How To Trim Your Own Natural Hair Yourself| How Often, When, & Why

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Guys, it's you okay me and welcome back to my Channel today, I'll, be showing you guys how to trim your own natural hair by yourself trimming in general, something that's helpful, especially if you have natural hair in the way your hair behaves aside from the fact that It may look more, even it also just makes caring for your natural hair easier, because you won't be experiencing tangling at the end and a lot of just problems occurring, especially at the ends of your hair. You know that it's time, if you start getting more tangling more at the end of your hair, that you're feeling more resistant at the end of your hair ends of your hair, and this is just because, when your ends become more, even especially, if you have the Curlier and tightly curled hair there's more chances for it that uneven ends and split ends to like intertwine with each other and just cause tangling and Tangled Up on each other. So trimming is the best way to reduce that frustration of getting all of these like Tangles. At the ends of your hair, I went to go get some scissors from Sally's. This is like a really really important point. You want to get real cutting scissors for hair, don't trim your hair with like some random scissors, that is in your room that you used to cut up boxes and stuff, that's kind of dull. Your Cuts won't be as sharp, and you may not actually realize that you're not getting the best most even cut. These are a lot sharper to prevent those ends from like coming cut in afraid way that just kind of defeats the purpose of trimming today I am actually going to be blowing out my hair, but you don't need to blow your out your hair to trim it. I just happened. The style that I want to do next is a blow up, but you can also just trim it without using any or anything. So I'm going to show you so now. My hair right now is fresh out of the shower. It'S still wet we're gon na go in sections, starting with this first piece, and I'd also like to thank the sponsor of today's video, which is care of if you've never heard of care of it's a vitamin Subscription Service. Where, essentially, you take a quiz and then it personalizes daily vitamins specific to you, so there's like less guesswork in finding out what vitamins could be helpful in you sticking to a whole self-care routine as we're doing our hair. It'S also good to take care of ourselves in internally, so I take probiotics for gut health iron to keep my iron levels up and also vitamin D. Vitamin D. Many black women, including myself, actually tend to get deficient in vitamin D, because a lot of us don't get enough of it from the Sun and vitamin D does play a role in hair loss, as does iron deficiencies. So it's all helpful and just making sure that I am getting in the right levels of all the different things I need. So if you'd also like to try out these personalized daily vitamins, you can go to take care and take their quiz to find out what could be good for you specifically, and you can use my code okimi for 50 off your first order. So yeah the link will be down in the description box below. So I just untwisted that section. The key to trimming your hair as evenly as possible by yourself without using heat, is to work on damp hair and then use a brush to make. It lay completely evenly my Tangles use a brush and I'll link the scissors and everything below too. If you want to use the same ones, and also our already have leave it in my hair, my hair is fully wet with leave-in, so that I can easily run the brush through to make sure that all of my hair fibers are perfectly aligned so that whenever I'M cutting, I know that actually cutting it correctly to where all of my hair are pulled out symmetrically. My ends, actually don't look too too bad. It'S actually been a year since I did a trim, but that also goes into determining how long you should wait in between your trims. It'S gon na differ very greatly between person to person, because it depends on how, essentially, it depends on how much you're manipulating your hair, if you're, manipulating your hair. More often, your ends are going to get on even a little bit more sooner, just because you'll be experiencing a little bit more breakage. But if you're someone who you don't really manipulate your hair too too much or you're a little bit more gentle with your hair, you won't need to trim, as often so never go buy like a set time period like okay as a person with natural 4C hair. I need to trim my hair every three months or I need to trim my hair every six months or because you see me trimming my hair after a year. You only need to treat a mirror here after a year. You need to judge it based on your own self. About right now is when I've started to see a little bit more knotting at the ends of my hair, and I haven't been seeing that in any of the months leading up to now so today, because when I decide that okay, I want to do a trim. But it's only because I noticed that okay, I'm experiencing a little bit more knotting my twist. Whenever I twist them they don't they aren't as blunt in some of them. So I'm like okay, I want to do a trim, so you should always judge based on your own hair, rather than going based on a strict timeline. This can be every month for you. This can be longer for you, so you're just going to smooth your hair out all the way to the ends. My ends here at the back of my head look good. I think I'd probably just need to trim more at the top of my head. So maybe this isn't the very best example at the front of my head, because I put more manipulation on the front of my hair. Whenever I'm styling my ends will look, will be a little bit more uneven there. So yeah manipulation, like I said before, plays a big part in like how often you'll need trimming so I'll show you guys that, but let me just show you quickly how I'm just gon na dust off these ends, even though there's actually really no need to here. At the back, but we're here so I might as well I smooth it all the way down and because this section doesn't really need that much trimming, I'm going to go very close. I hope you guys can see that so that was less than that was like a centimeter and that section was half of one twist. So I'm going throughout and just untwisting each twist and going in sections that are about that big and also it's important that you were making sure that you're holding your hair parallel to your scalp so that you can be cutting your hair evenly across. Because if you hold it down like this way, you'll be holding it to where parts of your hair will be hanging a little bit lower, so you won't be cutting it completely straight. I'M going for just an even all across cut straight across like that. So it's perfectly even posted this back up, I'm gon na be blowing out my hair, so you'll see the progress and then I'm gon na move up closer to the front of my hair, for you guys to see like a difference, because I feel like the back Of my hair didn't really need tripping that much, but I'm still gon na trim all of my hair and as you can tell I'm trimming it first and then I'm proceeding to blow out my hair for the style. I wanted to do on that day. But I'm able to still trim my hair in its natural state. First see right now, my hair hasn't been blown out, yet it's just wet with leave-in and I'm able to brush it out, smooth it and cut it flat in its natural straight. Just because I'm doing it while it's wet, so you don't need to blow out or straighten your hair first to do this, as you can see, that is a little bit more straggly and you can customize this based on your own hair. So if your hair starts to be more straggly a little bit higher up, definitely you can cut it like higher up. If you need to I'm just going all the way until it starts to look a little bit uneven, which is a little bit closer to the ends like the very ends, but if you need to cut up a little bit higher if it's been a while, since You trimmed like a long while then it's okay to go up higher too, and I'm just going to cut straight across just like that. Even now, as I'm trying to detangle it, this front section of my head has been the hardest to detangle. That'S because the ends not up so much easier whenever they aren't, as even like I'll detangle it and then it'll become Tangled again. This is what I'm talking about. If you want to start with the part of your hair that needs the most trimming, I decided the best would be half an inch. Then you could use that to determine how to cut the rest of your hair. So, even if the back wasn't, I didn't need as much trimming you could cut it also half an inch just to keep all of your hair. Even I am still going to cut this one a little bit more than I did at the back. Just because the section of my hair annoys me either it'll become shorter by breaking off, or you just cut it right now and prevent it from getting off to where it'll become up here because of all Tangles that will eventually form and be ripping out. Your hair in the process of trying to detangle your hair, obviously I'll divide this one into two, because this piece is a lot shorter. Okay, I cut off quite a bit. That'S like three-fourths of an inch. It'S already made such a difference in how the comb runs through my hair, so still quite a bit compared to the back of my head all right. So now I'm going to finish blowing out the rest of my hair. If you want to see that that'll be a separate video of how I will blow dry get it be stretched in below it out. It'S like, too, completely different heads of hair, whatever my hair is shrunken versus strapped, but yeah as you can see, trimming your hair by yourself. Isn'T that difficult and you don't need to straighten your hair before you trim it. You can definitely straighten your hair whenever you want to do like a cut to where, if you wear your hair or straight most of the time - and you just want to make your hair even whenever it's straight, you can do that. But if you want to trim your hair for the sake of preventing tangling at the end and preventing knotting at the end, definitely something that you can do at home by yourself so yeah. I hope that this helps you and, in the future, helps you also prevent breakage so that you can retain more length or do whatever you want to do with your hair and yeah I'll, see you guys in the next one. Thank you guys so much for watching bye.

Seun Okimi: Hope you guys find this helpful!!! Also let me know if any of you guys have heard of Care/of or use their vitamins!

MingToi Isaac: I trim regularly when I feel knots, stragglers, if ends feel crispy even right after I moisturize. Such a difference it makes when detangling and styling.

Adanna Madueke: the way your skin is glowing in this video! ok lemme keep watching...

Joy Nosa: From when I was natural to now that am relaxed, I've always believed that hair must be trimmed every 3 or 4 or even 6 months but I knew how to manipulate my hair less and had no regrets trimming my hair once a year and I trim off at least an inch or two and that's it. I've been taking care of my hair myself for years now and it's thriving so so much. The only time I go to the salon is to braid my hair that I care for for two months straight. I think listening to my hair and paying attention to it is what worked for me instead of doing what everyone says.

Pretty B!: Thanks honey I ALWAYS find your videos so informative ❤️ I love that you have the same type of "4c" hair that I have ✌❤️ You're practical and very much relevant to me.

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