100% Glueless Clear Lace Wig Application For Beginners!

Glueless wigs for beginners.

WIG IN THE VIDEO: https://bit.ly/3AX72fY

Discount: Marie

Length: 18 inch

Color: Natural Black

Lace: New Clear Lace

Density: 150%

Cap Construction: Glueless lace front wig

Cap Size: Medium cap size (22 inch - 22.5 inch) with combs and adjustable straps make it fit most people and is easier to wear

Parting Space: 6 Inch Deep Parting Space

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Hi everyone welcome back. I hope you are having a wonderful day. I hope your week was amazing, so today's video i want to give you a glueless wig install with this beautiful glueless wig. I will be sure to link everything in the description box. So do me a favor if you have not already go ahead and click that subscribe button thumbs up this video, because today's tips is going to be 100 glueless for anyone who wants to give their hairline a break and just also keep their wig looking amazing. So, let's jump right into today's video today we are starting off already pre-styled this wig i've bleached the knots. I'Ve already cut off the extra lace, and i did some curls and just pinned them with some clips. So this wig in today's video has the new clear lace. It is a 13 by 6 deep parting, pre-plucked virgin hair lace, front wig and a body wave texture. It comes in an 18 inch all the way to a 26 inch. I have this in an 18 inch and they also have two cap sizes, which is an average and a small, so this one unfortunately does not come in a large. However, you can always contact the company and ask them if they can customize a large for you. So i really like this style, because, with this type of wig, it has the combs adjustable straps and, as you can see once you have customized your knots and cut off that lace, just putting it on your head by itself, you can already tell that it looks Very natural, so i've already lined it up perfectly to fall from ear to ear. If you have not seen my ear cuttings, have video make sure to go check it out, since i'm not using any type of glue, i'm just taking a regular holding spray. This one has a really light hold and i'm just spraying down the sideburn areas and around the lace um, because i'm not gluing it down. The sides tend to be flappy and we don't want that. So the best tip i can give you guys is to spray. Just something right: there don't need to be a extreme hold, just something to lay that area, and then what you want to do is, of course, just smooth out your baby hairs, get the extra hair out the way and then tie your hairline down for 20 minutes Or 30 minutes with the slay band now to keep my wig secure, i always use the adjustable strap that comes into the wig and i put it to the tightest fit where it's comfortable, but nice and snug, and then for the sideburn areas. If you put a little something like, i said it should not flap around, it should stay down or you can just take two bobby pins and place them behind the ear at that area so that it won't flap. So now i'm just adding a little bit of my foundation powder around the hairline to make sure that that lace and everything blends with my forehead color, because today i am wearing makeup. So i don't want any type of separation and then i'm taking my curler and just curling the edges so that they will lay like actual edge, hair or baby hair. Now, if you don't plan to gel down your baby hairs or have any harsh baby hairs, then this part is very important, because you want that edge area around that lace to be covered with the shorter hairs. Since you are not gluing it down, you definitely don't want any visibility of the lace and, as you can see just looking at my wig application, there's no lace showing and using the curler helps those hairs to just look nice and wispy and clean around that area. Now i am just in love with the hair. I actually let my curls stay pinned curled overnight and, as you can see, the hair itself is very curled and bouncy and just flowing very well. If you got this in a longer length. Oh my god. I think this hair will be absolutely gorgeous, but the parting, as you can see, you get that deep, six inch parting and you can wear a side part a middle part. Whatever you want to do just make it work for you and just make it fit you. So yeah, that was all i did for this wig. As you can see, that was a very quick install. I hope you guys enjoyed the video i'm sorry so short. Today, however, i am moving. So i've been doing a lot, but i am here bringing you all content today be sure to thumbs up the video again subscribe. If you're new to my channel share the video with a friend - and i love you guys, thank you so much for watching

Vanessa Lawson: You’re Simply the best at slaying these wigs, even this glueless application is bomb.

Beauty by Jay Morris: Awesome install Marie, the wig looks very bouncy and soft, love it

🌟LilacBlonde7🌟: Absolutely beautiful once again! I love the jet black, but those curls are fire! Very natural looking unit, but I must say ur face is FLAWLESS, just stunning ❤!!!!

Sonja Gilkes: Beautiful, as usual!!

Valangsta Tolbert: Thank you, MARIE. Beautiful as usual

Chanice Symone: Great tips on application and beautiful unit x

Megan Daniels: Definitely beautiful ❤️ wig.. So dang natural Have good weekend

preese100: Amazing application....thanks for sharing!

Lusher Manuel: I love it! ❤ always!

Monebyrd: Beautiful ! Thank You for sharing

lovekisses99: Love it!!

Mammie Summers: BEAUTIFUL!

ALL BEAUTYBYJACQY: Hello beautiful , this one is geogous and nicely installed . Love love love. Please when is the wig sale coming up? Can't wait!

Marva Lane: I hope you are having a great start to your weekend. Please give me your recommendations for a silky straight full lace wig Thank You

Lo Joes: Wow! I’m in love ❤️

Felicia A: Yea!!! 234k and keep it going !! I thumbs up before watching the video , you look chic, love your look the hair and makeup best wishes

Kris Oliver: I the hairstyle-look u looking amazing beautiful Marie

Gail Hopkins: Ok i see it now Ronnie Hair! I love the natural soft look on u it reallt shows your true beauty & u are a beauty! I know someone will give me a thumbs down foe saying that. But i have learn to care not & speak my truth. Also to give to whom ever deserve their flowers as it meets the occasion!. grace to all.gh

MsCynsational: Love it

Chan Stan: Gorgeous

Rochelle Katz: Marie this unit is Awesome

Respect My Opinion: This wig is so cute

Graciously Blessed: Dear "Precious Marie," Since you are moving again, I pray that you are moving to an upgraded home, with all of the amenities, you, your husband, and your family, desire. You are a blessing to your subscribers (and even to those who watch and have not subscribed), and you truly DESERVE to blessed, in return. May the upgrades be continuous.

Gail Hopkins: Wow! I just sat down & u came on! I made first! So thrill for that! Anyway i can watch the video now!. Waiting in my kids!grace to u , all.gh

KISS HAIR: It's useful

Gail Hopkins: Is this your line from creation? It is softly nice . very pretty unit. Thumbs up. Grace to u & all.what got my full attention is when u said u customs.gh

Shana Howell:

Bargain Beauty: Moving?

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