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What's your hair type?

3c-4b, low porosity, fine hair

How long have you been growing your hair?

Almost 7 years!

How old are you?


Can you recommend products?

Whatever you see me use and like in a video..that's what I suggest! But always use what works for YOU.

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As always!

Thanks for watching!

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WillOnAWhim is a one-stop shop for all things hair, travel, food and shenanigans! Enjoy!

You know sometimes I just be TIRED. You know I just be TIDE. I just wan na pop on Renaissance and be done by the end of I'M THATGIRL, That's 3 minutes and 28 seconds anything longer than that. I'M singing Degrassi's theme song. I know I can make it through Shout out to Manny Santos. Queen of these kind of hats Point is: I take it easy On weeks when I don't have the bandwidth to do a full, triple axel, kick flip 360 back hand spring round off full twist and layout. What I shampoo, I condition I style with minimal effort SCREW THE CLEAN PARTS. Okay, just go twist and pray By the end of it all. When the style is finished. I always realize that haircare doesn't have to be a chore for real, but a small opportunity for ease and reconnection through taking care of my body so loosen the bolts on your next washday them perfect parts and that zero frizz does not have to have so much Power over you just be easy:

undrmyumbrellaa: i prayed "lord release me from the grip of needing clean parts" once or twice

DragonGoddess: "Screw the clean parts" is me. Especially with a 2 year old and 3 month old twins ‍

mikey: why was this entire video me. this is how i be feeling all the time.

Soul de Oro: You know I could taken these box braids out, but I’m held down and bound by the thought of re-braiding, when I could just let my hair be.

Arielle C: Ooh Will coming thru with the man bun looking so fiiiiine!

T Shawn: I released myself from the shackles of clean parts & no frizz long ago... save all that attention to detail for the hairstylist getting paid for it. When I do my own hair, good enough is always the goal

Boujet Beauty Company: This was me washing my hair today. You got a new subbie! My 11yr old says she wants to watch more of your vids you’re funny

StephaniePrincess94: My 2 dookie twists in the back with imperfect parts and my 2 flat twists in the front are the easiest way to care. Perfect parts are for the birds. My scalp is clean and my hair is healthy! Ayyye

sgayles11: Your hair looks really healthy & shiny Will. ☀️

Hope: I needed this. Very beautifully said, Will ❤️

Joseph Goldberd: I can’t I MUST have clean parts but I’ll skip a wash anyday to save time


Regal Above Pettiness: He is literally explaining my natural hair care 'chile I'm tied' method since the beginning.I ain't never cared.Hair clean and moisturized and I'm good.I style every now and then.In fact, about to style now‍Pray for my patience

nizbet: I really tried to do the clean parts with this last wash because my coworker clowned me with previous parts

Dann-el Smith: I know that’s right! My wash days have become such a chore these days & I’m “tide”… much love to you Will

7central: I’m weakkkk, that description had me

C. Will: Well said. Our parents didn't even do all this work to keep our virgin child hair upkept and it was fine for the most part ‍♀️ I gotta go back to basics because we truly don't need all these products to make our hair look goodt chile. Protect Moisturize Condition

Mrs. TreyNeverson: And because you said that I'm going to try it because I am a perfectionist when it comes to parts so thank you for that #long-hair on care gang

Kazz: Perfect parts? I don't know her *in my Mariah voice*. Lol I'm too lazy every week for all that.

Literary Paracosm: Must be nice to have looser hair texture, I be looking crazy if I don’t have clean parts

Darius Paris: Yo… this whole video is hilarious! But nicki’s “what?” After that long gymnastics name And the tide. I’m hollering! (I’m that girl!)

Spicy: yasssss so me....screw the clean is moisturized ....yasssss

K. B: the thumbnail had you lookin like a fineee prisoner

Reese x: this is real lol good to know even will has lazy wash days

Melanie: I'm hating cuz "I didn't even try" parts still look a million times better than my "I REALLY tried hard on these" parts!! Lawd...

Raven: That parting and style is so nice!

RoseWater 22: I wouldn't even put it up, just twists down free

SpadeUfo: Beards looking good Will. Real good.

Ms. P: Say less! Luv Ya! Blessings Always Ms.P

Tamarae Roberts: have you tried the sandwich method for your hair? It's conditioner, then shampoo, then conditioner again, then deep conditioner then style

Tatyana Gordon: I put my hair in 4 plaits at night after work and in a bun when I go to work. I don't have the energy for all that work.

Xavier Jones: I like a lot I just wish I could do my own hair

S_: Not manny santos lmaoo. Queen of the thong hanging out the low rise jeans

Christian Kirby: Me this last wash day

Reyna MRS. V: As many years I've been watching, I'm not certain if you trim your hair. Do you?

MsGweks: What do you use on your face it has a glow.

Crystal Bryant: Well said

Sherri Sherlock Holmes: So CUTE ❤

Miscellaneous Life: Will! They’re making a degrassi reboot. Hopefully it won’t be trash like next class

Ray Rose: A WORD !!!

Paige Echols: Whew chile! This was a word! ‍

Tonya Henry: And it looks good

SidneeSpeaks: Lol the shirt was giving orange is the new black haha

FIRE CROCHET HAIRSTYLES 🔥: What's ur hair type/texture?

Bunting U: Beautiful handsomely done

ms. Eve Gene: You are a beautiful merman

Tessa Brooks: Is this him talking

Elizio Cantio: Cutee

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