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Hair Length: 10 Inches

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What'S up guys and welcome back to face of a matter, it is your girl, Jane here and in today's video I have a unit for you guys, 2day. Today'S video is in sponsorship with royal me. This is my first time trying a royal me hair. I haven't used a unit of theirs before they've reached out the pictures and stuff that they showed me we're absolutely beautiful and their thing about their wigs is like it's a fake. What did they call it like a fake scalp? So I was like you know what I just literally slicked my hair back in this bun and I was like you know what the wig is actually a side part. So I'm, like you know this is the perfect time to really see how this fake Scout thing, works and yeah see how much it can actually like cover up the hair underneath without it actually having to be like lined up with the part. We don't have to throw foundation and concealer wanted all that stuff, so I was really intrigued by this unit, so I was like yes send it over I'll review it. Let'S look at it. Let'S take a look, so I'm super excited so again. Thank You royal me for sponsoring this video. If you guys are interested in this unit after we get down into the nitty-gritty of it all the lenses stuff will be down below in the description bar as always so as before we get started. If you're not already subscribed to my channel, I should go ahead and join the face of a matter family we are growing. We were at with 331,000 welcome new sub ease. Welcome back all subbies. I love you guys and appreciate you guys so much. Oh, my goodness. We'Re growing I'm so blessed so make sure you guys also check out today's Bible verse of the day, which will be right here and also down below in the description bar as well. So let's go ahead an get into this videos I already kind of opened it up, because I was so curious of like the quality. I was so curious and I wanted to just see how it was again. This is my first time using the hair, so I was just really intrigued. So I'll post up this picture here of how it was like really super ly cute packaged. I'M had like a really nice ribbon on and all that stuff, here's the photo um but yeah. I took the ribbon off and had no idea how to put it back up on there. What I'll just tell them already opened it up just to see the quality. So here is the unit it's not long. I did not want to afford any long hair. No, I don't know if you guys can tell, but I will do a quick little like insert. I don't know if you guys can see but like the wig itself is literally the the cap. No, the part is already like me. So can you kind of select my finger disappear behind like that? The scalp thing like up close, it's super. It'S super interesting. I don't. Let me see if I can get a web get my camera on my phone to like really get up nice and close on it, crazy, looking nails and trying to glam, and then she goes back up, I'm having acrylics on them. But can you guys see how the lace is like? I don't know what's on it, but that's like really cool so this time it just hides how it actually looks. This gives it like the fake sky, but the scalps already there underneath it looks like that. But that's super neat right so, like I said, I thought today will be perfectly like perfect to see if it will hide the hair. I like on the side of my slicked back button. So if you guys have not checked out my slicked back bond I'll, do I don't even think I did like a middle part for you guys I'll do a middle part for my channel, if you guys want, but but yeah, but oh, my bun might be in The way hold on, let me take my hair down real, quick, okay, okay, limp come through then come through come on. Don'T think I have a wig cap home. They said I can find me a wig cap, really quick, not one wig cap, just not not one, not a half of one, not one with a hole in it, not one with makeup and glue on it like nothing, not one. So what I'm gon na have to do is, do I have a bobby pin? Maybe I can bobby pin this part up found me some bobby pins. We just got it pinned up in the back, because that's just how we don't have to do it today. Okay, let's get into it, so this wig actually has a band already stitched in it, which is awesome. That means I don't have to do it well. Actually, no it's just hooked by this little prong thing is kind of you know how, like your bra strap is. It literally looks just like that, so you just hook them on. So you have the option. That'S good, too! You have the option. If you want the bands, if you don't, you got ta, have them on there all right. Let'S put this bad boy on all right. I'M gon na go ahead. I'M gon na go ahead and secure the the band and then that way I can see like what I hope my head is not too big. For this thing I have a big head. Y'All, sometimes like with these wigs, my head don't fit cuz. I ain't the right wig size. Okay, all right! We good look. You guys! Look so so far this week is really really cute um. I love the cut. I love that it's not super long and like doing a whole lot, because I'm just not in that type of mood with a lot of hair right now. Hence why my hair is pulled back. I have my hair down for one day and I pulled it back yet again. The band definitely makes this joint feel like it's not going anywhere. Oh my gosh, okay. What do you guys think so far? Who, of course, we got the lace all up on top of our forehead, we're on my scissors. Alright, let's go ahead and start cutting the lace off the top. You know do not laugh at me at my face is my concentrating face. I cannot stand cutting the leis like this whole part, I'll just be like bro. Somebody else do this for me, alright, so the only thing that I'm seeing right now that I have to do is line up the actual part with my baby hair. That is like saying, hello, my baby hair to kind of match that you know you guys. This looks so good. I think it could use a little bit of plucking in the front I'm gon na just pluck like a little bit up top, I felt good geez like a little bit more super cute. You guys, so you already can tell that. I have my part. My part is here, as you can see it's up under just my hair being slicked back, so this is like a throw on and go. Wig like this is crazy. What are you guys thinking down below? Let me know down below. I thought up front is a little looks a little Wiggy. Let'S see, I think, walk up in this part. It looks really wiki and let's see, if again, what do you guys think this is so cute? Where I got my little glasses on. I really feel like really businessí. You want to know what else would make it better. I got ta be honest, guys I suck I suck at making like the little baby hairs. I mean if this wasn't simple and easy. I don't know what is super. Just simple natural business see this is like mom hair. This is mom hair. I love it. It'S it's. You know it just hits. The collar nicely sits nicely on the collar. I just repeat it myself, but yeah I like it. This is super cute yeah. I like this, let me know down below guys what you guys think about it. So far I had to do a little bit of plucking. I don't want to do too much cuz. I don't want to like look like it's a receding hairline. So I'm just gon na leave it as it is right now I'll play with it a little bit more but make sure you guys check out my Instagram I'll pull some pictures up over there. I don't want to add any like curls to it. Yet I'm gon na wait until the starts getting a little stiff and then we'll wash it and play around with it a little bit more. I would really love to see some waves in it. I may let um a beautician for some waves in it cuz, I'm not a good person to like start fooling with stuff, because I've had units in the past which they're still bomb, but it's like me trying to do stuff to it. I would always like kind of mess it up a little bit but um like presidents like I'm walking through with heels on through the corporate office, not right now I want to be in the White House period, but you get what I'm saying maybe a couple years Ago we would have been right up in there, but right now and a ma'am. Thank you get to Royal me for spot in the video and sending me this beautiful unit. I love it. Thank you so much so if you want to find more details about this unit head over down to the description box, all the details will be down there for you guys down to the density the cap size. All of that will be down to the length. All of that will be done if you wanted to purchase your own so yeah. Thank you so much for watching. So, as always, if you're new I'm J and if you're not new, I just thank you so much for supporting me with whatever I do here with my channel. I love each and every one of you to know in and of course, until next time, God willing. I will definitely see you guys in my next video

Ariyo Omotola: You said mom hair the same time I did lol! The wig definitely gives you a mature look and yeah I think it could use a little more plucking to make the hairline look a little more natural.

Stephanie Oliver: I wore my hair like this and someone said i looked nice and wholesome. I guess it really is mom hair. This is an easy style to achieve....wig or not.

Kourtney Thomas: First your brows are bomb! And yes the hair looks really good and you didn't have to do anything to it.

Stephanie Rodnez: Miss you sis! Praying for you in this season of purpose :-)

Katisha Green: ok Jea, love this business style look on you... very classy, and those glasses topped it off girl. love it.

Samantha InGold: More like 100 to 1,000, you look great Jae!!!!!❤️

Asia Parker: Love the wig, giving us Daphney vibes ❤️

Thrifting Grandma: I love the length, it looks good on you.

Imani Hairston: It was nice meeting you today. You’re so sweet!

BarbaraBeauté: Super cute cut! the scalp looked a little over bleached though

Roberta McCullum: I really like the new style and look of this with wig .Much love

Charday Ciara: Love this wig.

Sharise Henderson: Your Intro is EVERYTHING

Feelisahtee: Almost 333,000. Go get em girl!

Nattie: “Bruh somebody else do this for me .” Same

Tahlia Jones: Gurl you were already an 100

God’s Precious: Looks

Jodeci Harris: I love it.

rlw: Where are your glasses from? Too cute!

Jessica Rausier: I love your glasses where can i purchase them please ? Thx

Mojisola Oladipo: I love your glasses. Where is from? I need to get me new frames.

j_ bubblez: Did you get a light brown or dark brown fake scalp?

ISLANDBEAUTY: She looking like corporate❤️❤️❤️

Lisa Kaye: can u review the edgebooster gel plz

Danielle White: @faceovermatter can we get those details on the glasses!!!

Inlivinkaylor: Gurrrrllll I liiiveee for that red blazer

Makeda Harris: GLASSES Where please They're gorgeous!

B Williams: It is mom hair. But it’s cute lol

Kristi Elizee:

Shelia Rae: Buyer Beware!

Cheryll: Jaeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ❤️❤️

Loretta Williams: I like it n what the name of the wig is it human wig

Iesha tv: hey haven't been getting notifications from your video I was starting to worry

winta shumalem: Why you take too much time for this one video

Rabia Donk: First

Shantesha Brooks: I'm here

Mz. Loquacious: @faceovermatter BOO are u preggo?

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