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What'S up beautiful people, it's your girl, kiamani and i'm back with another video. What'S good, what's t - and i just want to show you the inside of this unit before i install her, so she is a closure standard closure she's, not a a really wide closure. Just the standard size we got the wig combs in the back with the adjustable strap, and this is a beautiful texture, beautiful it's not coming up just yet, but she's around the corner. So these are one of those summertime units for sure yacht, vibes, mimosas. You know drinking on somebody bow that i ain't paying for it. Let me slide her on. I did it'll smell good um pluck and bleach the wig off camera, like i usually like i do to all of my other wigs and what was that again? What'S tea, what i like most about these texture, the this kind of texture, is it's not too tight to where you're going to need, not a lot of pri. I can't talk you it's not too tight to where you're going to need to do a lot of maintenance on it. You literally can wet it and go um, but i do want to tell you the more you rake your fingers through it. The bigger it'll get, and i don't like the super big frizzy look at the moment, so i just keep it tame. I'M gon na remove her and i'm just going to cut the lights. Really quick on here is very thin if you're into wigs, you know like when certain wigs don't have glue, you can basically you'll know the difference between good and bad lace. I know certain hair stylist, don't even accept a certain kind of lace like that uh lace with the brown tint, and i absolutely hate that kind of lace. It does not blend in with my scalp or my skin tone it only. You know that only works for a certain a select group of people, and it just really depends on like your skin tone, but the fit of the wig cap is like literally perfect to where i don't need. I could do a glueless install, so that's what i will be doing today. I'M gon na slide her on like such and then we're gon na do a little bit of baby hairs. Sure i flipped the comb in the back to give it a little bit more hold, but look how good she looks already, i'm going to part out somebody here. So do your thing with the baby hairs, i'm actually going to use some edge wax. I was just telling my viewers in the last video that i did or whatever that i feel like edge wax, does a really good job with slicking baby hairs on this texture get into her, don't play with me when it comes to babies, and then i'm just Going to take a little bit of my foundation just to touch up my part, oh i put too much. I freaking hate when i do that, but it's an easy fix girl. No, why didn't i do that, and do all of that? All you really got to do is take some something to wipe it off with. So i'm going to use this and kind of just rub. Look how good that look from a distance up close, don't play with her she's, not one of them - and this is a closure mind you now. This wig is from beauty forever hair. If you did want to pick her up, everything wants, this is going to be in the description box down below. Thank you. So much for watching and i'll see you in my next one bye,

Chloë Wright: It looks so natural!

fairylight baby: Love your channel and content - so relaxing to watch

Yazi Carter: yessss it looks soo good

Beauty Forever Hair: Slay!!! you did a great job, dear. love you!

Ohh Mhi: JUST ordered. Got a tracking number..but no delivery date... How long did you wait?


Quiana Williams: Very cute sis

Prophetic End Time Ministry: That is beautiful and beautiful on you


Kimberly Kyles:

Nitara Nicole: So you just good in everything ‍♀️

dollfaceDior: My girl

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