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Hey, I said: welcome it to my channel or welcome back to my channel. So today, I'm just gon na do a quick get ready with me. Video Christmas abides. Alright got the wig cap on non either way. I'M in the middle of my wash day, my natural hair wash day whatever, and it's just so big, so thick and poofy, underneath now, I'm gon na be in the struggle putting this weight on. So this wig is from beauty forever hair, it's 150 %, knit city 26 inches long straight wig, I'm actually pretty pulling underneath this, I'm gon na be out and about and stuff, and then I'll finish my wash day later on tonight. Whenever I get home so it is Christmas time and I was just kind of thinking about like just Christmas memories and things like that, and I remember I want to share one with you guys. So I remember when I was in, I think I was in elementary. I don't know what grade I was in, but I was an elementary like every kid in elementary. You know you are looking at the what you call it the toys-r-us book and trying to see what you want for Christmas, and you know circling stuff and picking things out and blah blah blah. I remember just picking out everything that I would want for Christmas and then, when Christmas finally came because I knew my parents were gon na get it for me, I remember going to the living room and seen so many gifts like it was literally the biggest Christmas That we ever had, I remember, going to the living room and opening the gift and looking at like B, because they all had tags on them and seeing that the gifts were like from people. I didn't even know like from Amanda and from Jessica and from Susan and all these people, and I was like who the heck. Why do my gifts have these tags on? I did mama and daddy put my least tags on my gifts. Pretty much. I didn't say anything out loud, but I saw it and I was just so confused right. They opening all these gifts. I got absolutely nothing. I hope you got got anything I wanted. If I did that year, I don't remember if I did or if I didn't. I so years later, when I'm an adult, I asked my parents about that Christmas and I remember of parents telling me this was like a few years ago that they were donations from a church shouldn't like that or an organization. I remember being shocked a few years ago because now that I'm an adult I just remember being like man, you just never really know you know what people are really going through and the sacrifices that you know my parents had to make in this any other. I don't know I was just really it's really touched and shocked about that. I'M saying that because it was like one of the most special one of the best Christmases I remember having that did not involve like any toy in particular like I couldn't tell you that I got this bike or those rollerblades or anything like that. I just remember the overall feeling of it and how I thought my parents, you know, always thought that they were just super awesome, but you know you just think it even more. You know that, oh, my god, they spent all this money in this'next. Now that I'm older, it's more like a man, you know they really. They always tried every Christmas to make sure the four of us you know had with what we wanted and you know, tried to make sure it was special and yeah. I appreciate that and it was just a really great memory, and I know that something I will never forget and yeah. You just never know you never know what people are going through, never know what your own family is going through and they they won't tell you, you know you never know how you can be a blessing to others as well. So I would love to know one of your favorite memories. I'M sorry if that was like super choppy, but you guys know it's I'm slowly getting into like being able to talk and do my hair and all that kind of stuff without taking it forever but yeah. I would love to know one of like your favorite memories, favorite Christmas time, favorite holiday time, not necessarily Christmas, but just a really great memory that you have. You know when you were younger or recently or anything like that with your family friends, whatever it is, would love to know, please share it down below, so we can share a little bit of joy and warm fuzzies and all that good. Okay, let me finish up this hair, you guys, let me go ahead and look at okay, so I just did a little bit of baby here on this wig and now I'm just gon na go in with some makeup just doing my basic face all right, so I'M just gon na do a little bit of foundation. Staying on the topic, um, gifting and Christmas. My parents always said the most for us for Christmas. You know we got gifts every year. They didn't. I never felt like they limited us on gifts, but we still knew the true meaning of Christmas. You know, and it was not about the gifts in vogel the block. Well, now that I had my own child, I'm kind of like I don't want him to. I don't want him to grow up like that. I'M not really saying that! I don't want him to have any gifts, that's not what I'm getting at. I don't want him to have a bunch of junk if, if that make sense from here on out, I get that he's almost poor, but from here on out, I just want him, have a few really great gifts versus a whole bunch of little gifts, just because Just say he's had a big Christmas, you know what I mean, and now I told him that - and I was just joking, but he was just like okay cool. I told him that Santa only brings you the amount of gifts that you'd like your age, and so since he's three, he only gets three gifts and he was cool with it. He was like okay, yeah four. Can you ask for four? He was like just one more gift and I was like okay, I'm gon na see what we can do and I was like done. Let me know what you guys think about that whole situation about gifting, and how do you celebrate Christmas, or how do you tell your kids really about Christmas or let them know that they're not gon na get everything that they're they want or they are gon na. Get it like what kind of parent you are no judgment, I'm just really curious at this point, and just starting a little look, humbo just a little conversation anyway. It'S gon na pop this underneath my eye not doing too much today, just keeping it really simple. No y'all gon na get tired of me using that as excuse, no Jenna, you never you never do much anything. I don't all right. Look next, I'm going to use a new blush I haven't used before, but this is the Sweet Cheeks Mac in the color. Bang. Bang from NYX Sue's gon na take this thing summer. I need to clean my brushes, I'm the worst at not cleaning my brushes. It'S ridiculous. My skin should be in, like the worst shape, the worse shape, hey guys, it's not okay, it's going to, and it's like a purpley like a purpley kind of shade. I am just not. I'Ve had the same blushes for like ever you guys, it's so hard. For me to choose a blush a because I really don't know what I'll be doing as far as like the shades go. I don't really it's hard. I don't know they're just me my just making this a little too complicated. I might because I'm I fit fat funbox if you watch my video, I'm gon na take this and put this on the eye, and then I'm gon na try get like a little bit out just kind of sort of light on my bottom lash line. I actually just popped a little bit of that same blush. I just popped it on my eyes to see how it would come out yeah throw this here. Let me grab this here and then I'm gon na do some bottle mascara and that's gon na, be it just came out from the q-tip somebody be a pal and buy me a new wand curler. I set it in my last video for like this particular hair. This particular wig it will need plucking. I did not get around to doing that. I thought I would um, but we moved and it's just been super super super high. I'Ve been so busy. The hair is really pretty on this way. It'S really really pretty, but it will meet some guys. That is it for this little get ready with me. I just added in some rings and a necklace and I'm wearing my favorite shirt. I'Ve had to shut up for like years now. I almost got rid of it like this summer, but I was like what what are you thinking? How could all the information about this hair from beauty forever hair down in the description box, for you guys so that you'll have it as well as the products that I use? I didn't really get into detail on the makeup, because I just it was so basic. I didn't even do any eyeliner, no, nothing just popped, some lashes on brows foundation and yeah, not too much of anything, kept it real, simple, real cute. Thank you so much for watching. I hope you guys have a happy holidays. Merry Christmas Happy Holidays, all that great stuff to you and yeah. I will talk to guys my next video you

Jai Marii: GIVEAWAY CLOSED! Thank you to all who entered! Merry Christmas! More giveaways coming soon!

Jai Marii: There MAY or may not be another GIVEAWAY going on right now on my channel. HINT: Community board :) Merry Christmas!!!

Shake.Love.: I love this! I have so many amazing Christmas memories which I'm thankful for, I didn't realize until I got grown how much ppl don't like Christmas.. but I'm all for it year round! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Queen👑 Beauti: I love watching your channel. I have a similar story except me and my siblings lives with my aunts and her kids like 13 of us .... every year we was blessed by the community to have the things we needed. We was grateful to have something even if it wasn’t what we wanted ... memories I will never forget.

Anna Mae: You can rock any hair style! More story times plz

Victoria A-B: A memorable one was when our cousins who we don’t see often surprised us on Christmas morning. We were ecstatic!

🐝 jay: Have a wonderful holiday with your family as well. Thanks for all the advice and motivation this year and see you next year!

MekilaJ: Love your Get ready with me videos! Merry Christmas!

lealea j: Love the whole look!

TheNatalie1402: I need to learn to do my makeup and hair like you! Always rocking everything!

Janiece Renee: I literally had a Christmas like that too! And I’m the 5th of 6 children so imagine all of us waking up to a Christmas like that!

Kizzy Jones: This was a wonderful video. Enjoy your holiday and the Christmas party

Emoretta Robinson: My mother died when I was 19. But my favorite holiday memories are staying up until 3 and 4 in the morning with her. She'd bake. So she'd be baking 3 or 4 sweet potato pies, 2 red velvet cakes and a 7 up cake. She had 5 of us. And sometimes one of my brothers friends would come over. But I loved listening to her talking about her childhood. Those are moments I still cherish.

Just Joia: This will be my go to when I decide to do my makeup before work... so chic and cute. Happy Holidays to you & your family. ❤️

Tiffaney Patrick: That's funny. I have a similar memory. My mom was a single mom of 6, so we never got a lot of Christmas gifts, which we were okay with, but one year I remember going into the living room and there were so many presents under the tree. Someone had donated them to us. That was a special Christmas I always remember.

MiyVision: You brought that wig to life!! ❤️

Shayla and Lloyd Brown: I’ve been following you for awhile and I love your hustle! Keep doing what you’re doing love! Merry Christmas!

CurlsNCoils: Love your computer screen display. One of my fondest memories was decorating the tree at my grandparents home with popcorn My moms sisters went to unpack all the decorations and all the lights and ornaments in the boxes had been destroyed so we popped some popcorn and used some thread. I think that simple tree was one of the best trees and we ever had.

Margaret Inc.: One of my favorite memories! Me and my Mom use to go the Cleveland Clinic Foundation Holiday Party and have a blast! There use to be food, games, taking pictures with Santa, fake/ temporary tattoos, and Ice sculptures. Thee BEST TIMES OF MY LIFE!❤

T B.: Love your channel. I’ve done many styles from your recommendations.

Thecleaningmommy : Love the look merry Christmas

Monica Pinkston: Christmas is my favorite holiday. So many wonderful memories of spending time with my family laughing and eating good food.

Alyssa-Dean Huie: my favorite christmas memories are all the times the whole family has gotten together, especially for christmas in Jamaica!

BeautiiRee X: Beautiful skin!❤️

DQBee: I love how you do your makeup so natural.

SharonDenise10: Hi! Another awesome video! And I love your computer background. And my favorite Christmas memory is when my mother use to cook all of the food on Christmas Eve. And my siblings and I use to get her to give us samples as she cook. Yes I definitely miss that. She passed away in 2006 but I truly miss that.

C Dubb: Great look on you!

Prettii Lexii: This look is nice!

Monifa 360: My favorite memories was always getting together. We would spend the whole day together, my mom would spend Xmas eve cooking rum cakes, ham, turkey, all our favorite foods from back home & sorrel which is a drink ppl from the islands drink during the holiday season. That's my favorite memory about the holiday season not the presents but the time we all took just to enjoy eachother company. The snowball fights, down hill sledding, funny stories about our parents, aunts, uncles cousins & even about your 1st Xmas as kids. Flawless as always!! I love how natural & effortless you always make your makeup look. Season's Greeting!!

MyPosse's OnBroadway: This hair looks really good on you...when my kids were young me and my husband tried to get them everything they wanted was hard...then they got older and always asked for one or two particular things which was always a high ticket they are grown and i simply give gift cards to my boys...I don't have time to shop and they spend it on what they really want...and remember, you said no

HeiressJ Dawkins81: Yes my childhood memories of Christmas makes me wish sometimes I never grew UP.I got everything I wanted ...but Wow I'd like this wig..looks great on you

Emoretta Robinson: I've always wanted a fireplace. Always! And to know if roasted chestnuts taste good. So I enjoyed looking at the fireplace on your computer. Lol! But I love the way you styled the wig. Being natural takes effort. There are many times I've been out walking my dog with either aloe vera in my hair. Or ginger mixed with either olive oil or coconut oil and a plastic cap with a scarf over that. The things we'll do to take care of our hair!

Healed, Embrace, Restored: I have to watch this about 43 times in order for me to master this style.

Britt My Zone8aGarden: I flip flop with blushes as well because I feel like it changes with the look and the season

Summer Kayy: This is kind of long, but when you brought up donated presents, I felt the need to share: Last year was a really tough time for me and for Christmas I knew I was discouraged because it would be my first time not being able to give literally anything for my son and my newborn...well an officer came and knocked on our door one day and my mom answered and it turns out they were doing “blue Santa” which is basically where law enforcement helps get presents for kids (I had never heard of it) Long story short, we thought they were going to give one or 2 little gifts...they brought these huge boxes from Home Depot and had 5 genuine presents for each of my kids and baby sister. And one of the officers was dressed as blue Santa. They came 5 cars deep with flashing lights so everyone could see them coming and the kids were completely surprised. I’m forever grateful that we were there when they knocked that day

TashaK: My favorite memory is opening one present xmas eve so I do that with my boys and it’s always new pajamas and something else small. My parents would always put a lottery scratcher in our stocking and one year I won $50 so I put one in theirs too. I love this time of year and being able pass on traditions and make memories with the ones you ❤️

Fae: Gorgeous!

Auree curlss: As a young child I was always so humble and didn’t always want presents for Christmas cause I knew my mom (sing parent) didn’t really have much to give me and my sister I know she would make up / get us what she could.

Nique 0606: Beautiful as always

Britt My Zone8aGarden: It just hits differently as we reach later parts of our life and we gain more insight to just what our parents did in order to provide and nurture us Side note lol I’m glad I’m not the only one that will be out in the streets running errands and what not pre pooing or conditioning up under a wig lol

T M: Jai your wigs are always nice...wigs just don’t work for me but you rock em well. Merry Christmas

modelchictoya: You really flat ironed the hair well, I would have been intimidated by the hair straight out the box

Lizzie: My favorite Christmas memory is making cookies for Santa Claus. Even though we all knew that santa was my dad. And being able to open one Christmas presents on Christmas Eve.

Keisha Moore: Flawless!!

Kia: Enjoy your holiday!

Macy Gray: Your fresh face is flawless!

tammy johnson: All the first cousins used to open our gifts together at our grandparents house. The best of times. ❤️

Teresa Griggs: I love your wig. Merry Christmas

MiyVision: So beautiful

Erica Cherry: I remember getting my very first bike. My mom was so loud trying to get this thing in the house that it woke me up. I was still a believer so I had to peek into the living room. I was shocked to see my mom who instantly gave me the Santa's in the kitchen. I ran back to bed thinking "OMG my mom friggin knows SANTA!" #BestMemories #TheGoodOlDays

Danielle S: Love your videos!!! So inspirational!!! Your video quality is awesome! What kind of camera are you using?

Tyeisha Berry: Happy Holidays ⛄❄️

yanika ewing: You are soooo beautiful

Sherry Williams: I wish I could rock any style of wig. ‍♀

Allthings Natural: Merry Christmas

Davonda Gulley: My kids are 7 and 11 and know that santa isn't real. I ask then what they want and get them exactly that. and if its something I know Im not gonna buy and just tell them no right then and there. I also told them the exact reason we celebrate christmas and let them know its not really about getting gifts

Shica: Merry Christmas

Tori Seals: I love the fire on the screen - vibes lol

Meela Dixie Williams: In the past 5 yrs, we have not really done the traditional Christmas. This is the first year we are doing a tree and gifts since my oldest son passed away. So I am struggling with what to buy my children. They haven’t made lists and they really don’t have any needs. So I want to give them something but not just buy junk or things that don’t really serve a purpose. It is hard not to go overboard because of their friends receiving so much. Ugh.

Falisha K: I'm hate Christmas my cousin was murdered 1 week before Christmas, my Grandmother passed away 1 week after my cousin was murdered. My Aunt passed away on Christmas day. So hate this dude to that, but I'm thankful for my great memories with all of them.

Brandi L: Heyyyyy!!!

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