Sensationnel Cloud 9 What Lace? 13X6 Leena Ft. Samsbeauty

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What'S up y'all this, your girl princess I'll, be doing too much it's my time. Second time doing the voiceover, as you can see, I'm a little excited about Miss uh Sensational, Elena child. This is a very, very gorgeous wig. You know I got ta. Do my curved part baby look at that no plucking needed none. I love it. No plucking needed yeah man and I'm just showing y'all how I do it like I like on, like those big baby hairs. Y'All already know that, so I try to keep it natural. Looking as possible you're trying to fix it but yeah we can just get right into it. It'S a styling, it's so pretty y'all! So so pretty back again about to do my install and right here, I'm just signing y'all. It is big head friendly and I'm, like. Oh, we taking the hairs out so pretty y'all, but yeah I'm gon na speed it. So so I can get to the process. Hey y'all, listen as you can see in the beginning, that was a little turned. Y'All got to forgive me. I was kind of skeptical about this cutie, but it all turned out for the best y'all see me style this, because some of y'all don't be believing that these be the same wigs, but they became I just wore mine a little longer um anyway. If you didn't see from the beginning, because I know somebody I like skill, this is Cloud9 switch lace, wig, 100 premium, fiber, HD lace, keep them guessing 13x6 natural density, and I have it in the style Lena, and this is from the wet lace, hairline illusion, lace. Wig collection, where the Cloud9 collection look at that look how cute that is yeah. My light will be so uh. I don't know. One minute is good Nixon but yeah you catch the drill but y'all. I wanted to do a middle part, but I just feel like I don't know this is really cute. I didn't think listen. I didn't think that this was gon na work out, but it did it's really it's fun. It'S super super soft. I just thought I did run my hands through it um just to give it like a more natural type of look to the curl, so it won't look so tight. That'S just me and I ran out of hair moves baby. I got ta get some more because I ran completely out. I use the last little drop right up in here and that's okay, that's okay! We'Re gon na we're gon na we're gon na work on it and, as you saw, it is huge head friendly. Do you know how I feel about that? I love a wig. This huge head friendly, like girl like huh, yes ma'am, it's Pam, shout out to sell beautiful scenery is freaking cute. I love it. It'S it's a lot, but I like it, it's fun. It'S freaking. Just oh my gosh y'all, I love this so much. It reminds me of um butter lays unit correct me. If I'm wrong with y'all, I want to say it's four or five. I think the curls remind me of that unit, but it's just like I can get into it. I love it um. It doesn't say much about this unit other than it's customized. I did not go in shockingly. I did not go in and plug this unit shockingly because anytime, it's already plugged, I go in and be extra. I might go in to be extra, but I really like it the way it is. I did not add any makeup. Y'All know how I feel about that um. It'S just me. I just don't like adding makeup to my lace, um I just like for it to be what it's going to be, because I mean everybody knows the wig. So why try to hide it um it's well! Crafted gift that is undetectable child when I was putting it even um, adhesive, yes, ma'am, Miss Pam, yes, ma'am, absolutely, and it says, see the difference. Of course. We'Re gon na show you the different size y'all I am in awe cause. I always feel like shorter curly curlier units on me. Don'T look good, but this look really good, like I'm in love with this unit. Like I like it, I just hate that I ran out of moves, because I can't tame it the way I want to tame it. I may go in to put some of my um curling cream in there from I want to say shea moisture or something like that. I can't remember um. No, it's from Cantu, don't give it a line it's from somewhere, but I love the smell. So I might add it to the curls anyway, let me do a little 360. This is the front. This is the side. This is the back and then, instead of that, hey girl, y'all, I am just it's so cute, like it's just so freaking. I can't like it's a doll I really like it. I hate that my lighting is like extremely bright but y'all. I promise you like. I have Heaven on the lower setting it's kind of weird, but I you know whatever, but anyway yeah and it did not shed. It did not shed when I was um running my hands through it. Oh wait a minute. Oh, I didn't change it. Okay, I was just trying to make sure but yeah, if you guys have any questions, comment circumstance on this cutie feel free to leave your comment below you know your girl get right back with you. I love each and every one of you guys. I hope you guys are having a blessed morning in the night, wherever you are make sure you're hugging, loving, kissing on your loved ones, while they're here give them their flowers. While they are here because life is so short, y'all already know, I always say a little preach at the end of my video, but I'm not gon na do a design. I love y'all. I love you. I love y'all, I'm fine!

Lauren Brady: Yesssss for the tutorial! You gave us just what we needed! And as always, you slayed this look❤❤❤

Eljeepi: Sis this looks so cute on you. Thanks for the step by step.

It’s Kayki Babe: Your so beautiful gur! I love the prayer at the beginning of the video. This is a beautiful unit ❤

HerNuggets Est.2015: Gorgeous

Simply B: So very GORGEOUS

Kiki Goodwin: ❤❤❤❤ tfs I truly njoyed this .n this unit looks gud on u as well

Deborah Pope: Beautiful you are awesome and absolutely gorgeous ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤luv u mommy

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