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This HD lace wig is gorgeous. The lace melts into your skin and blends so well. I love that this wig comes pre-colored already and it's done very well. I love the middle part with no baby hair and you all know how much I love my Baby hair.

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Hair Structure:13X6 HD Swiss Lace Wig

Hair Style: Body Wave

Hair Length: 20inch

Hair Color: Highlight Color

Fake Scalp Color: Beige

Hair Density: 150%

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Hello, everyone, it's charlie, patrice and if you are new here, welcome today i'll be showing you how i installed and styled this wig. So if you want to see how i achieve this look, then just keep on watching this wig is from yg wig. I received a 20 inch, 13x6 body wave, highlighted wig, and here i'm showing you how everything looks once i first received it. So, as you can see, the wig is constructed very well and after i finish washing and air drying, the wig with my curling iron and i added a few curls into it. So today i decided i didn't want to use any lace glue and i also didn't want any baby hair with this install. So i'm taking my scissors and i'm cutting off the extra lace and all i'm doing is following the hairline. So i usually do this part. First, but i forgot i'm taking my scissors and i'm cutting off the extra laces by my ears. So so here is a close-up of the hairline. As you can see, it looks really really good um. I forgot to mention that i did not pluck the hairline or do anything to it. I left it just the way it came now, i'm taking my hairspray and i'm applying it to the lace and then, after that, i'm taking my melting band and i'm going to apply it for about 10 to 15 minutes, and this is going to help the lace Melt into my skin so after i remove the band i'm going to re-curl my hair because i curled my hair like four days ago before i decided to install it. So i'm going to refresh the curls this so yeah. So then, after that, i'm taking my wide tooth comb and i'm going to comb out the curls, and this is the final look. I will insert some photos so you can see like how gorgeous this color is because my camera always picking up like it. Does this wig no justice, so i'm going to insert some photos, so you guys can see so this color is gorgeous and the hair is a very soft um. The laciness unit is amazing. I really love how thin and how easy it is to blend like it. Just melts into my skin but yeah, so i will have all the information down below in the description bar, so you can go ahead and check yg. Wigs out this unit is gorgeous. If you don't want to, you know, color your hair on your own. They did an amazing job with this, so yeah. So thank you guys so much for watching. I really appreciate it. Don'T forget to thumbs up this video and comment down below. Thank you guys. So much for watching and i'll see you guys next time, bye.

Nicole Baker: Beautiful! Great job on the install. You look fabulous

Paige: Beautiful I love the hairline right out of the box and the highlights are beautiful

Tammy Combs: You always do such a great make it look easy, but I have a feeling it takes lots of practice..I love watching your videos please keep them coming. ❤❤

Inger Stephens: Beautiful as always ❤️ ❤️

Angeleena Ortiz: You did an amazing job with laying this hair without glue but the hair itself just can be a little more fuller for my liking. Will follow you .

IshaMoy Williams: So pretty !

Queena: Yes, it's beautiful

Cynthia Renamy Tchakoute: how to buy it?

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