Y2K Inspired Curly Half-Up Down Edition Ft Ahsmiary Hair

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Hair Details:13x4 Transparent Lace 99J water wave Wig 26 inches 180% density

Direct Link ➤https://bit.ly/3Ubx4EJ

HD Lace Wigs:➤ https://bit.ly/3h0KuoY

Halloween color Hair : ➤https://bit.ly/3WbMv1H

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Facebook: http://bit.ly/2Em6mo2

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Youtube: http://bit.ly/38ArYea

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Like a movie, what's up guys, if you want to see how to shoot this gorgeous in style with the swoop had ponytail giving very much Y2K Vibes make sure you guys keep watching! Thank you so much for sponsoring this video um. The links to this hair will be in the description box below and yeah her hair. They sent me this 26 inch, lace, wig, burgundy or Double J wig. I plug the hot comb this hair already. This is the HD transparent lace, given very much Gap haven't put no makeup on it. It comes with two, let's two Combs plastic band, a comb in the middle and this is it at its natural state. No curls have been put into this wig and crunch, but I'm gon na cut my ear tabs off on the side cut as low as possible because you don't want to cut too much off so now, I'm going to flip this backwards going in with my got To be spray, I'm gon na spray a thin coat layer going with my wax out comb and I'm just going to press it down to get that cap Blended in you install your wig literally 15 minutes already getting the scalp gon na hold it down like this. But I'm going to take my rat tail comb and I'm just going to press and blend press the glue into wig this you want to spray I'm going to spray. My got to be spray again and I'm going to just spray Mama's out melt that lace and with my Velcro, some of them, while that's melting, I'm going to figure out what hairstyle I want to do and I'm about to come right back, hey guys! So now I'm removing oh it's giving Scout so now, I'm about to oh that you stopped it so now, I'm just gon na yeah Alexa stop! So now, I'm about to take this it's time to cut the lace off, so it's a little too far down. So I'm just going to take a break. That'S too far down and just foreign tuck, my real hair, underneath going in with my morphe palette that little white part out to match my skin tone. It'S gon na be more blank because it's another stuff, you know you're, not ready so guys. This is the wig that is natural, stay, so beautiful, like the colors, so vibrant. The curl pattern is so beautiful. I got so many compliments on this wig. Like I love a good curly wig like let's just get into the bigness of this hair, like I love love, love, love, love, big hair, like I'm, in love with this hair, but I don't want to keep it like this, so I'm about to do a style That I saw off Pinterest and yeah. Let'S get into it, give me a little cute little Style see enough tick tock they pull the hair back. I might not wear this outfit, though pull it back. So I'm about to do it like this put it in a ponytail and let it scrunch up like that, so I'm gon na be back, so I can show y'all so guys this is the finished result. I just did a little slick back ponytail push two on the side. Did my baby hairs combat the natural state of the curls? This hair is absolutely gorgeous if you want to see if you want the links to this wig click the link in the description box. To get this exactly wig tell them. Lexus Makaya sent you and yeah give this video a big thumbs up: love ya, foreign

Wilsanette: Hey girl you look beautiful! what lace glue did you use?

CandiCream: ❤it was tha soft flex with the REAL INCHES 4 ME

ana Vibes: All colors matter fact ❤

ana Vibes: You look so pretty with red or burgundy

butter my biscuits: It’s giving slayed Makiah baby

butter my biscuits: Face beat by the gods Makiah baby


butter my biscuits:

butter my biscuits: I ❤ you Makiah baby

butter my biscuits: I’m here first Makiah baby it’s been a minute girl

David Parnell: Hi lexis

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