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Waddup, it’s meWelcome back to my channel! I hope you enjoyed this videoSorry I’ve taken So long to upload, iMovie was having some technical difficulties.This was kind of me sharing this experience with yall of installing my wig for the first time! I’m actually very satisfied with how it turned out I think the video was glitching a little bit because iMovie was having some issues so if it was please ignore itOther that this wig was only $34!! There was some tangling but other than that the wig is really prettyMake sure to give this video a big thumbs up and if you’re new, hit that subscribe button and turn on my post notifications

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Wait boomers is Casey, but the course is what up me back on q-tip today, as you can see in the title, I'm going to be reviewing the Lucy hair company week. So this is a synthetic wig, but if you look at you, wouldn't even be able to notice that it was a synthetic way it's like really really saw. It is really like silky beautiful on fire. Look, how shake don't mind my mannequins! It'S been through some things and I didn't have a tripod, so I kind of DIY IDI wise, so yeah. This is the inside of me. This is how the Amazon ways - and I think this wig was like 30 - something dollars the grill is real, affordable. No, so don't fall there we go DIY. Do It Yourself, DIY do-it-yourself, really, look. Of course it came with the week and it came with. I remember which one is mine. Cuz we went to the beautiful, a stone. I got a stocking cap yeah. It came with a stocking time, but I have my own, but it still it came with a stocking cap. I love her so much. The name heard what we gon na name, you all right, sir Marvin light on cuz. It was a little I was trying to do like natural lighting, but many my ring baby is we're gon na start plucking the wing. This is my first time plucking, but I looked up some YouTube videos on how to pluck and it doesn't shoot out hard. I figured out what we gon na call the lead, we're gon na call this synthy, you get it as a synthetic. I think that's the good enough plus see it looks a little more natural, the earring versus over. Here I JA, I'm not the plucking clean. That'S my first time ever plucking a wig. So it's probably not perfect, I don't know, but it looks better so, as y'all can see, simpie had a few complications and by that I mean it got tangley AF and that's the one thing about this wig that I did not like, but it's a synthetic wig. So what else can you expect, but other than that I like the wig, but, as you can see, when it got tangled, not combed it out, you can see the difference between how it look and how it used to look. It'S pretty obvious, I'm putting some foundation on my makeup brush and I'm gon na put some foundation on the lace to make it look more natural and more like my skin. If you're not saying not saying you low-key got on my hands today, I'm gon na tell you that now another day, I'm gon na install the way - and I think I'm gon na include that in this video instead of making like a whole separate video on it. So yeah I'll see y'all we're not putting this wig on my hip for real for real okay, so I spent how long just trying to get my other night and hours and change. I like that. That'S a good tie! We too long I and they don't look hot welcome to look. You know a B is what it is. Girls hope the top of us pray was twisty. I think I understand why. Why was it twisted like that? Let'S get in suede, don't like this smells out. Like a seal and my quiet yo, I don't know from quiet time where the house is sitting down everybody going to sleep, so this is not a tutorial. This is not I'm doing this for the first time. What I would like calling them a tutorial, so I got my little sides now. I feel like it's supposed to be tin. I feel like the whole head supposed to be covered, we'll be doing this. If you watching this - and I'm not supposed to be doing this - you probably laughing at me - don't laugh at me - cut it out, stop laughing at me. So the foundation my little makeup brush, don't rush load cut, that's what they be doing in there. Don'T rush with you yeah, I know I don't like that, there's so much right there, like don't look at my bus, please please, please, please, please fine! I like doing them now. We Cynthia are some Becca. I don't know something we love to see it. Look at pathetic, ax or Cynthia. I think whatever her name is. Let'S take her my ball because I got ta put the gun, I'm not putting any ghost bar on it, because I'm not planning on keeping it on for a long period of time. Hey, hey, I'm like shut up. Oh you ain't. Do it long? We got the got to me cool. Like I said I have goes bond, but I recommend that you cook goes bond on or like something more harsh when you're planning on keeping it. I'M not, and I got the clear one cuz I don't like the white one through this - is it's like Hey, so I think I'm gon na do like three layers. Cuz, honestly this to be staged. Yo, my lid went flying with my head. That'S not! Okay! Your lips, a glue-like so where's because y'all want it like to be super super like still wet kinda, but y'all wanted to be completely dry all right. So this is very important, important to be careful where you lay the lace, because, where you lay the lace is where the base is going to be laid, see my phone videos acne. What I thought I was gon na do, but not the storage and turn-on. That'S exactly what I do you're out the way I need to put this back in a ponytail. I don't have one of the edge rack thingies little bit, so I'm gon na put this scarf on yeah, maybe a little ghetto, maybe a little bit small. It'S gon na serve the purpose and it's gon na. Do the exact same thing say it with you guys, exact same thing, so we're gon na put it down. Oh sir, please and I'm just gon na leave that up there and then I'm gon na come back to y'all when it's dry. We don't work on the rest, so we all right so I've sat for a few minutes. It should be a little dry by now. It needs to be so sometimes I kind of like no baby. Here'S I feel like if I do baby hears, I'm gon na mess it up. Okay, so I can't really see my little pot, so I'm gon na plucky a little bit and make it a little more visible like this, so I'm gon na come back to that. When I'm done with that, okay, I plucked it a little bit and I put a little bit of foundation on it to make. It look like a part. Little pro stop procrastinating because I've been procrastinating from doing the most important part, because this is like the most crucial part about the way these slits in the loose. Take a little binky, usually is bigger, says they have the lab round ones. I mean the hair ones. This is like a little okay slap it on the legs off. So now I'm getting the spray, and I'm trying to like put it back down a little bit cuz. When I cut it off, you started lifting a little bit whatever I'm gon na have to do baby is because the lace don't look good enough to be not doing baby okay, so I cut the lace off that was. I was saying that was the most complicated part about the whole install, but I feel pretty good for my friend job. My first time so see you later. I look that bad myself. So if I screw up to me is I'll just end up like not doing, and then you leave it like this to me and honestly, I don't want to put like a whole bunch of babies. I would put like a cute little model babies out not too much not too little overdue every day, because I hate honestly hate when I see them: girls with a reason they baby nice short too much, I'm ready to say, forget, baby. Here'S! That'S really the icing on the cake dough, but I'm not just a kid. Okay, I want to grow up anything by doing baby hairs when they aren't any synthetic hair, eight knots and tangles soul. This did not just come out like a live video total line. Let'S see, though, I think it's too much. Okay, since my moose is being reused. Okay, we got the edges situation going this side over here makes a really good idea lighter side over here. It'S it's! Alright! It looks pretty good too, but this is my favorites. I just a little time for somebody. You know work hard play hard. Oh my god guys this looks so good. Can I get it? Can I get a period job, not a hit I'll say it again. Hear me right. I'M really so proud of myself time. Hired me but yeah, I got ta interview, another cuz, my phone's cut off plenty of times from more storage, so yeah hope you guys enjoyed this video. If you're new to my channel make sure you hit the subscribe button, they hit that Bell. Trying to my post notifications and leave a like and a comment down below under this video, if you want more hair install, please comment down below and I will make that happen for y'all, okay, okay, this is G Gong. Si unsuited to eat see you next week. If I post next week, bye

Kiyo Kiyo: u are literally me when putting on the wigs i had NO IDEA what i was doing but it still came out good... but LOVEEEE ur personality def got a new subscriber

Olivia Brown: Loving your wig!! I would love to see you do a product review of Straight Silk Spray by JuniorLabs. It absolutely gets my hair soft and silky ❤️❤️

arissa tefeck: how long does the wig last??

Jassminerosee: You’re giving me crackhead bad bitch energy and I LOOOOOVE IT❤️

Aliecia: Girl you is too funny, I had to subscribe

Tyra Allen: 13:54 when I saw that spray dripping down to your eye my heart stopped I thought you would’ve screamed

kurapika’s wig: soon as she said “cut it out stop laughing at me” i started CRACKING THE FUCK UPPPPP

Sugary Tequila: How did you get rid of the tangling at the ends?

Ashley_Desire: The INTRO

Peter Bush: How long it take to ship ?

Sariyah Renae: Did it come with a wax stick?

MoMonicaa: you coming in and rapping Nicki was enough for me to subscribe PERRRRR

CoconutSatinPeePee: How is it holding up? Like is it long lasting?

jeninya holley: For the price you did that

BossHogg4050: Your funny that’s why I watched lol

Jayladabrat Jayladabrat: U did good but I think u pushed it back just a little bit

Mystical Changes: Hilarious

Tyra Allen: 18:20 PERIODT

Shaniece McGill: Periodt!

Faith Mwangala: chileee they done upped the price recently

Nisha Reighh: Can you make the part deeper?

Glory A: Is this wig thick ?x

Irene Nwokeforo: The link takes my to sign in to amazon, not to the wig

ItsCharlene: I said Period wit her

Itz Moe: Baybeee u would be soo cute if you were bald‼️

Amiyah Artis: I want one but...I’m being cheap

kiahsimone: as you should

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