made. Oh yeah here hang around with the greatest thing: I'm great, oh yeah, yeah ain't, nobody gon na, say it, but I say it. I was just sick and tired of complaining. Now I live my life. It'S amazing! Don'T you see? I deserve it life when no was clever. Now I see the picture perfectly dying in the air. I don't desert them, but I earned it up. I got them calling me leader: how do you do what I see ya all the years of grinding? That'S just my wish, but I deserve it uh. It'S me and my friends yeah I like it yeah. I love it yeah I like it. Yeah do y'all see how phenomenal this turned out. This looks so realistic. Y'All cannot tell me nothing. I was on FaceTime with my sister and she could not believe how natural it looked y'all. This is probably one of the most natural installs that I've done. This particular hair, the texture, the hairline everything about it is so bomb icy. Hair usually does their thing, but they nailed it on this one. I was so impressed once again, I will have a discount code for you guys in the description box they're also having a pre-black Friday sale so be sure to check the link below. I love you guys. I look forward to your comments and feedback. Let me know what you all think about this unit. I cannot wait to hear from you guys like comment and subscribe share this video with a friend, and I will see you guys in my next video bye, y'all I'd use the crawl, but now I'm walking on purpose. I deserve it.

Ms. Michelle Agalte: Girl EVERYTHING you touch turns to glamour to the 100th power ESPECIALLY a curly unit. I Bet ISEE hair didn't know this unit could look like this! You NEVER fail us Gem!

MS JEANETTE SUZETTE HOPKIN (NEE MORRISON): What most black people like about wigs is that we can have different hair style without having to do anything to our own natural hair.

Emeth: Everybody is coming out with a natural hairline wig. This is the third company I have seen with one. You did a fabulous job on the installation. I like these hairlines better than the ones with the crazy baby hairs.

Alice: Hi Mary, so good to see you. That wig is so pretty right out of the box, I will surely have to check them out. What a great job you have done on this wig and it looks like your hair. You always know what to do with hair. Thank you so much and God Bless.❤

Shopper: You do well with wigs. They look soooooo natural on you. Thanks for sharing!

Merle Lewis: I love how natural that wig looks good job and your makeup is on point

Eve Jones: Ok Queen Mary, busting out with new music and new hair. Fantastic. I had to take a little break from buying hair, sis was going broke, but it's all good and you best believe I'm purchasing this one! I love love the edges on this unit. Mary once again your styling creation is on point.

Alyshia: Gorgeous Mary, as per usual! I just said last week I’m not buying anymore hair. Now I gotta take that back geez lol

Cyrilene Miller: Mary you are a genious when it comes to wigs, i love it ,you make it look so easy❤

Kris B Royalty: This looks so good, I love your makeup as well. ❤

sheila boykins: Mary you have done it again you look absolutely beautiful. that wig looks just like your natural hair. Great job. Thank you for sharing.❤

Niesha Sweat: Mary, you really worked with those edges

Cynthia Cummings: Hiiiiiii Mary! Love those curls!!! ❤️❤️❤️ Not feeling those edges though. Maybe I would feel differently if the hair of the unit and the edges weren't two different textures. I could definitely see if the wig was a more kinkier texture. But either way, you still got it together and the finished look is beautiful!!!

Nicole & My Family: You did such a beautiful job

Ms oddballz: Love this look. You are such a pro

Kesha Charlostin: So beautiful it looks so natural too ❤❤❤❤❤

Gorden & Martha Dove: Girl I love this look!!

Goose: This is gorgeous!!!

Shay Love: So beautiful as usual Mary

My Black Is Beautifull: I love the unit on you. You always serve the looks, but I had a very bad experience with ISeeHair and as gorgeous as that unit is, I'm afraid to take a chance to order from them again!

Pamela Gordon: Hey Mary, Beautiful curls ♥️♥️♥️

Sharron Francois: Giving you all the flowers. You are just so great at this.⭐️⭐️⭐️ the hair and you looks absolutely beautiful.

AJ Writer: Yayyy! Another Mary video Wahoo Happy Holidays, Mrs. Bennett! We love ya’ll ❤️

Positive Women: I really love the curly hair.

Annette Anderson: Beautiful. Blessings to you always.

Donalee Taylor: Going to look for it right now loveeee it

Erica: New Subscriber Hey ! ‍♀️ .. Love your tutorials!

simone fisher: Omg this is so pretty will be buying this

MS JEANETTE SUZETTE HOPKIN (NEE MORRISON): Mary Ms Naturally you must have hundreds of wigs by now or thousands All your wigs suits you. You are very beautiful.

Derrick Brown: Looks good Mary…that would also look good on Martha (with her glasses)

Sofia 💜🖤: Mary, you are amazing! I wrote you in dm did you get it?)

Rosie Thompson: Love it❤

kayla stokes: Whew ❤❤❤❤ so fire I’ve been binge watching all Week lol love your videos❤

Hattie Colley: Good seeing u again Mary. Missed that Smile! Thank u for sharing!

d b: This is a 10, beautiful

Sharmaine Thompson: gorgeous!!

kaye Goss: Hey, love that wig

Patricia Crawford: Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful oh yes love it Mary makes it look good oh yes

Breezy's Puffs: You did a great job with this wig but these companies need to learn what texture edges to put with what hair bc these edges do not match the rest of the wig!

Wanjiru Chege: Hi Mary kindly please provide the info on where to buy the blowdryer. Love the hair❤❤❤

Myrtle Smith: Love it

ThePrettySweety: That nude color shirt is so darling on your skin

Sammy Da Goat: Amazing Video Like Usual I Missed You Glad You Back Lovely Makeup

carl brooks aka iamlyrics: You have a lot of beautiful natural hair why u don't rock it?

Yolunda Rivers: Beautiful wig Lovely Mary is there a company that ship less then 7days thank U

Lashonay 🌎: OK, iseehair new packaging niiiiiceee

R Folks: Very pretty, but looks like a lot of work for a beginner

Donalee Taylor: ❤️❤️❤️

Sofia 💜🖤: Mary, you are awesome I have a question for you can I write you in direct please?

pat port:

MS JEANETTE SUZETTE HOPKIN (NEE MORRISON): I try to explain this to Caucasian people that we black people have kinky hair and our hair need lot of moisture unlike Caucasian they need to wash daily otherwise their hair becomes oil and clammy.

Belevhers Boutique: Does that come in a different color

Stacey Reed: Can this wig be colored?

Paula Braxton: Cute, but too much work

Diane Washington:

Samantha X: Was them edges supposed to be realistic because my edges are never that nappy looking like sheesh but the end result was beautiful

•🍭Its Lúa🍨•: Helloooo again msss

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