Beauty Forever Hair | Ombre Hand-Tied Closure Wig + My Thoughts, Install And Style

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Hopefully i didn't talk to the whole video. Hopefully i did it. Hey lovelies, welcome back to my channel, i'm gabrielle in today's video. Of course, i'm going to be showing you this unit that i have on right now. It is from beauty forever hair company, i'm going to have their playlist at the top um and i'm going to leave the information to this unit and the company's website down in the description box. So make sure you check there um, but let's just get into the details, so this is their straight texture. It'S a pre-made wig! It'S a 4x4 lace closure which i'm going to touch on that a little bit later or after i'm done telling you all the details. Um, it is 24 inches, 150 density in this color i did not color, it came color from the company and it is lt 430 ombre so, and that was brown to the color, not black, to the color. Obviously you can see that, but i just have to say that okay, so when i first got it, i was like wow like i wasn't really into the color, but now that my makeup is done, i got it on style like i'm, actually really liking it um. Let'S just get into the big elephant: okay, let's talk about the color um. Let'S just say, the color looks really really good once it's curled like loosely like this, but you can't wear it straight because, like how they place, the color is just um. It is not it like. I will have to go in with my brown um hair dye and basically use a spoolie or just like a brush to brush it down to make it not so blood like across. You guys have probably seen it now, but once it's straightened, because i did flat iron this hair first, then i curled it because i was unaware of how it was going to look straight and once i you know saw it. I was like wow. Let me try. Curling it to make it look a little bit better, which it definitely does um. But if i want to wear it straight, i would definitely have to correct the placement of the color by adding some brown to fix. So it's not so blunt um. If you have it like a messy curls, i feel like it's it's not as bad honestly if the hair did not feel as soft. Oh, my goodness as soft as it does. I would literally say it's not really worth putting in the effort and to like correcting the color placement, but since it is like it feels so amazing, it feels like how, like i don't know how i feel, like peruvian hair, feels it's just so fluffy. It'S so soft, it's just like. I love the feel of it. If, like you wanted to do tight curls, i wouldn't suggest this um hair, because i feel like it's not going to hold a tight tight curl. I feel like once i curled it. The curls did drop a little bit, but it is still keeping this very loose loose, curl, which i think is so pretty um in this wig or on this wig. So i definitely wouldn't suggest this if you're wanting like tighter curls than this, because this just i don't think this is gon na, be the wig for you, okay. So the last thing that i wanted to talk to you guys about was this closure? Okay, so they said this was a 4x4 closure lace closure that is, and i'm going to put up a close um clip of you guys seeing the actual lace closure. Okay. So it's really not a closure. They'Re finessing it um because, as you've probably seen already so they have the fabric, then they have the lace and then they sold wefts on the lace, not the fabrics, the lace, okay and the only difference between like a lace, lace, closure - and this is the fact That um, they didn't put the hairs like the knots into the little holes on the lace. I don't know if that's making sense, but i will say i prefer this type of wig over the headband wigs, because i feel like this is um easier for me to like wear out to like dinner, we're out to the park we're out to like things other Than um running errands, if that makes sense like with the headband wigs, those are like very convenient. Oh, i want to go to target or sally's or whatever. Let me throw on this and then it's you're good to go, but with this i feel like i can run errands because it's convenient, but i also can finesse it to where you know. I feel like. I look good enough to go um to a picnic outside or um. I don't know just an outing or whatever, like i don't feel like um. The wig is super super casual. Like a headband wig, you guys make sure you hit the notification bell. So you don't miss a video hit. The subscribe button like this video leave a comment. If you want to leave a comment, if you tried this unit already um, let us know what you think of it and um. If you have, let me know if your color placement is off as well and what you did to fix it and yeah that's about it. Hopefully i didn't talk through the whole video. Hopefully i did it. If i did, i'm gon na try better, i'm gon na. Do better so i will check y'all love these out in the next one. Bye you

Tola Smith: I love the wig once you styled it! The color looks great on you!

EnvyMe GlamBar: Hey love what lighting are you using it looks amazing

jennifer h: Love the wig and the color! The color blend is off do you believe it worth purchasing and get the color perfected by a professional ? Because I have no idea how to color hair

SIMPLY MARVELOUS 4: Very pretty new subbie tfs

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